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THE COMPANY WE KEEP Friends and Appointments of Obama

January 30, 2013 in Economics 101, Politics

Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  (It’s no longer Obama… it’s the control policies of Democrat leaders)
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Do Obama’s friends and appointments matter?  THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM JULY 7 2012

Do the people with whom we associate, say something about us?  If all my friends are doctors or physicists, aren’t I probably a bit different from the person whose friends are all either, thieves or drug dealers?  Like it or not, Our associations, our choices, say something about us.   Failure to acknowledge this is to be in denial.  This truth applies to everyone, even our president. 
What follows are facts… what they mean, I’ll leave to others to judge…

For me, his past associations of our President were troubling but a bit understandable…

  • 20 years in the church of reverend Jeremiah Wright?
  • His long time friendship with felon Tony Resco?
  • Beginning his political career in the home of the terrorist, Bill Ayers?
  • Right hand man was soon to be felon Jon Corzine?

I can and did overlook all of this; it was his past… and I am about the future.  However, the string of appointments that followed his election i.e. putting people in positions of power whose philosophies were clearly opposed to fundamental US principles of free markets, freedom of speech, opportunity for success,  were troubling, to say the least.

What follows is not intended to be a hit piece.  However, it is a disturbing, but factual overview of many of President Obama’s political appointments that are now impacting every aspect of our society, from jobs and education to energy and defence.  As we’ll see, it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten the results we have, when we examine the ideas of those Obama has placed in charge.

It’s almost as if someone wants the most successful society and economy in history to fail. Do they??

We’ve now experienced almost 4 years of president Obama.  4 years of his policies and his results.  He inherited a difficult situation, to be sure.  It’s possible that the failure to fight out of our economic problems are the result of the severity of the issues that existed when he took office.  It is also possible that the policies that have been instituted by him and the people he has put in power, simply don’t work.  NoteWhen Ronald Reagan took office, the economy was worse than that inherited by Obama; higher inflation, higher unemployment, higher interest rates, etc…  By this time in his first term, the economy had completely turned around.  Reagan’s prescription was EXACTLY the opposite of that instituted by Obama and his people; lower taxes, lower spending, fewer regulations.

The US has always been a capitalistic, free market society.  The fundamental principles upon which we were founded created the freest, wealthiest society the world has ever seen.  That is a fact!  Reagan understood this and pursued policies that conformed with that reality.  Is it possible that our continuing problems are the result of our current leaders having opposite underlying philosophies that are taking us down a different road?  Could that have something to do with this never ending economic malaise?  The philosophies of our leaders, impact the decisions they make and the results we get.  Haven’t we been moving away from what history shows creates prosperity and towards what history shows, does not work?  i.e. the socialistic tendencies of France or Greece?  Isn’t it time to take a look at the core beliefs of this administration and decide if we really want them to stay in power?

DID I VOTE FOR OBAMA?  No, but I had HOPE and even some optimism.
I didn’t vote for Obama, but I didn’t dislike him.  He is obviously, intelligent, his rhetoric was beautiful, he was inspiring, but because I had a fundamental difference in political philosophy, he did not get my support.  When he was elected, I hoped for the best and supported him.  As far as I was concerned, he had a blank slate and in keeping with the campaign motto, I had hope.

I even felt that he started his administration right.  He made decisions that I thought were wise, he kept continuity of leadership for the military.  He didn’t immediately withdraw from Iraq, which I firmly believed would have been disastrous.  In spite of his campaign promises, he did not shut down Guantanamo.  Understand, I’m all for keeping campaign promises… but I’m even more in favor of doing the right thing for the country.  Decisions should always be amenable to change when new facts come into play.  Once you are actually president, you have more facts, with which, to make decisions and he did so.  That’s what you are supposed to do.  I applaud him for that.

In short, I was optimistic that the reality of the office, the new facts at hand, the full responsibility and weight of the office combined with a fuller understanding of how everything related and connected was nudging him to what I felt was a more appropriate direction of governance.  Don’t get me wrong, I never expected him to be Ronald Reagan, or Bill Clinton… but I, at least, hoped he’d be Jimmy Carter.

