How to Succeed? Fail Often!

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Want Success? Want a Better Life?  
Stop Thinking About it… Stop Talking About it…  START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
The life you want is within your grasp… But you have to get off the couch.  Do Something!  Success and achievement requires more than a great idea. It requires action, consistent action. Most of us have a thousand excuses that allow us to comfortably sit on the couch, in front of the computer, day after day, planning, thinking and talking about all the great things we can and will do “someday”.

  • It’s not what you know…
  • It’s not what you think…
  • It’s not what you plan…
  • It’s not how great your potential is…
  • It’s not how brilliant you are…
  • The only thing that really matters is what you actually do!… 

Plans won’t do it,  Talking won’t do it… ACTION does it.   Many of us talk about and think about what we are going to accomplish “someday”.  Unless we get off the couch and get rid of our excuses for procrastinating, someday will never come.    Do two simple things right now… Get rid of excuses and GET MOVING!

Realize, Once you Act… Eventually you will fail… Take Responsibility for it… and learn from it.
Once you take action, you put into play a domino like cascade of re-actions and consequences.  Some good, some not.  When they go well, take credit- You Deseve it…  When they go badly- Take responsiblity, you deserve that, tooTake responsibility for everything.   Because like it or not, we are all where we are because of previous choices we’ve made in our lives.  Is it time for us to make better choices?…
re you not where you should be because everyone let you down? Stop depending on them
Choose new partners or rely more on yourself. The bottom line, is you can never control your destiny until you acknowledge that you are in control.  Blaming outside circumstances for your situation is simply laying the groundwork for lifelong excuses for failure.  Excuses are the death knell of success in any endeavor.  Get rid of them.

Realize, It’s a fact of life; no matter what you do, no matter how well you plan, no matter how well you execute… things will occasionally go wrong.  They will… and OFTEN!!!   Failure is inevitable and an integral part of success– It’s through failure that we learn.  But no failure or setback is ever permanent, unless you make it so by giving up.

Something went wrong!  What to do?  DEAL with it.  Unfortunately, life happens. I don’t know where it came from, but ever since I was about I had a saying that was always with me…

Life is not as it should be… It simply is as it is“. Once we understand that, it becomes a lot easier to make rational decisions based on reality.  This is much better than Spending our lives making “excuses” based on “rationalizations” and “wishful thinking”.   It doesn’t matter how things should be, it doesn’t matter how we wish they were… it ONLY MATTERS how they are!  Make sure you are making decisions based on what reality, ISnot on what you wish it was.  Doing anything else is a recipe for failure.  Acknowledging reality may not always be pretty, but it always makes for better results.

From this day forward, take responsibility for who you are and the choices you make. It doesn’t matter where you were born, that you were a battered child or came from a broken home, or dropped out of high school, etc…  These are all unfortunate, often even tragic.  They unquestionably present challenges that must to be overcome… and we can… we must!  If not for ourselves, for our families.   Even if you can honestly say, “but look at my childhood, it’s all I ever knew…”,  It doesn’t matter… It’s up to you now.  By providing excuses for bad choices in the past, we are also acknowledging the existence of better choices for the future.  Isn’t it time that we start making them?…

JUST DO IT!  No matter what happened in the past, from this moment forward, it’s up to you to choose your own destiny. Get rid of the excuses and start making better choices and decisions.  Do this and you will start getting better results.  It’s as easy as 2 plus 2… Better Choice equal Better Results!

A focused, hard working average intellect will beat a lazy genius EVERY TIME.
Success is not dependent on Intelligence– Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have an IQ of 80 you will not become a world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon. But there are few excuses that are used so often, but are of so little consequence as “I’m just not smart enough”.  
If you are smart enough to read and understand this page, you are smart enough to accomplish your objectives!   NO EXCUSES!

