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A Tale of Two Leaders and Two Recoveries

October 16, 2016 in Economics 101, Uncategorized

Before providing Facts of Crises and eventual Recoveries, please, take just a moment to read just a bit of the background to get some perspective. 

Many don’t realize that two years after Reagan’s inauguration, his popularity was declining quickly.  The economy was not improving fast enough for anyone’s satisfaction.  Most people failed to understand that Economic problems are built over time.  They don’t just pop into being overnight.  Not, can even the best, absolutely perfect policy bear fruit overnight.  Positive economic turnarounds grow gradually.  That is a simple fact of economies.  So, two years into his administration, there had yet to be seen any of the substantial economic improvement that the country was counting on.  

Calls for changing tactics and policy were everywhere.  He was being considered a failure and was faced with non stop pressure to change course!  Instead of doing that which was politically expedient, Reagan did what he knew was right!  Without Reagan’s unwavering dedication to pursuing his policies and steadfastly implementing the economic principles that had become so unpopular, the Reagan miracle would not have occurred.  The political price he was paying was enormous, but he stuck to his guns.  In the end, both he and the country reaped the rewards.  Read the rest of this entry →


August 18, 2014 in Economics 101, Politics

There’s little disagreement that we have major problems.  Is it just because of our administration’s miscalculations and bad policies?  Or is it deeper?

Think about it,  is the real difference in results between this administration and other democratic presidents so much the president, or rather the power base that resulted in a couple of years of absolute governmental control enabling the progressive policies to reap unfettered havoc?… Of course, a media that covers and excuses virtually every misstep, helps.

Case in point.
Clinton was a pretty good president, but not until his power base was decimated by having to work with a republican controlled congress.  At the end of the day, I believe Clinton did some great things.  But would any of them have occurred, if not for the congress pushing him there?   Read the rest of this entry →

Are We on the Way to a Dictatorship?

December 31, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics, Uncategorized

It is a Fact. (see below), We now have a series of executive orders that would allow Obama… (or any future president), to take away our most cherished constitutional freedoms and turn this great society into a dictatorship… all at the stoke of a pen.  Obama didn’t sign them all.  But when combined with his proven willingness to side step the US constitution and rule of law, it becomes a terrifying prospect for anyone who cherishes the freedoms that this country once guaranteed.  

The signed executive orders and numbers are below. You don’t have to believe me. But, if you don’t, please look them up for yourself. Each of us… republicans, democrats, independents, etc… need to open our eyes to the fact that the freedoms we all hold so dear, are now but a pen stroke away, from oblivion.
We are at a crossroads!  The only thing that can save this country from coming ruin is by informing the uninformed.  Please share and tell others to share this vital information.

Much of the below article was originally written on July 17, 2012.  So far, every concern as to the direction that this president wanted and would take this country, has come to pass… and that is not a good thing.  But as I discovered while researching to update this article, things are even worse than before… much worse.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer about him… the real problem is no longer just the current president.  It’s the socialistic ideology that now permeates democratic political leaders across the board.  The results for this country if they retain power will be catastrophic.  
           WE’RE ON THE WAY TO A DICTATORSHIP!  and that’s not an exaggeration!  see constitution and rule of law below. Read the rest of this entry →


January 30, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics, Uncategorized

This is not just about politics or the left or right.  It’s about our future Yours, mine, our children’s.  Our government is literally spending us into oblivion… Our politicians are lying to us…  Most of our citizens don’t have a clue as to what’s happening or the inevitable break down of society that’s coming if we don’t get this under control.  The first step in solving any problem is understanding that it exists.  It doesn’t matter to what party or voting block belong. If we care about the future of our children, our grandchildren, the future of this country, we must ALL get involved.  We have to make the public aware of the danger we are in!  Please help us to share and inform the public to the plight we now face…   Read the rest of this entry →

THE COMPANY WE KEEP Friends and Appointments of Obama

January 30, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics

Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  (It’s no longer Obama… it’s the control policies of Democrat leaders)
We are at a crossroads!  The only thing that can save this country from coming ruin is by informing the uninformed.  Please share and tell others to share this vital information.

Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM JULY 7 2012

Do the people with whom we associate, say something about us?  If all my friends are doctors or physicists, aren’t I probably a bit different from the person whose friends are all either, thieves or drug dealers?  Like it or not, Our associations, our choices, say something about us.   Failure to acknowledge this is to be in denial.  This truth applies to everyone, even our president. 
What follows are facts… what they mean, I’ll leave to others to judge… Read the rest of this entry →

I See the Future… and it looks like Greece.