 Then, little by little we began to find he was operating by presidential fiat; rather than through legislation.  Instead of actions undertaken with the prevue of legislative oversight and balance of power limitations, he created an unprecedented network of Czars, unlike we have ever seen.  Czars that impact our energy, our speech, our communication, our education, our businesses, our jobs; every corner of our society and economy and they answer to no one other than the president!  This was one of the most egregious power grabs in our history.  These Czars are outside of our constitutional processes and effectively unaccountable to congress.  They are used to dictate, via executive power, the requirements and actions of our country’s businesses and people…

There now continues a disturbing “tweaking” in almost every aspect of our economy and society.   We are seeing small, almost unnoticeable nudges that have long-term cumulative effects that can eventually fundamentally change and undermine the nature of our country and society.

This president put our future security at risk by positioning the axe of criminal prosecution squarely over the heads of, what I believe, are heroes.  He allowed the consideration of criminal proceedings against the very US agents that were instrumental in preventing the death of untold Americans.   What was their crime?  They implemented legal enhanced interrogation techniques to protect us.  They used water boarding to gather information and to protect and save American lives from future vicious terrorists’ attacks.  In total, it was used on only 3 terrorists.  It is acknowledged that it prevented attacks, it saved lives, and these heroes were now under threat of prosecution?

Obviously, we wouldn’t allow and would prosecute anyone that followed murderous, unlawful orders.  But that is not what this was.   Our agents were not acting like the guards at Auschwitz starving and murdering entire families.  I personally even question whether water boarding can logically even be deemed torture.  Is it uncomfortable?  Yes. Scary?  Yes.  But torture?  I don’t think so.   Realize, our military personnel are routinely subjected to water boarding as part of their training to learn to deal with the actual torture techniques that they might be subjected to by our enemies.  Even scores of American journalists have volunteered to undergo it so they could get a clear understanding of what water boarding is… and is not.  These military personnel and journalists are not walking around maimed or emotionally debilitated from the experience.  It’s not fun… but it’s not torture.

But the real point…  How many Americans would have died, if our agents refused to implement this controversial technique for fear of prosecution?  How may will die in the future because someday an agent may fear to follow a lawful command?  Whose child is going to die because of this?

I can tell you right now, that if I knew it were my son’s life in the cross hairs of a terrorist attack, I would thank God for these agents for doing what they do… If necessary, I’d do it myself.  More than likely, in order to save your child or your wife, you would too.  So how can we even think about condemning them for their commitment to saving all of us?  Our president allowed this.

To threaten criminal prosecution of the men that are doing what needs to be done to protect our families is incomprehensible and unconscionable.  This has huge future ramifications for our future security.  What’s worse?  This is no accident.  Just because they do stupid things does not mean they are stupid people.  They aren’t. They know exactly what they are doing and they know the consequences.

This is a travesty and it is the direct result of the company our president keeps and the philosophies of the people he appoints.  So, who are these people??

We all know that our associations say, at least, something about who we are.  It’s not conclusive, but it matters.  Anyone who believes otherwise is in denial.

As discussed above, I was willing and did give him a pass regarding his troubling past associations.  A new day, a new start, even though…
We knew that Obama had spent 20 years in the church of reverend Jeremiah Wright.  I thought it was unlikely that he was truthful when Obama said he never heard Wright say any of those incredibly hateful, disturbing things that we’ve all now heard a million times.  But I withheld judgment, I gave him a pass.

We knew of his relationship with Tony Resco.  President Obama’s house was financed by this long time friend and ultimately jailed felon.  If you care to do so, you can look up the details of this “fishy” transaction.

We knew he started his political career at the home of felon Bill Ayers, the leader and co-founder of the criminal “weather underground” a domestic terrorist organization.  Ayers, was a terrorist who blew up bombs targeted at the Pentagon, Police stations and other public buildings.  Bill Ayers, amazingly is now a “respected” college professor.

