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LIBERAL MEDIA… Enemy of the People?

February 24, 2017 in Politics

  • The media has every right and yes, even an obligation to run negative reports… as long as they are accurate.
  • The media has no obligation to treat or actually be a friend to any politician; in fact, doing so impacts their objectivity and reporting quality.
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However, treating or believing a particular politician or party to be an actual ENEMY creates a similar lack of objectivity that inexorably destroys the quality of and intellectual honesty of the reports… and that’s exactly what we’ve seen in the media.

In my lifetime (I’m turning 60), I’ve never seen anything like this.   The mainstream media was coming unhinged even prior to Obama, but not like this.

We are now seeing a non-stop assault of “half-truths” consisting of twisted facts, and facts taken out of context so as to purvey only partial truths.  It is now done such that even accurate facts are presented in a manner that purposefully creates false perceptions that result in the public believing that which is demonstrably untrue.

Some might call this lying to the American people.

Answer this question:
If someone consistently lies to you with the intent of furthering their own agenda rather than presenting that information in a truthful way that allows you to make an honest, well informed decision…
Are they your friend?

Think about it:
Assume someone is charged with providing you with important information which they know you will rely on as the basis for making many of the most important decisions in your life, ranging from how you vote to who and what issues you fight or support.  Further assume, they realize your decisions impact your future, the future of your family, your children, your country…

What if you found that all along they had a hidden personal agenda.   They promise you can trust them, in fact, the entire premise of their existence rests on trust…  But you find that in furtherance of their agenda they had been picking and choosing the facts to release.   They weren’t usually quite lying to you, rather obfuscating and giving you only partial information while tailoring which facts they provided and which they hide.

If you assumed you could trust them, this barrage of disinformation could not help but subtly effect your perception of social and economic reality.  This of course impacts the choices you and others would make.

By leaving out context, by providing only “partial” quotes, you realize that for years they were subtly convincing you that what you previously believed was good, was actually bad and what had always seemed right was actually wrong.   You and anyone else subject to this “information” could come to question and even become ashamed of long held convictions.

  • Want to protect our boarders, you are a racist.
  • Want to let people keep more of the money they worked for? You are against the poor.
  • Want to give children the ability to go to a better school? You are anti-education.
  • You studied and realized that as to Man Made Climate Change, there really IS a debate? You are an anti-environment science denier!
  • You are Black but voted republican? You are an Uncle Tom!

These tactics have now been promulgated by the mainstream media for years.   A never ending stream of half-truths and pure propaganda designed not to inform, but to influence.    A type of social engineering and group think; repeat the same lie often enough, the same talking points from enough venues and  eventually we perceive black as white and right as wrong.  Pay attention people, watch them…

ENEMY?  What to you think?
One thing for sure… The Mainstream Media is not your friend.


October 16, 2016 in Politics

To this day, Obama and the democrats use the bumper sticker slogan, ”The Republicans put the car in the ditch and now they want the keys back!”

Is that true?  Was it really the republicans??

There is no question that the government was deeply involved in what happened, but was it really conservative policies that caused it and does it even matter?  YES?  Once set of economic policies brings as much stability as any system can have… another always ends in chaos.  A quick overview and history of the Financial Meltdown encapsulates the fundamental problems inherent in liberal philosophy.   Even the FDIC acknowledges that it was policies forced upon the financial system that was the major cause. But what really happened and who was behind those policies?… Read the rest of this entry →

The Truth About Climate Change

August 14, 2015 in Climate Change Man or Nature, Uncategorized

The truth about climate change.  Climate is always changing!
Not that long ago, in the 70’s we thought we were going into another ice age.  Then we thought we were on our way to “global warming”.  Now, the “experts” can’t seem to make up their mind so they call it “Climate Change”.   On one hand we are told there has been no global warming to speak of for 12 years or more.  On the other we are told that we just experience three of the warmest years on record!  What’s the truth?
I started watching and studying the global warming debate in 2010.  I didn’t have a conclusion as to who was right or wrong or even what was the primary cause.  For years, I was on the fence but continued to do my best to analyze objectively, take objective notes, watch the debates on both sides and examine the science and the assertions of both sides.  However,  there comes a time when the failure to take a stand and acknowledge a conclusion is simply an indication of either or a combination of an inability to make a decision, cowardice or lack of the ability to understand the data or to discern who is being truthful and who is skirting the truth.  After years of contemplation, I still am not CERTAIN, but I am leaning very strongly… Read the rest of this entry →

How Liberals Tactics are Destroying our Country!

