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Are Drug Companies and the FDA KILLING Us?

May 17, 2012 in Health, Politics

Is someone you know or love, dying… because the FDA won’t let them have the CURE???
The answer is probably yes!
The FDA and Big Pharma are Killing Us!
It’s happening!  See from Forbes Magazine…
Approve a medication that has an unintended side effect and congressional headline-seekers will be giving officials the third degree. Better to let people die by depriving them of new medicines than to be excoriated by congress.

* Should Americans die because FDA officials don’t want to be embarrassed?
* Should people die because the FDA has made it so expensive to get FDA approval, that if a cure is not guaranteed to make BILLIONS, it will never make it to market?  No matter the benefit, because of the FDA, we can’t have it!  Does this make any sense?

The situation is so bad that one doctor that has actually cured many cancers (the FDA even acknowledged it), was prosecuted, for doing so!
The situation is crazy! But it can’t and won’t change unless the public is made aware!
FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE, for the your future health and that of your loved ones… SHARE THIS!
This insanity must be stoppled!   There are cures that are in existence that we can’t have.  Even if you or you children don’t neeed them today…someday they will!  If we want them to be availble when we need them, we better start doing something about it, Right Now!  It has to start somewhere… why not us?… why not today?  Share This!

The following videos are just a couple of exaples of what is being denied to the public.

The FDA in conjunction with big pharma has a stranglehold on research and future drug patents.  The profit motive combined with the total cowding out of competition guarantess corporate profits and fewer cures!

  • If you are not big Pharma, you can’t even get to clinical trial.
    • Big pharma suggested and FDA agreed to require fees just to apply for a trial.  It provides the FDA with almost $600 million a year, about half of it’s budget.  This puts the FDA on the payroll of the industry it regulates.  The FDA now operates as if the customers are the Drug companies, rather than the consumer.  What a great way to keep out competition and influence the decisions of the FDA.
    • Trials often last 5 to 10 years or more and cost upwards of Five Hundred Million to complete.  If you don’t have $500 million, let alone have the ability to risk $500 million, no matter how great the medication, you won’t get to trial… UNLESS, you partner up with Big Pharma (another way they control the industry).
    • Natural Remedies- You can’t patent a nutrient or vitamin and you can’t advertise anything as a cure (even if it is), for anything without FDA approval, which you can’t get for under $500 million.  Then, once you get the approval, you can’t profit from it because it is an unpatentable natural product.  The result is that if it’s not a drug that can be patented, it will NEVER get FDA approval and therefore, it will never be allowed to be advertised and used for a cure… even if it works!
    • Whether by design or accident, no cures can be offered to the consumer unless it’s controlled by big pharma through the FDA..  Is this killing us?

It Can’t Be That Bad?

If you came up with a therapy or even CURE for cancer that was head and shoulders more effective than any other approved therapy, you’d get rich right?  The world would sing your praises, buildings and towns would be named after you… right?


see the cure for cancer…

specifically 39 minutes into the film.

It happened.  A dramatic improvement in treatment (for many, an outright cure that most still have not heard about), was discovered that resulted in complete remission in MANY patients, a much higher remission and cure rate than with any FDA approved treatments… and there were absolutely no side affects.   So what did the FDA do in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute?  What did our government do?  Focus on this fabulous life saving breakthrough, right?  Not exactly.  They fought it all the way.  Put up road blocks, prosecuted the Doctor that made the discovery, tried to destroy him, embroiled him in specious legal battles while surreptitiously partnering with a dishonest associate of the inventing doctor.  They, started a “new” company and attempted to steal the patents on it.


FDA Mandates Death?

Assume you are dying, there is no FDA approved cure but there is a new treatment, unapproved but with promising results.  If you take it, you might live.  You also might die.  If you don’t take it, you die.  PERIOD.


Thousands, if not, millions face this heart wrenching choice every year.  Take the experimental drug and possibly live or maybe die… or DON’T take that chance face an inevitable death because nothing else has a chance.


Most any sane person would choose to take the gamble.  Nothing to lose a new life to gain.  The problem is, They don’t have that choice.  Without FDA approval, even if you want to take that chance, you can’t.  If the doctor or practitioner gives you the treatment, they will be put in prison.  So your only choice is to die!


Isn’t it your body?  Isn’t that what we always hear?  Our body, our choice, except when it comes to an incurable disease?  Then our only choice is to die??? What are they afraid of?  If you don’t take it, you WILL die, If you DO take it you might die but might live?


Cancer and Statins comprise a huge medical industry.

Just as with all other things, when big money is involved, ethics go out the window… people re dying because of it.


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10 responses to Are Drug Companies and the FDA KILLING Us?