Obama’s right hand man, was felon Jon Corzine of MF Global.  While under his control, MF Global, mysteriously lost $2 Billion in investors money.  Incredibly, no one is currently complaining.  I guess it’s good to be the friend of the King?

But most of this was before he was elected.   It was his formative years.  He was in a situation and place, in which, getting into politics may have required questionable associations, it was Chicago, after all.  I, again, gave him a pass, gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Now, the rubber hit the road.  It was time to start building the administration.  It was time to surround himself with the political advisors to institute the policies to fix the country; time to unite, to bring the parties together, to show that he really is the president of all, not just the unions and liberals.  Time to bring the hope and change that he promised.

What Did We Get?
The most purposefully divisive, deceitful, least transparent, anti business, biased administration in memory.   I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Like so many others,  I had traded my skepticism and critical thinking, for HOPE.  What else could we have realistically expected?

We knew he had been a follower of Saul Alinsky author of “rules for radicals” a radical left wing instruction book that focused on teaching community organizing and the creation of chaos.  In short the philosophy is…

Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It  and Polarize It.’  
 – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals.
That’s what Barack Obama taught his ACORN followers in all his Community Agitator classes in Chicago. That slogan defines mob scapegoating.  It is a game plan for whipping up mobs — by race, by gender, by ethnicity, by religion.  Now, it’s being used in his campaign.  Class warfare, the rich vs everyone else, women vs conservatives,  the 1%, etc… His administration has become about pure unadulterated division and class warfare.  It’s not about the country… it is now all about the creation and perpetuation of POWER.

 Almost immediately he populated his administration with left wing radicals.   He, surreptitiously, put people in positions of power who had views that would even make many of the most extreme liberals cringe.  And this is no accident.  The Obama team investigated thoroughly and they chose precisely. If an administration repeatedly nominates hard-left individuals, that is hardly a vetting error—it’s a purposeful pattern of decisions. Team Obama is simply nominating those who share their goal of radically changing America.


What follows are facts, not opinions.  These are their views and they have every right to hold them.  However, these are not the view that should be held, by someone whose job, whose oath is to uphold the constitution the laws of the united states.

Attorney General – Eric Holderthis is the man who was responsible for the proposed prosecution of the agents that were protecting us.  Like most of Obama’s appointees, Holder is a member of the American Constitution Society, a ACLU-type group dedicated to destroying much the Constitution in order to make it “relevant” to the modern world.  The fundamental theme is to eliminate the constitutional limitations on federal power.  i.e. let the feds do whatever they want (keeping the feds in check is outdated and irrelevant?).  And as with many Obama’s appointees, he is obsessed with race, even to the point of refusing to pursue the prosecution of two Black Panther thugs who intimidated white voters at a polling place.  If whites had harassed blacks at a polling place in this manner, they would be sitting in a jail within days.

He is currently challenging the rights of states to enact citizen verification procedures previously approved by two federal courts. In other words, Holder wants to make it easier for illegal aliens to vote, which also happens to be ACORN’s goal, the organization, to which, Obama had such close ties. This comes as no surprise; Holder has been undermining the rule of law for most of his career. While serving as the #2 official in Clinton’s Justice Department, Holder was the driving force behind the effort to pardon members of the notorious Puerto Rican terrorist group, FALN, a group that engaged in over 130 attacks in the USA, killing six people. By refusing to carry out justice against the Black Panthers and the Hispanic FALN terrorists, he was clearly pandering to these two racial groups for political reasons.

Science Czar – John HoldrenHoldren supports “laws requiring compulsory abortion,” government confiscation of new born babies, the “development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin,” and, “adding a sterilizing drug to drinking water or stable foods….” as long a livestock would not be affected. Holdren wants the government to dictate family size and advocates a “planetary regime,” run by the United Nations. 