February 23, 2015 in Politics, Uncategorized

How Liberal Leader’s Tactics are Destroying American

I firmly believe that most democratic voters aren’t aware of what’s happening… but shouldn’t everyone know!   Below is EXACTLY how the Rules for Radicals have been and continue to be used to destroy the U.S.  As partisan as the following below paragraph may appear, as will be proven below, it is 100% accurate.  

*No Honesty, No Integrity… policies that are always destructive!  A Never ending stream of agendas that at their core are never anything  other than a quest for the acquisition and maintenance of pure, unadulterated power;  power at any cost, no matter who or what it destroys… Even if it means destroying the American Way of Life!   My question to all Americans, HOW CAN ANYONE, IN GOOD CONSCIENCE, SUPPORT THIS PARTY?*
Rules for Radicals (Said rules are below; and on which Obama actually taught a college course), was the inspiration for Cloward-Piven’s theory for societal change that was fundamentally to overburden existing government so that you can then properly rebuild it…  

DESTROY CAPITALISM? How or Why would anyone  want to do that?

In a nutshell, the underlying principle of the Cloward-Piven Strategy is to so overload the entitlement system – to add so many to the entitlement rolls, that the country’s economic system collapses, unleashing chaos and violence in the streets, thus affecting radical Leftist political change in government. Basically, the objective is to tear the American system down to the ground, so it can rebuilt as a socialist Utopia.  If a Utopia were possible, I’d be on board!… But in the history of the world, liberal policies have never achieved the intended results.  We see the real world results of these ideas in action right now, all over the world;  in Greece and all  over Europe.  They alwas end the same way!  see…   

Could that really the objective of Obama?  What about Hillary?  She did do her thesis on Saul Alinsky, who authored “Rules for Radicals”.   The Rules, is basically a play book of tactics required to bring this chaos to reality.  It is a treatise with a very specific set of rules created not for effective debate but for effective lies, spin and obfuscation.  That is the LIBERAL WAY.   Rules for Radicals are below.
Read the rest of this entry →


October 29, 2014 in Politics, Uncategorized

We don’t have a GET OUT THE VOTE ISSUE…  
The problem is a “too many UNINFORMED VOTER” ISSUE.

            I want everyone to Vote… IF THEY ARE CITIZENS… AND IF THEY HAVE A CLUE as to what they are voting for!
Informed votes make this country great…  Uninformed votes can destroy it..   Think about it… If one votes for “X”, because of a clever smoke and mirrors propaganda campaign that fools them, and instead of getting X, they get Y…  Didn’t they just voted for something they didn’t even want or believe in???    What does that do to the country when it happens 50 MILLION times per election?

I don’t want everyone to vote like me… but shouldn’t they know what their vote means??  If a person doesn’t really know what they are voting for; what it means, the policies that are furthered by that vote…  It leads to disaster.  No one wins but dishonest manipulative politicians.  This is true regardless of their party.
How many of us were persuaded by the soaring rhetoric of Obama, voted for him and his like minded politicians, only to find that the enactment of those ideas would be so horribly destructive?  We now have: Read the rest of this entry →


October 22, 2014 in Politics

I’ve been talking about the corruption in this country for a while…  Now this?
Anyone who doesn’t believe there is a voter fraud problem, is either not paying attention, in denial or IN FAVOR OF IT.

SHOCKA: Chicago-area voting machine casts GOP candidate’s vote for… his Democrat opponent:

State Representative Candidate Jim Moynihan (R-56), was shocked today when he tried to cast a vote for himself and the voting machine cast it for his opponent instead.
“I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” said Moynihan. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

and there’s so much more… Read the rest of this entry →


October 16, 2014 in Politics

Regardless of your politics; whether conservative or liberal…  You NEED to read and share this… the future of this great country depends on it!
Did You Know?

  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.  (this eliminates the ability of citizens and news media to communicate honestly with one another or the public, unless specifically authorized by the government(Note of author: So only messages the government wants us to hear will get out.  That is the definition of an oppressive, dictatorship that wants to control the message.  China, USSR, N. Korea, etc… ) 

This is but one of many signed executive orders we’ll discuss, that are a direct threat to our most cherished rights and freedoms.  The citizens of this country need to wake up to what is happening in our government and how it can affect each and everyone of us! Read the rest of this entry →


August 18, 2014 in Economics 101, Politics

There’s little disagreement that we have major problems.  Is it just because of our administration’s miscalculations and bad policies?  Or is it deeper?

