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Is the FDA Protecting Tobacco Interests?

August 2, 2012 in Health

The FDA is unbelievable.  Another life saving innovation they attempted to ban.
Ecigs, literally saved the life of my wife and the FDA tried to ban them.  The details of my wife’s story can be seen here.
This attempted ban was not because of any actual “health issue” but rather they tried to define them as “drug transport devices”, as if they were trying to protect the public from drug abuse.  If they really cared about the health issue, wouldn’t they have tried to ban the real purveyor of death i.e. tobacco companies, rather than the non lethal competition??? 
Basically, an ecigarette is simply a cigarette without hundreds of cancer causing agents, i.e. no tobacco.
Does anyone really think that they did this for any other reason than to support the business interests of Tobacco?  Or was it simply because they wanted to control one more aspect of our lives.  It was one of the other and neither are laudable options.
For anyone that doesn’t know, an cigarette is simply an inexpensive electronic device that looks like a cigarette .  It combines glycerine and nicotine that when inhaled transports the combination of substances through a heated “atomatizer”.  The result is a harmless smoke like myst which when inhaled provides the user with the effects of a normal cigarette.  However, it has no minor side affects like cancer, emphysema, heart disease, etc…
And the FDA tried to ban it!  They would rather you die, smoking a cigarette.  
This may sound like an advertisement, but it absolutely is not.  It saved my wife’s life and I hope it might save yours or that of someone you love.
An ecig provides everything that a smoker is after, except without the disease… 
  • the feel of a cigarette.
  • the smell of a cigarette.
  • the taste of a cigarette.
  • the nicotine stimulus.
It provides a complete replacement for all the aspects of smoking that cause the physical and psychological addiction.
It has everything the smoker wants and needs, except the carcinogens.
I don’t smoke.
I don’t suggest that anyone ever start smoking.
If you don’t smoke DON’T start. Don’t get an ecig…
But if you are already smoking, addicted and can’t quit, DON’T LET YOUR ADDICTION KILL YOU.
You owe it to yourself and family to at least try it.
IT REALLY DID SAVE MY WIFE’S LIFE… and the FDA tried to ban them!  What are they thinking! 
The actions of the FDA were recently challenged in court and it was determined that, in this instance, the FDA was overstepping their athority.  So ecigs are legallly safe for now… BUT WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FDA…  THEY ARE KILLING US!!!

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