Federal Communications Commission – Mark LloydLloyd’s view of the 1st Amendment is shocking:
“It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of  speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies. “[T]he purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance.”
Lloyd worked for George Soros, the foreign billionaire who funds anti-America groups. He seems to be enamored with dictators and has even publicly praised Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez’s “incredible…democratic revolution.”   For those who don’t remember Chavez, amongst other things, he clamped down on dissent and took control of the nation’s airwaves in order to prevent the decimation of opposing ideas.  He also wants to use the Fairness Doctrine to “balance” talk radio and believes there are too many white people in the media.  One of his solutions to “balance” the media is to fine conservative radio stations up to $250 million and give the proceeds to National Public Radio.  If he ever had his way, we would see censorship like America has never seen before.  Does anyone really think this appointment was an accident?

Deputy Attorney General – David Ogden- A favor for the porn industry?   This was almost incomprehensible.  He has devoted a substantial part of his career, case after case, for 20 years, in defense of pornography.  He actually argued that libraries should be free-speech zones in which school children should have the right to access anything they want – even pornography – on school computers.   I’m not a supporter of pornography, but I am in favor of freedom of speech.  Pornography may have its place, but schools certainly aren’t it.  
Given his background, this should come as no surprise.  When Ogden was an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, he argued on constitutional grounds to strike down the conviction of a defendant who received and possessed child pornography.  Ogden believes there is a constitutional right to possess child pornography.  This is supporting family values?  With Obama, the pattern is becoming clear… great words and speeches that mean nothing.

Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel – Dawn Johnson
 Johnson is the former legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League, a group on the extreme left of the abortion debate. They oppose any restrictions on abortion for any reason, at any time of pregnancy—even late term abortions.  We know that abortion is controversial.  I’m  against it, but I understand that there are logical, cogent arguments to be made on both sides.  For the right to choose camp, it’s all about personal freedom.  For the right to life camp, it’s about saving the lives of the innocent.  But how can you appoint someone to the administration that has so little value for life that if a woman were to give birth at 8:00 am, it’s a beautiful baby, but if that same woman had come in at 7:00 for an abortion, it’s just a medical procedure with no loss of life… no need for a second thought.  The difference of an hour, changes a beautiful newborn, into a worthless mass of cells?  At this late stage, it is obvious, they are not aborting a fetus, they are killing a baby.  Anyone with half a brain knows it.  Is the assistant attorney general amoral or just stupid?… and what does this say about those who made this appointment?

Secretary, Department of Education – Arne Duncan
Obama appointed Duncan because of his success as CEO of Chicago’s public schools.   Despite spending $13-$14,000 per student, among the highest of any major city, the results were actually abysmal In 2007, only 10% of black 4thgraders in Chicago reached the proficiency level in reading and for black 8th graders, only 9% reached reading proficiency. In math, only 8% of black students reached proficiency in 4th grade and just 6% reached proficiency in 8th grade.  This is “success”?  Even worse, a majority of Chicago public school students drop out or fail to graduate with their class.   Let’s call it as it is, the Duncan era was a disaster.  However, he did distinguish himself in one important way.  He pursued an aggressive agenda to promote the homosexual lifestyle in the schools.  It didn’t matter that the Chicago kids couldn’t read or write.   Obama shored up one of his key demographics.  On a quick personal note:  I have nothing against homosexuality.  Some of my best friends and employees have been and are homosexual.  What I object to is promoting sexuality of any sort in schools… and then rewarding someone who does.  At least, Obama kept this promise… this certainly is change!

Assistant Deputy Secretary, Department of Education – Kevin Jennings
Jennings is the founder of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group dedicated to promoting the homosexual agenda to school children as young as five. They have been known to actually promote books that feature adult-child sex in a favorable way.  Whether, homosexual or heterosexual, such and activity is patently wrong and offensive.  Nevertheless, he was appointed and put in a position that allows him to promote his views, in his new role as head of the Department’s “Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools.”

Based on these last mentioned appointments i.e. “Jennings and Duncan”, it’s clear that this is not about the safety of our children or about the improvement of our schools.  It is about shoring up a voting group; it’s about keeping the homosexual community happy.   Jennings even made it to press due to revelations that he gave encouraging advice to a boy who had privately confessed to him that he was having sex with an older man. What was Jennings’s advice? “ Buy a condom”.