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  3. During my six years as a Medical Administrative Assistant for the Clinical Department of a respected school of Acupuncture, I have several patients (and even interns) being treated for various forms of Cancer-most often resulting in success.
    A young woman in her late 20's, had Acupuncture treatments, Moxibustion and Herbal Prescriptions 3-4 times per week for 2-3 months. Her Doctor of Conventional Medicine was very surprised to see that her tumor had become Less Than A Third Of It's Original Size.
    …And a graduate intern of mine, is a cancer survivor. Her treatment consisted mostly of Herbs and Acupuncture. Now, there is absolutely no sign of Cancer, and she has gone on to help others to fight Cancer as well.
    Frankly, I believe that there are many alternative means to treat Cancer that actually work better that the standard ways, and there is proof: http://www.mskcc.org/news/announcement/acupunctur
    Unfortunately, an integral part of the treatment, the Herbal remedies, are only recognized as a food or nutritional supplement, which I have had to bill as such to the patients' Insurances.
    Several years ago, I came across an Herbal Treatment for Cancer, consisting of Golden Lotus Flower and Mushrooms in which both patients and Conventional Doctors have found to have amazing results. A percentage of the total cost of the Herb went to save the rain forests. Production Could Not keep up with the demand. Sadly to say, I cannot find anything on this Incredible remedy, today. Possibly due to that it was not FDA approved. -The closest one to this is Ping Xiao which consists of the spice Curcumin, which is said to be a great Cancer fighter: http://www.4uherb.com/cancer/other/treat.htm
    There are many treatments for Cancer and other illnesses, that have given much hope to those in need, that either have been discontinued or only known by word of mouth. Those treatments Must be heard for the sake of our health and the health of our loved ones.

    -Jeannine A. Watterson C.M.A/X.T

    • I want to sincerely thank you for that information.
      The FDA has a purpose, but having a system, in which, nothing can ever be shared with the world as a treatment, unless it first undergoes a multi million dollar, several year study is, literally, killing us.

      A simple, inexpensive, natural treatment or cure will never be available… and not just because it may not exist. The FDA is seeing to that.
      If the treatment is natural, as in vitamin B17 (laetrile), (this is not necessarily an endorsement of it), it can not be patented, so potential profit is to non existent. Limited profit means there is no way to recoup the enormous cost of getting FDA approval. Without FDA approval it can't be marketed or prescribed by doctors, without risking fines and/or jail. Consequently, those with the resources to do the research, concentrate only on the creation of new "drugs" and ignore the myriad of potential natural treatments.

      You can't patent a mushroom or flower, so everything but drugs are ignored. I don't, necessarily blame the corporations. No company can afford to invest $500 million into something with no real prospect of getting a return on that investment. I blame the FDA for creating an absurd system, that has made research and the creation of alternative natural cures almost impossible. With the present system, no matter how effective a treatment may be, a doctor can't suggest it without fearing being fined or jailed. Until the chains are taken off of our doctors and researchers, our health choices and decisions will continue to be limited.

      The FDA is trying to protect the public from quackery and medical scams… but they are protecting us to death!

      • Thanks for this blog. I’ve been saying for years the same things.
        We have the ability to heal ourselves. Everything is curible if you reserch it or beleive it.
        The problem is, we’ve been told since we were born that we need all kinds of drugs.
        How many people have to die before a drug is taken off the market? On the other hand, lawyers are getting rich defending the families who lost familiy members from those drugs like Viox and others. Almost as many adds for the lawyers as for drugs these days.
        I just turned 75 and over 25 years ago was prescribed with Mevacor (which was taken off the market) for the rest of my life. I stopped after the first bottle ran out and never took another pill. I feel as good today as I did 25 years ago.
        Doctors get perks for pushing drugs and scans.
        Google “Caisse’s Tea” for cancer.
        My PSA test for Protate cancer went down from 11. 6 to 8.6 in one month after taking drinking it.

  4. "The FDA is trying to protect the public from quackery and medical scams… but they are protecting us to death!"

    I have to agree with this statement. I understand what they are trying to do, but if someone is already under a death sentence it only seems right to let them make the choice of whether or not to try something whether it has approval or not.

    Of course, as long as the FDA doesn't approve it, insurance companies won't pay for it, but that's a rant for another day.

    • re
      " it only seems right to let them make the choice"

      That is my main point. I don't know what the entire to the solutions is, (although, if given the chance I think I could come up with a reasonable balance 🙂 ), but one thing that I don't think anyone can rationally argue against…

      If you have an absolute death sentence and everyone agrees that none of the FDA approved treatments will work, the FDA should get out of the way and allow, without obstacles, alternative methods of the patient's choosing.

      There are many possible cures that are backed up with substantial anecdotal evidence, but none will ever be more than anecdotal without FDA approved "studies"; and with the current system, unless it's a patentable "drug", the studies will NEVER be done. Drug companies win… people die.

  5. Absurdities of the FDA. DIABETES
    The things that are happening within the FDA are simply insane. Most people just aren't aware. That's why I'm so motiviated to get this information out. It has to stop, but it will never change as long as the public remains in the dark. Right now, awareness comes only when the cure is denied to them.

    For example The FDA moved access to Vitamins proven to help Diabetics, because once actually proven to be effective in helping a condition, then the item becomes "medicine" and needs to be "controlled." Soon, Cinnamon will be restricted, as it is proven to help reduce Insulin Resistance.

  6. What about the Psychiatry Industry?

    I don't know about anyone else but I truly have a good reason to be quite concern. I believe this is another health field that many people are not aware of what's happening. Unless, it effects their friends and family members dear to them. I believe
    this is another industry which is getting very rich off of pushing harmful drugs on people who have been labeled with so called mental health issues. I'm experiencing this right now with a family member who dropped these meds (cold turkey) two months ago. I know I been told how it's better to use the gradual method. Well, It's done already. Returning to those meds are not the answer, which I've also been told to do.
    So knowing what I know now about this health field, it's been very difficult to find a doctor who has an open mind in regards to my family member.
    Has anyone else been effected in some way? I believe this is another health field to be cautious as well, along with the FDA.

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