September 7, 2012 in Economics 101, Politics, Uncategorized

If our government doesn’t get spending under control, this country will fail.  Many of our politicians are burying their heads in the sand, but they all know the US is heading over a financial cliff.  If we don’t make a change, the country we hand over to our children and grandchildren will be but a shadow of what our parents gave us. Proving this fact requires about 5 minutes of objective thought. All we have to do is look at Greece. Where they are, is inexorably where we are headed. We have to change direction, NOW.

All the Great Speeches of Historywill not cure us. Like heroin, they make us feel good for a while, the next day, all the problems remain, but now we also deal with withdrawal!
Only Real Solutions Solve Real Problems Much like a bitter medicine. It’s unappealing, it tastes bad, we don’t want to take it… but if we do, we get better, if we don’t, we get worse, maybe even die!  It’s time to take our medicine!

The government of Greece, as has ours, forgot, a simple truth. Government gives nothing to anyone without first taking it from someone else. It can’t give to me, unless it took from you, your family or your friends. It can’t give to you unless it took from me, my family, your family and friends. Eventually, there is nothing left to take so no more to give. The inevitable result is chaos!…  Read the rest of this entry →

The Reality of Taxation

July 25, 2012 in Economics 101, Politics

In this or any other heated political season, “Make them pay their fair share!” becomes a deafening roar… The throng is growing louder and louder… but the premise lying at i’s core is a fallacy.  It has nothing to do with sound governmental policy, it is class warfare that preys on misinformation and misunderstanding.  Plain and simple.  I believe one major key to getting past the ill-conceived rhetoric and misplaced venom, is understanding.
First, we must all understand that No One believes that the rich should not pay a higher tax rate than the poor or middle class.  THEY SHOULD!
The real issue, is NOT should the “rich” pay more or be taxed at a higher rate… The issue is CAN and SHOULD they really be taxed more? Read the rest of this entry →

Tax the Rich!? Pay their Fair Share! Is that Really a Solution?

May 30, 2012 in Economics 101, Politics

AN INCONVENIENT FACT; Statistics show that the RICH are disappearing.:
There are not enough rich and there is not enough confiscatable wealth in the entire country to solve the budget problems.  Regardless of anyone’s political opinions, math is always math.  There just isn’t enough for taxes to be the solution!   
If the government took everything from the rich, it still would not be enough to fix the budgetary problems our bureaucrats (in their infinite wisdoom), have created..   In the minds of many, the solution to the US deficit issues, the ability to support or provide new “needed”, programs and entitlements is to “tax the rich more”.  That proposition is a fallacy.  We now see that the problem is even worse than we thought!  There are not enough rich, the middle class is disapparning, the poor have nothing to take.   Who are we supposed to tax, now?…   More Taxation clearly is not the answer. Read the rest of this entry →

Is Government the Answer?

May 18, 2012 in Economics 101, Politics

Is Government the Answer?
For many things yes, government is the answer.  It provides for the common good, protects us from our enemies, even from our fellow citizens.  Helps provide order; prevent chaos, a safety net for the poor, for those that are unable to fend for themselves.  It does a great many things that can reasonably be accomplished in no other way.  But does it try to do too much? and in  doing so, does it crowd out the innovation of the private sector?  In trying to do more, does it insure that we get and keep less?

There is little question but that the government and our leaders generally try to do the right thing… But remember, there is nothing that government ever does or gives that did not take from someone else.   By the defnition, the more the government does with one hand, the more it must take with the other. Our government takes from our left pocket puts part of it in our right pocket and we feel grateful… Read the rest of this entry →

Economics- How Much Do You Owe Your Government?

May 18, 2012 in Economics 101

Economics 101- What the Government Gives and how much it takes… Without Us Even Knowing it!
A Simple, Inarguable Fact:
Government gives nothing to anyone without first taking it from someone else.  PERIOD!  It can’t give to me, unless it took from you, your family or your friends.  Whether in the form of taxes, printing money (which devalues what you already have), bonds (that we eventually someone has to pay back, usually, us), it always takes it from someone. ALWAYS!   It’s already creating debt for the children and grandchildren that you don’t even yet have!  It simply can’t give to me or anyone unless it took from you, your family, or your friends.

The desire of our politicians to “give” us things and be rewarded with re-election, has become so profoundly out of control, that they have run up an astronomical debt for me, for you for your children, my children and yes even our grandchildren!

Politicians Love to Give… But what did they they give us?
Debt!  A mountain of debt, the likes of which has never before been seen in the history of man (thanks?).  Me, you, my kids, your kids, each and every single one of us at this very moment OWES about $189,000 dollars each!  This according to the NY Post Jan 29, 2012… Read the rest of this entry →