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The Bankruptcy of Origin of Life Theories.

May 22, 2017 in Religion, Uncategorized

No matter what you currently believe, what follows may shock you.   The truth of life’s origins is a long running debate with implications as to the very nature of reality.  It’s been raging for decades with each side repeating true but somewhat cherry picked facts that inferentially support their beliefs.  

Recently there has been an explosion of new biological research and discovery.   Simply put, the origins debate has been turned on its head.  Many will be horrified by the implications of these discoveries, but facts are always facts and facts form the strongest foundation for any belief system.  For all who prefer to believe that which is actually true, rather than they prefer to be true, this is for them.  Following are many of the most recent thoughts, analysis and discoveries of top origin of life researchers.  No matter what side of the debate you are on, this may shock you.  Read the rest of this entry →


October 13, 2016 in Religion


Why did Nobel Laureate WERNER HEISENBERG, say, “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will create an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU”?

Because, with the basic information we are all taught about evolution, adaptation, antibiotic resistance, over a hundred years of believing that a living cell was no more than a simple “bag of cytoplasm”, etc… Whether intended or not (I think it’s intentional), this limited teaching provides an atheistically biased view of the natural world.. This bias has converted and continues to convert hundreds of millions of the world’s Christians to atheistic beliefs.   But for those who are willing to look deeper, for those who continue down the road of knowledge and discovery, what they find, deals the certainty of atheism a death blow…  and that is the overarching purpose of this and other science of religionarticles; to provide the scientific tools to protect and support Religious faith.  

There is an old saying A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. In today’s world, it’s a simple, unfortunate fact that the vast majority of society is now afflicted with either “little knowledge” or “an overabundance of outdated knowledge”. Consequently, even though, current information is available, society continues to be taught “outdated  facts” that persist in undercutting Christianity…  even though, as will be shown, many of those “facts” are provably wrong. Read the rest of this entry →

Has ATHEISM Become the Opiate of the Uninformed?

September 7, 2016 in Religion

Do you think the knowledge of science has progressed to the degree that it proves God does not exist?… If so, you should think again!

Religion is often touted as the OPIATE OF THE MASSES because it supposedly dulled their life’s pain with delusory promises of a beautiful existence in heaven.  Therefore, there was supposedly less need to struggle for a better existence in this life because their reward would be in the next. In short, religion made them feel better about their lives.

The concept of an atheistic materialism; the belief that all we see and all we are is nothing more than chemical processes is all but DEAD! The empirical evidence proving there is more to reality than molecules in motion is overwhelming and continues to mount almost daily.   However, for many, even the most powerful compelling evidence is not enough; WHY?… because he who will not see stands no better than he who can not see.    Any objective analysis of the issues and facts makes it clear that the problems of strict materialism are not just legion but apparently insurmountable…
* Origin of life research
* The Fossil Record.
* The problem of mind and conciousness.
* The newest discoveries *Quantum Theory have actually destroyed materialism*.

In spite of the ever expanding mountain of objective data, why do so many continue to hold to a strict, intractable, unwillingness to examine new information and continue to embrace an unyielding dogma of materialism and atheism? For many, atheism is their opiate. It is often used to feel better and smarter than those who believe in God.  They think a lack of theistic belief evinces higher intellect, advanced logical processing, a more scientifically informed status than the Theists. They often believe that those who belief in God don’t have a strong grip on reality; know nothing of science, biology or evolution. Some such as Richard Dawkins have even started referring to atheists as “The Brights”.
Also, as has been pointed out in many ways, often a main reason for atheism is the desire to avoid moral constraints. Read the rest of this entry →

The Problem with WorldViews… Is Materialism Dead?

September 1, 2016 in Religion

How Worldviews KILL Scientific and Intellectual Progress-
…How Materialism Died… and no one knew

Related- Is atheism the Opiate of the Uninformed?
With certainty on any particular subject comes a tendency to dismiss new views before taking even a moment of thought to determine if it has merit.  Why would anyone waste their time thinking about something they KNOW it can’t be true?   If an idea is in contravention to our own committed worldview, we often toss it aside without a thought. This is often true even though the evidence supporting the new idea is overwhelming…  It even happens to those who are unquestionably brilliant!  How often has your worldview caused you to not even consider the possibility of something, just because you KNEW it wasn’t true?  Many unwittingly discard truth and hold to incorrect beliefs due to their absolute certainty. 