Intelligence is profoundly overrated. WHAT YOU DO is infinitely more important than WHAT YOU KNOW. Your
willingness to learn what you need to do AND THEN ACTUALLY DOING IT is incomparably more important than the ability to learn all
those things that most people are too lazy to do anyway!
    The person that is actually doing something… actually climbing the ladder, will ALWAYS rise higher than the person sitting on the couch.  This is true regardless of any perceived or even actual difference in innate potential…  

Success IS NOT about knowledge or intellect. It’s ALWAYS about Action.
In this incredible society, great success can be accomplished with very AVERAGE intellect. What is required, however, is an above average work ethic and willingness to act. One of my favorite sayings it… “GREAT IDEAS ARE USELESS… UNLESS COMBINED WITH POSITIVE ACTION”.

Think about it… in your lifetime, how many great ideas have you, or someone you know, come up with and then even told your friends about?  But you thought of it over a beer; didn’t act, didn’t write it down… just went back to watching the game.  Then later saw someone on Oprah making their fortune with “your” idea?  This scenario plays out all the time, over and over.

Have you missed out on something great, because you didn’t act?  Most of us have.  It’s never the idea that is of paramount importance… It’s the action that matters!   ACTION!  ASN was unquestionably a GREAT IDEA.  I believe it’s a GREAT Company. But what would it have been without action?…  Just another idea that went no where.

The light bulb was a pretty good idea. But where would it, and Edison be if the idea wasn’t combined with about 10,000
experiments THAT FAILED?  We’d still be in the dark!  At least, until someone else with a propensity to ACT got off the couch and went to work. Believe it or not, the ideas don’t have to be brilliant.  

Ever heard of the pet rock?! 
It was a stone that was placed in a box and then sold as a “pet”.  An absurdly stupid idea that was acted upon.  It made a fortune!

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.  For our lives to improve and change, our actions must change.
Want to make a change? Want more out of life? There is no question, it will require new choices and new ACTIONS!

Don’t be afraid to fail!  A Major Key to Success? FAIL OFTEN!
 If you Act, You will occasionally fail. You might even fail a lot. Edison literally “failed” over 10,000 times in the creation of the light bulb. But he had the right attitude. When he was asked about his incredible number of failures, he said, I have not failed 10,000 times. I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that it won’t work!”  He learned from each failure, then did it again, only better.

If you never failyou’re not trying hard enough Much like learning to walk, success comes from pushing yourself to your limits, failing, falling, learning, getting better and then going beyond what was previously possible.  First we lay, we roll, we crawl, we walk, we run… If we wish to accomplish anything, it’s an inevitable, unavoidable process.  We participate, or we don’t.  It’s a choice.  It’s our choice, but choices always have consequences.   We choose to rise… or we choose to stagnate.  As I used to admonish my sales force on an almost daily basis…

If you are not putting yourself in a position to fail… you are not putting yourself in a position to succeed”.

 Success and failure are flip sides of the same coin. If you work too hard to avoid failure, you will not experience success.  Do Not Fear Failure. It’s more that an aphorism when I say that every time you fail brings you one step closer to success.  But you have to take that step!  Want to succeed??  Fail and fail often.

Reacting the Right Way is even more important than doing the right thing.
No matter what you do, and no matter how well you do it… occasionally, things will go wrong. A deal will fall apart. The sale won’t be made. The race will be lost. You’ll forget your lines. Even if you do everything right, something will occasionally go wrong!  That’s life, get used to it.  
 When it happens, how you react will be infinitely more important than the fact that you did everything right and failed anyway.

After having done everything right but still experienced a failure, many people simply fold. They get out of the business.  They find fault with everything without realizing, setbacks are just part of the game.  They quit.  They stop trying.  They don’t realize that failure is simply a part of the natural order of things.  It is an unavoidable, absolutely essential part of the success process.