Think about it,  is the real difference in results between this administration and other democratic presidents so much the president, or rather the power base that resulted in a couple of years of absolute governmental control enabling the progressive policies to reap unfettered havoc?… Of course, a media that covers and excuses virtually every misstep, helps.

Case in point.
Clinton was a pretty good president, but not until his power base was decimated by having to work with a republican controlled congress.  At the end of the day, I believe Clinton did some great things.  But would any of them have occurred, if not for the congress pushing him there?   Read the rest of this entry →


August 8, 2014 in Politics

I wrote this linked article months ago  “Are we on the way to a dictatorship“?

Are We on the Way to a Dictatorship?

and it created quite a stir and much debate.  Many agreed with the premise, many disagreed, vehemently…  I was even called a racist for daring to state FACTS that are unquestionably true.

That was then, this is now… all the things I’ve railed against are now further magnified.
Simply put I believe, our president is acting dangerously close to a dictator. Read the rest of this entry →

Are We on the Way to a Dictatorship?

December 31, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics, Uncategorized

It is a Fact. (see below), We now have a series of executive orders that would allow Obama… (or any future president), to take away our most cherished constitutional freedoms and turn this great society into a dictatorship… all at the stoke of a pen.  Obama didn’t sign them all.  But when combined with his proven willingness to side step the US constitution and rule of law, it becomes a terrifying prospect for anyone who cherishes the freedoms that this country once guaranteed.  

The signed executive orders and numbers are below. You don’t have to believe me. But, if you don’t, please look them up for yourself. Each of us… republicans, democrats, independents, etc… need to open our eyes to the fact that the freedoms we all hold so dear, are now but a pen stroke away, from oblivion.
We are at a crossroads!  The only thing that can save this country from coming ruin is by informing the uninformed.  Please share and tell others to share this vital information.

Much of the below article was originally written on July 17, 2012.  So far, every concern as to the direction that this president wanted and would take this country, has come to pass… and that is not a good thing.  But as I discovered while researching to update this article, things are even worse than before… much worse.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer about him… the real problem is no longer just the current president.  It’s the socialistic ideology that now permeates democratic political leaders across the board.  The results for this country if they retain power will be catastrophic.  
           WE’RE ON THE WAY TO A DICTATORSHIP!  and that’s not an exaggeration!  see constitution and rule of law below. Read the rest of this entry →

Should Everyone Vote? Does it even matter?

December 17, 2013 in Politics

Get the vote out!… but let’s make it an educated vote!
What Does Your Vote Mean?  Should Everyone Vote?

If a person doesn’t really know what they are voting for; what it means, what policies will be furthered by that vote…  Should they even vote??  I would never advocate taking away the right of anyone to vote, but might they and the country be better off if those who are so uninformed that they can’t even name the vice president, just stayed home?   Think about it… If one votes for “X”, because of a clever smoke and mirrors propaganda campaign that fooled them and they and the rest of the country, actually get “Y“, didn’t they just put their support behind something they don’t even believe?    What does that do to the country when it happens 50,000,000 times?

Don’t get me wrong… I WANT EVERYONE TO VOTE!  But I want them to know why they are voting, what they are really voting for and what their vote actually leads to…  Read the rest of this entry →


January 30, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics, Uncategorized

This is not just about politics or the left or right.  It’s about our future Yours, mine, our children’s.  Our government is literally spending us into oblivion… Our politicians are lying to us…  Most of our citizens don’t have a clue as to what’s happening or the inevitable break down of society that’s coming if we don’t get this under control.  The first step in solving any problem is understanding that it exists.  It doesn’t matter to what party or voting block belong. If we care about the future of our children, our grandchildren, the future of this country, we must ALL get involved.  We have to make the public aware of the danger we are in!  Please help us to share and inform the public to the plight we now face…   Read the rest of this entry →

THE COMPANY WE KEEP Friends and Appointments of Obama

January 30, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics

Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  (It’s no longer Obama… it’s the control policies of Democrat leaders)
We are at a crossroads!  The only thing that can save this country from coming ruin is by informing the uninformed.  Please share and tell others to share this vital information.

Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM JULY 7 2012

Do the people with whom we associate, say something about us?  If all my friends are doctors or physicists, aren’t I probably a bit different from the person whose friends are all either, thieves or drug dealers?  Like it or not, Our associations, our choices, say something about us.   Failure to acknowledge this is to be in denial.  This truth applies to everyone, even our president. 
What follows are facts… what they mean, I’ll leave to others to judge… Read the rest of this entry →