Although, worldview bias raises its ugly head in many arenas, as discussed below, nowhere is this tendency more apparent than when it comes to evidence for God.  No matter what our belief system; when faced with new information we should always take a moment to loosen our worldview to objectively consider the evidence for, at least, a moment.  Otherwise, at some point, we will make the same mistakes that Einstein and hundreds of our most brilliant scientists have made in many divergent areas of science...   An open mind is the key to an informed mind…   Read the rest of this entry →

The Origin of Life… WHO WROTE THE MANUAL?

October 8, 2014 in Religion, Uncategorized

Are we simply an accident of dirt, chance and time?  Did the DNA manual write itself?  If not, who wrote it?

  • Was the first living cell really created from of a random combination of chemicals floating in an ancient primordial soup?
  • Or was it the purposeful creation of an immense intelligence?  Whether it was God or aliens, these are really the only plausible options.   The fact is that scores of our most brilliant scientists; (Francis Crick, Richard Dawkins, Frederick Hoyle, to name but a few), believe in the latter.  Why? because of the impossibly improbable odds of it being the result of random chance and we see no reasonable naturalistic chemical pathway for creating life from inanimate matter.  Other than intelligence, all we really have is a morass of conjecture and wishful thinking. 

Even if one believes that the first living cell, with its accompanying, mind numbing complexity was created by a fantastically improbable chance combination of random chemicals, dirt and water (see short videos below), ; does that really explain anything?  Does it really make sense?  When this impossibly unlikely first miracle of a living cell died, as all cells do… That would be the end of life!  There would be nothing to even begin any type of “evolutionary” process from which all life forms supposedly evolved, unless, in addition to it’s own life “accidentally” arising,  it also carried within itself the DNA coding to replicate itself.

This dirt plus time, plus chance equals a living cell, scenario is unlikely enough on it’s own… but when you add to it the fact that it must have had internal instructions, within itself, to perpetuate itself is that internal mechanism really, even plausibly, the result of a chance roll of the dice?  Personally I think it’s a bridge too far.  For many this naturalistic scenario seems not only plausible but a certainty. Regardless of the facts and evidence, it remains the only possibility.  Why? Because other options have potential theistic implications.  For a die hard naturalist, that is simply an intolerable position.  Unfortunately, science has taken a turn, in which, all hypothesis are possible… Anything but God. Read the rest of this entry →

Are Science and Religion at Odds? How Science Created a Christian.

September 6, 2012 in Religion, Uncategorized

The world is being indoctrinated against religion.
Universally agreed upon facts are being ignored and hidden within our educational system. Even if a fact is indisputable, if it has theological implication it will never be mentioned in any classroom. (details below).   I’ve come to realize that In my education, countless relevant facts with obvious world view implications were never mentioned… the result?   I bought the half truths and became an atheist.
The complete facts are being kept from your children right now.  Will they withstand the barrage any better than I did?

I’m against indoctrination of any kind… whether for or against religion.  But, facts should be revealed and truth be told, in its entirety. Unfortunately, neither our schools, colleges nor government has any inclination to so.  Religion is under attack and the best defense is truth.  If the facts are ever going to get out, It’s up to us.  Please, share this information with every open minded person you know… and ask them do the same.  Also, download this free ebook. It provides comprehensive facts on both sides of this issue and does so in a manner makes it easy to combat the misinformation, with which our children are indoctrinated. Click Here

How Science Created a Christian
I wasn’t always a Christian. I like so many others had my faith destroyed by the science I was taught in the classroom…  Evolution taught that I was just a smart monkey, the primordial soup is how life first started, etc… It was “proven” to me that it was all done without God.  I, like most kids wasn’t very adept at critical thinking or analysis. I just consumed the intellectual garbage that my teachers served on a daily basis. Especially the science.  By the time I was out of high school I could have “proven” to anyone willing to listen that God didn’t exist; that religion was all a grand fairy tale and that anyone who believed in God was simply ignorant… as one atheist commented,  religion was simply “the opiate of the masses”.