Even Babe Ruth, struck out.  Joe Montana threw interceptions.  You will never hit a home run if you are afraid to swing the bat.  You will never throw a touchdown if you always punt!   In our life, how many touch downs have you NOT thrown because you chose to punt?  How many of us never hit that home run, not because we couldn’t, but because we didn’t even swing?  We were afraid to fail.  We were too afraid of being embarrassed.  What would people think if we swung and missed?   Guess what.  If you try, you are going to miss sometimes!  You are!… I’ve missed… and more than likely, I will again!   But, isn’t it better to try and temporarily fail than to never try and never succeed at all?     If you want to succeed in anything, you must be willing to try and fail. You must realize and accept, that you WILL occasionally fail.  Failure is nothing to be afraid of.   Embrace it.  Learn from it… then swing again!.

The last thing that I want say is that you can do this. You can succeed.  You can do it.  But you have to be willing to try and fail. Never forget, the most important factor is not the business or company.  In every business, in every company there are people at the top and people at the bottom.  It’s not the company that’s important… The determining factor of your life, will always, be you.  It’s that attitude you carry.  The willingness to push forward, to try again in spite of the failures set backs you endure.

Where you are today is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is where you want to go, and what you are willing to do to get there.

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If you consider this information helpful or important- Please take a moment to SHARE!!

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  1. Bruce, I have been a member of A S N for over a year now Thanks for the free site.
    Your advice in this case is as always right on the spot. May I have your permission to use this article (AS IS ) on my blog? Mail me with your answer.
    Thanks: BB25059

  2. I find it intersting that there have actually been some negative evaluations of the article.
    I hate to say it, but imagie these are people that have never really tried or gave up too soon. There are many opinions that I hold that might be wrong. However, the ideas expressed in this article absolutely do not fall into that category.

    If you want success in anything, you absolutely must be willing to fail… even EXPECT to fail.
    Be ready for it. Learn from it, get back up and do it again. There really is little other option… other than the lottery.

  3. So words never forget "Bruce" Success and achievment requires more than a great idea. It requires action, consistent action. Your program was one of the very first program I joined when I came online about 3 years ago…And till this day I go by this is it is really taking me places….
    " It requires action, consistent action"

  4. I never got my gas voucher what's up over a year . This is the reason I never kept going on this when you are promised something for doing something then not get it , well what can I say you don't answer your mail what can I think

    • It did, in fact, take a few months to find a way to reconstitute that program, but it was done and has been in full operation with no glitches ever since.. You can even get your gas voucher right now it you'd like. Just go to your resource center and follow the instructions.

      As to your question "what am I supposed to think?"
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      Ultimately, the buck stops with me; it's still my fault. But my priority is members… above all else. The only way that I can realistically try to serve them is by instituting this simple protocol. If not followed, I don't see it.

      I'm sorry this caused us to miss each other.
      Bruce Castro

    • Please realize, receiving the various promotional items, Gas, Groceries, Vacations, etc… has always required a very simple protocol. We don't send them… You are automatically taken to the promotional item by simply "registering" i.e. pasting the free quote, trial or receipt for purchase, in the confirmation link, as per the simple instructions.
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    • In order to prioritize member emails, we make it clear at the "overview and support" page that if the member ASN ID is not in the subject line, there is a very good chance that it won't be read. I know of no other way of being certain of giving members top priority. If I made a guess, it would be that you neglected to provide your ASN ID therefore I didn't see your email.

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      Although, I can occasionally take as much as 48 hours. ALL (properly ID'd Emails) are answered.

      As to the Gas voucher, again, I'll take a stab in the dark 🙂 …
      It is my guess, simple protocols were not followed, (Now, there is a scenario in which I could be wrong… please see below).

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      As we notify members on the “overview and support” page, if an email is addressed to ME, the failure to follow the simple support protocols, (ASN ID in the subject line), will probably result in the email not being seen. We have a support center… and we have me. For the members that want to talk to me, to have even the remotest chance of answering those emails, I must have a system that makes it, at least. possible to discern member emails from ALL others.

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  5. Great article Bruce, keep them coming. As a Real Estate Investor & Mentor this information as you allow it to be shared is vital to many people who may be facing a transition in their lives and need a strong lift to get them motivated. Thanks and ASN is sincerely appreciated.

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