Making appointments that are obviously intended to solidify his reelection rather than to solve the issues is patently offensive.  This is more of that change we voted for?

United States Ambassador to United Nations – Susan Rice
Even though she served on the National Security Council under President Clinton, Rice appears to have paid little attention to world events over the past couple of decades.  She is unabashedly pro-UN and wants the United States to work with the United Nations in carrying out humanitarian and military actions.  I’m all for cooperation, I’m all for helping others,  I’m  also all for expecting positive outcomes.  The title of an operation does not define its results.  This is especially true when speaking of the UN.
The only thing that the UN, consistently does successfully, is to act against US interests and take US taxpayer money… YOUR MONEY!  This appointee seems to have been unaware that the UN has never been supportive of US interests.   Simply put, the UN has an unquestionable anti US bias.  The only interest they have in the US, is our money.
What is she and her boss thinking?
They don’t stop wars; they don’t sanction terrorist regimes, and their internal corruption is so pervasive they can’t even carry out effective humanitarian missions.  Giving the UN any credibility or assistance in any way is I believe nuts!

This is the organization that:

  • Is attempting to Appointed Omar Al-Bashir the murderous, genocidal warlord of Sudan to the Human rights council, as of 8-10-12, the appointment seems guaranteed  How crazy is this? The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Omar Al-Bashir — its first ever for a sitting head of state — for crimes against humanity he allegedly committed in Darfur. Yet, his regime is set to take its place on the panel, in the latest bizarre appointment to make a mockery of the UN’s human rights credibility, according to critics.  It’s like putting “Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.  This is the organization, with whom, we are supposed to “work closely?”  Insane!
  • Tapped Iran for a Global Arms Treaty? Ahmadinejad?
    The terrorist regime, whose stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map, who is supplying arms for Syria’s bloody crackdown on democracy-minded rebels, has been given a key seat at negotiations for a global arms treaty by the UN.  The stunning appointment by member states attending the UN Conference of the Arms Trade Treaty in New York came last week, and is just the latest example of the world body appointing rogue and repressive regimes to leadership roles.
    These types of nonsensical appointments take place with alarming frequency at the UN,
  • and include Syria’s appointment to a UNESCO human rights committee last fall.  Syria, the regime that has and is committing genocide upon it’s own citizens…
  •  and Saudi Arabia’s earlier appointment to the UN’s board of the women’s rights agency… – despite laws in the Arab kingdom that don’t even allow women to drive. Have they no shame? Or simply no brains?
  • Rather than hold the UN responsible for its repeated failings over the years, Rice blamed the US for being “unilateral” and for “stiff-arming our partners.”   How can we do anything other than go it alone on important issues if “our partners” always act adversely to our interests?  She even sits on the board of the UN Fund for UNICEF, an agency which has been repeatedly caught giving aid to terrorists, and during the Cold War, assisting communist insurgents.

More seriously, she is overly cautious in regards to fighting terrorism. The former Ambassador to Sudan implicated Rice as the person who bungled the opportunity to take out Osama bin Laden when Sudanese officials offered him to the USA on a silver platter during the Clinton years.  She rejected their offer. There’s a good chance 9/11 would have been avoided if Rice had accepted the Sudanese offer. Apparently, even though she worked for the NSC, she didn’t regard Al-Qaeda as a threat. No wonder we were hit on 9/11. And Obama chose her as our UN Ambassador?   In what universe is this appointment, in the interest of the US or of the people who elected him?

Counsel, State Department – Harold Koh
Obama has named Koh as the State Department’s legal advisorHe believes America should defer to the International Court of Justice to determine legal precedents.  Not only would this be simply unconstitutional, but in what universe does it make sense to abrogate our legal rights to an organization that believes Saudi Arabia (who doesn’t even want women to drive), should be on a board that is responsible for discussing and determining women’s human rights. He is also a member of the “trans-nationalism” school of legal thought that believes all distinctions between American Constitutional law and international law should vanish. He even believes Muslim law –Sharia law– should be applied to some disputes in US courts. Clearly, his views are in contradiction to the Constitution he swore to uphold, but no matter, he is now in charge of all legal issues for the U.S. State Department.
Obama is looking out for the interest of the US?