I knew religion.  I had spent my first and second grade in a Catholic school, often went to church, etc… But my exposure to faith was just not enough to overcome the barrage of “science”.  So my faith was destroyed.  The years went by.  I was comfortable in my atheism and in myself.  But in the back of my mind, in the deepest recesses of my soul, I knew something didn’t add up.  Every now and again, a thought, like a voice in the distance calling out to me would ask…

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Understanding Science Often Kills Faith… for me it created a Christian

July 27, 2012 in Religion

Science has a tendency to kill faith.  For me, in the end, science created a Christian.
I was and atheist… then a closer, more analytical look at the science that contradicts faith, created, a Christian.  The fact is that much of what we are taught is wrong; provably wrong… but it continues to be taught anyway!  If you were taught ONLY the facts that support evolution, while having buried and hidden away, any fact put the theory into question…  Would you want to know?  I would.  I did… and what I found was astounding!  Much of what we KNOW of the universe is reasonably explainable ONLY by something other than blind random chance. Read the rest of this entry →

“Facts” that destroyed faith… What if those “FACTS” are Wrong?

May 28, 2012 in Religion

The “Facts” that destroyed Religion… What if those “FACTS” are wrong? 
Much of what we have taught is simply wrong!  short link
What follows within these articles is information gleaned from the world’s greatest minds, not just biased religious zealots.   We include studies beyond refutation, facts incontrovertible by anyone, debates between leaders of the atheistic movement vs theistic biochemical and historic scholars.  We present both sides of the issue but concentrate on what is usually hidden from the public…  i.e. facts that have theistic implications. Read the rest of this entry →

The Truth About Religion

May 18, 2012 in Religion

The truth is that the existence or non existence of God can’t be proven either way.  No one can prove that God exists and no one can prove that God does not exist.  All anyone can ever do, is weigh the evidence.  But why are some of the most brilliant atheistic minds in the world, biologists, chemists, astronomers, doctors turning from atheism to Religion?  The reason is simple.  They have kept informed of new discoveries and information.  They have then analyzed, objectively and with an open mind, weighed this new evidence that did not exist when the paradigm of darwinistic materialism was being formulated.  They saw new facts and new information that required new conclusions.   That is how science and discovery is supposed to work, but often does not .  The available information has changed and “evolved” dramatically.  The more we’ve learned, the more compelling the case “for” religion has become.  At the same time, the case “against” has become much more difficult to even TRY to make…   Read the rest of this entry →

An Serious and Honest Question… If God Exists, Would You Want to Know?

May 18, 2012 in Religion

If God actually exists… would you want to know?      
If God exists, would it matter?  To your friends? Your family?… Would they want to know?
If what you were taught and what your children are being taught about the origins of life, the fossil record  that is constantly touted to “prove the fact” of evolution; if those “facts” were wrong, provably wrong… and not just according to Christians, but according to renowned Biologists, Paleontologists, Astronomers, Chemists, Physicists, etc… would you want to know?
If the things you were taught that “proved” that there is no God, can be no God, that God never existed and was never anything more than a fairy tale made up by an ill-informed ignorant society, were wrong… would you want to know?
If all the “facts” that convinced you and others that this incredible universe, our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, the love we feel for our family, friends and children; that everything about us can be reduced to a series of random chance events, a mere accident… if these facts were wrong Would you want to know?

Don’t we all want the truth?  The Truth is… Society has been sold a bill of goods.  The evidence that will be presented below is causing many of our most brilliant scientists, biologists, chemists, astronomers, physicists, etc… to find religion.

What follows is not religious dogma or an appeal to Christianity, Faith or the Bible.  It is an appeal to reason, logic and science.   I am a proud, intellectually fulfilled Christian; not, in spite of science, but rather because of it.  The fact is. whether purposefully or not, we have been lied to.  Much of what we were taught is simply wrong!   When faced with the newest scientific discoveries, secularist biologists, chemists, geologists, astronomers, physicists, etc… are leaving atheism behind and coming to faith… Read the rest of this entry →