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October 16, 2016 in Politics

To this day, Obama and the democrats use the bumper sticker slogan, ”The Republicans put the car in the ditch and now they want the keys back!”

Is that true?  Was it really the republicans??

There is no question that the government was deeply involved in what happened, but was it really conservative policies that caused it and does it even matter?  YES?  Once set of economic policies brings as much stability as any system can have… another always ends in chaos.  A quick overview and history of the Financial Meltdown encapsulates the fundamental problems inherent in liberal philosophy.   Even the FDIC acknowledges that it was policies forced upon the financial system that was the major cause. But what really happened and who was behind those policies?…

Government involvement and liberal policies and regulation played an enormous part in our economic collapse. Specifically, the Community Reinvestment Act, overseen by Clinton in 1995.  https://www.fdic.gov/regulations/compliance/manual/pdf/IV-1.1.pdf

Like so many liberal policies, helping more to achieve the American Dream of home ownership was a noble goal.  But like so many liberal policies, it was not well thought out and will little contemplation of the possible “unintended consequences”.  It was also intended to promote the goal of assuring elections and power through enaction of policies that are popular, but also unsustainable and damaging.   see also How liberal tactics destroy America  http://wp.me/p2EGlL-4TE

This policy ultimately was instrumental in the financial collapse. The fact is, governmental regulations incentivized, if not actually, required lenders to make loans that they NEVER have otherwise made.   Make it easier to achieve the American Dream of home ownership; a noble objective, of which, I agree. But as with so many things government does, it was not well thought out, badly implemented and the law of unintended consequences was never taken into account.   Ill-advised loans were made every day that would never have been made in a free market, absent government influence and pressure.  This with with governmental guarantees against loss, (ultimately backed by our tax dollars), plus, penalties for non-cooperation; all combined to create a situation in which for the lender “anything goes”.  If we close the loan we get paid, if we don’t close the loan, we can get fined.  Financial regulations were now tantamount to, “do it our way, or else”.  Consequently, any semblance of business principles were tossed out the window, with catastrophic results.  

I’m not being partisan here, the fact is that both liberal and conservative politicians gave broad support to these policies.  However, when disaster was on the horizon, one party tried to act… and one party stood firm to continue on the road to disaster.


2 years prior to the crash, it became obvious there was a looming problem on the horizon. Remember, at this time, democrats had control of the house and the senate. Consequently, conservatives could actually force nothing. Bush and conservatives began taking about the coming problem, trying to alert the public, even drafted legislation to try to stem the tide of the coming storm. It was brought to a vote on the house. The fact is the democrats blocked it. It was a straight party line vote. All republicans voted to do something… Every democrat voted no; to do nothing!

Not only did democrats bury their heads in the sand, they went to the normal liberal political playbook… they labeled republican attempts to avert disaster as being motivated by a general unresponsiveness to the needs of the poor and pure and simple racism!  So what’s new?  That’s the liberal way.

The liberal playbook...       .




  1. Liberal vs Conservative no longer explains what has been happening to our country. It is used to manipulate average people so elites in power can manipulate us and steal our property and national treasure and transfer wealth to the elite and Wall St entities. Now we’ve had the ugliest campaign in recent history and our democracy is being threatened by extremists. This site and the tools provided actually could help address real issues and bring people together but Mr. Castro’s posts are completely one sided. What is being pushed on us as free market is a casino economy where Wall St wins no matter what, destroying our economy while influencing and controlling the government on both sides. This can be seen with the foreclosure crisis and the settlements that have created the illusion of a strong economy while Wall St banks are still committing abuses of homeowners and the middle class and potentially anyone that has an account with these criminal entities. We are talking about billions and TRILLIONS of dollars that have gone to Wall St and the government while homeowners and consumers are at their mercy. At the root of this are unregulated derivatives and fraud throughout the financial system. The current Wells Fargo scandal where millions of phony accounts were created is a prime and timely example of the fraud business model on Wall St while the increase of non banks and mortgage backed securities and basically any security is the real battle regardless of who is elected. If this ca be a solutions focused site hopefully I can make use of it and I am developing specific ways homeowners and other consumers can defend themselves and hopefully work together against this common threat to our democracy and way of life.

  2. I appreciate your comment and i certainly agree that the country has many problems and they are not all from the liberal side of the isle.
    There is no question that totally unrestrained business and economic interests can and do result in problems. However, over regulation and the passage of laws that accomplish nothing, other than allowing politicians to say they are doing “something”, causes even more problems.

    As to the discussion of the liberal mind set being more about keeping power, rather than solving problems, I think that all we have recently seen of the Clinton campaign supports that idea.

    Understand, I would never say that conservatives are saints nor that they always have the answer, however, on every issue that i addressed regarding liberal policies and their consequences,vs conservative policies that were enacted under similar circumstance, that are not opinions, but rather verifiable facts.

    I thank you for your comment and insights.

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