National Security Council – Samantha Power
She holds fundamentally anti-Israel views.  In spite of the fact that Israel is our top ally in the Middle East. She is of the opinion that until Israel allows Palestine to set up a separate state, all other problems in the Middle East will remain. This illogical position ignores the 1,300 year old war of conquest waged by Islam against the West, most of it occurring long before the modern day Israel/Palestine conflict.  It also ignores that fact the stated sworn goal of Israel’s neighbor states, is not, simply the establishment of a separate state, but rather the utter obliteration of the State of Israell.  She also holds to the conspiratorial view that everything America does in the Middle East – like the Iraq war – is due to Israeli influence.  Finally, she has consistently opposed the idea that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, a thoroughly discredited view in light of recent events.  She seems to see the world as she wishes it was, rather than what it obviously is.  While she opposed sending troops to Iraq – she called it an “occupation”—she favored sending US troops to Israel to forcibly impose a Palestinian state! Power’s writing grossly exaggerates “war crimes” committed by Israel and never condemns terrorist activity by the Palestinians.  So our president has chosen to make the advisor on some of the most critical issues facing this country,  an individual who is an enemy of our friends and a friend of our enemies.   Does this say anything about the mindset or judgement of our president?

Advisor, Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy – Rosa Brooks-
It’s all our fault!  What an insightful grasp of world issues  she has.  You tell me… would anyone characterize the following as a discerning grasp of what is and is not a threat to our national security?  This is the genius who wrote that Al-Qaeda was just an “obscure group” until America began the war on terrorism.  This belief ignores all the documentation that Al-Qaeda was making plans for rapid growth long before 9/11.   According to her, it is America’s fault that terrorist groups exist today.  As if it weren’t terrorists that destroyed the trade center.  Is she simply a liar who is promoting her anti US propaganda? Or is she just an idiot?  Unfortunately, she is not an idiot.  She called President Bush “our torturer in chief” and compared Bush’s anti-terrorist policies to Hitler’s policies.  Fair minded people can disagree with policies but no one can fail to understand that Bush was trying to save lives and the Hitler was trying to eradicate Jews.  She ignored the fact that Bush’s policies were responsible for stopping over 17 different terrorist plots against the United States. She also called the successful surge in Iraq a “feckless plan” and seems completely blind to the successes we had in the war on terrorism.
This is another sad but obvious case of “facts don’t matter”.   Rules for radicals… Attack and demonize; say anything and everything that will keep you in power.  Should we really be surprised?  As with many other Obama appointments, she used to work for a foundation funded by the foreign America-hater George Soros.  Now she has graduated into playing an important role in deciding foreign policy.  Only in America!  Does this say about Obama?  If so, what?

Senior Advisor and Assistant and Intergovernmental Affairs – Valerie Jarrett
Jarrett is involved with vetting all the extremists Obama has appointed and thus, is obviously an extremist as well. For example, she was aware that former Green Czar Van Jones (who withdrew) had a long history of involvement in Communist Party causes, but still said she was “delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House.” She knew who and what he was.  She married into a family with a pedigree of Communist Party involvement. Her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, worked closely with Obama mentor and Communist Party leader Frank Marshall Davis in a number of Communist Party front groups during the Cold War years. Valerie married Vernon’s son in 1983 and later became chief of staff for Mayor Richard Daley, where she was a key player in perhaps America’s most corrupt big city political machine. All indications are that Obama goes forward with almost nothing without her counsel.

Political advisor – David Axelrod- He is not just a good campaign consultant. Axelrod has a long history of working for obscure socialist candidates and Obama was no different, politically, from his other clients.  In fact, for Axelrod, promoting socialist causes was almost a family tradition. His mother wrote for a New York City tabloid called PM Magazine, which often promoted the Communist Party agenda. I fact, the author IF Stone, who was later revealed to be work for the KGB, was PM’s DC correspondent. Much of the tabloid’s funding came from Marshall Field, a hard left millionaire who also funded Saul Alinsky’s training school.   Again, the Saul Alinsky “rules for radicals” connection.  Axelrod has spent his entire life promoting extremist candidates, but no one bothered to look into his background.  Today, he advises Obama on all things political.

Director of Energy and Climate Change – Carol Browner
Browner previously served as head of the EPA during the Clinton regime where she advocated environmental regulations that eventually destroyed entire industries.  So much for analyzing the consequences of policy decisions.   At a time when America is losing jobs in record numbers, she is obviously not who we need. Browner is another socialist and was picked by Socialist International to be one of 14 leaders of a group it created called the Commission for a Sustainable World Society. SI believes in massive wealth redistribution from the West to the Third World, choosing to ignore the evidence that Third World countries are poor substantially due to their socialist policies.
Moreover, SI constantly attacks the free market in general and the United States in particular.  The fact that Obama has chosen both Browner and Todd Stern (Climate Czar) does not bode well for the American economy.  As has become a recurrent theme, facts don’t matterIt is known that the climate models used by Browner and Stern to justify draconian new regulations – such as Cap and Trade – are based on inaccurate data.   This fact has not fazed the Obama administration one bit.  For Obama, environmentalism appears to be a tool for increasing government control, power and wealth distribution… little else.

General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Management & Budget  – Preeta Bansal
 Bansal is very close to Obama; she acts behind the scenes advising him regarding the selection of federal judges. She is on the far left side of the judicial spectrum and is a leader of the misnamed American Constitutional Society, a group that believes in a “living Constitution” and works to “debunk” the “original intent” concept. ACS’s view that the Constitution should constantly change undermines the purpose for having a constitution.   The ACS is obsessed with criminal rights, illegal alien rights, terrorist rights, and whatever else comes to their collective mind. ACS is America’s main networking group for far-left attorneys and is where Bansal is recruiting many of Obama’s judicial nominees.
Bansal is also a member of the “critical race theory (CRT)” school of legal thought that boils all legal concepts down to racist conspiracies and the belief that racism permeates all aspects of American society. Indeed, she even co-authored a paper claiming that republicanism is based upon racist consensus.  In other words, she believes the entire concept of representative democracy is based upon racist assumptions.  And conservatives are considered the racists???   This mind set is patently offensive.  But there it is, anyway.

Judge Richard Posner of the United States Court of Appeals called CRT supporters the “lunatic core” of “radical legal egalitarianism.” Bansal is a lunatic and her appointment ensures that Obama’s judicial appointments will be far more about “diversity” than they will be about competence.

Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Executive office of the President  — Cecilia Munoz
Munoz is a committed open borders advocate who recently served as the Vice President for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), where she supervised all legislative activities.  La Raza is the nation’s foremost supporter of “rights” for illegal aliens and the granting of amnesty to the millions of illegals here in America.  In her opinion, it is irrelevant that illegal aliens are costing America billions of dollars; she believes they should enjoy the same rights as citizens.   Like much of Obama’s administration, she served on a George Soros funded group, the Open Society Institute.   We can see the impact that this mindset has within the Obama administration.  We see a constant quiet push for a massive transfer of benefits and welfare to illegal aliens in addition to legislation granting amnesty to all those here illegally.

I want to take a moment to clear up some of the smoke and lies of this campaign and administration.  Notice my name… Bruce “Castro”.  I was raised by a wonderful man who I called dad.  Technically he was my step father.  Much of the family I grew up with, didn’t even speak English.   I love them.  I have no desire for them or their friends to be kicked out of this country.   I am no advocate of heartlessly deporting millions of “illegals” or their families or friends.  Neither are the vast majority of conservatives.   What they are in favor of, is securing the borders… creating an orderly, legal way to enter and stay in the country (as every other country in the world does), then creating a pathway to citizenship.   What we have now, does not work and everyone knows it.   Math and common sense dictate that if we implement amnesty first and then close the borders, by the time they are actually closed, we will have been inundated by millions of additional immigrants before the economy has had the time to grow the capability to support it.  That means what?  Even more bloated welfare rolls and unemployment.  That may be a harsh reality, but it is a fact. If we could just magically snap our fingers and create enough jobs to support any population, we would not have the unemployment that now exists.  In spite of the lies of the left, the followers of alinsky’s rules for radicals, It’s not racism, it’s not heartlessness, it’s reality.

The constant attempt to paint conservatives as heartless and selfish is contemptible… but not surprising.  As we see on a daily basis, truth means nothing to this administration.  All that matters is power.  For this administration and for liberal politicians, open borders has an obvious benefit.  Porous borders, combined with lax, almost nonexistent voting requirements and the non enforcement of what few voting requirements do exist, helps in the reelection and maintenance of liberal power.  Once again, we see that right, wrong, truth or lies… all are irrelevant.  Nothing matters other than policies that ensure the continuation of power.

Director, Domestic Policy Council – Melody Barnes
She was previously Vice President of the far-left Center for American Progress and also served as Chief Counsel for Senator Ted Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  She advocates ZERO restrictions on abortion for any reason or at any time of pregnancy; late term, partial birth, etc… It doesn’t matter. .  Some naïve pro-life leaders supported Obama, believing he was pro-life because he supposedly wanted to find ways to reduce abortions.   For anyone paying attention, the addition of Barnes should have put that myth to rest. In a meeting with key pro-family leaders, Barnes made it clear that “It is not our goal to reduce the number of abortions.”

Irrespective of the stage of the pregnancy, the viability of the baby, she closes her eyes to even the possibility of the baby being a person.  She glorifies abortion as being a “concept of liberty that includes women as equal.”… “Reproductive rights are human rights.”…

It’s as if an 8 month old, unborn child doesn’t even exist.

She has been praised by The Nation magazine as a “dyed-in-the-wool progressive,” a euphemism for a socialist. She is also a former staff member for the American Constitutional Society, the far-left legal group mentioned elsewhere, that basically as its goal, the destruction of our fundamental constitutional principles.

President Obama was for Hope and Change.  He was to be the man to unite us; a president to all.  He swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and the principles it holds.  How is it that the vast majority of his appointments, the people who implement policy, create policy, enforce our laws, create regulations, our principles…  have histories and views that are so diametrically opposite of the fundamental principles that made this country great?  They have shown themselves to be anti capitalism, anti constitution, averse to our principles of free speech; some even believe that we should subjugate our country’s decision and legal principles to the dictates of the UN…  Do we really believe that these were accidents?  Over and over and over?

This is who and what Obama has surrounded himself with.  This is not just the company that he keeps.  These are the people he chose to put into power.  What does this say about our President?  I think it tells us who he is.   Personally, I have always been for Hope and Change… I still am… I hope we have a change of president…

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to have my life controlled by the principles that govern Saudi Arabia, Iran or France.  But that, I believe is where we are heading.  Did anyone really vote for this??

It has been said that “All that is required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing”
Do I think that Obama is evil?   No.
However, I KNOW that if fully implemented,  his political philosophy will the destroy the US as we know it.
Please, join the battle… spread the word.

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  1. After reading Bruce’s message about the current administration it really solidified my belief i had tuned in to the right place. Good going, bruce! that was very well written and should give everyone pause before entering the voter’s booth in november.

  2. What Word, is just a wonderful Word. How Bruce was ready to say all this without even blinking. It was a real tough job, to say all that without a smile. Do You think He was prepared to do his act as He did or is the same way that People have to think before they go into that same booth that Susanna mentions. So Help Us God¡

  3. Wow, you sound educated, , all your big words you choose to use sound good, and yes those things you said about our president may be true, who cares, are you looking to find a excuse to blame him,. What happens the next 4 years. We would not be in this position if it was not for the war made up up by lies from the Republican Party most surely was costly to our economy. When president took office he had a mess to clean up, with little help from the Republicans, so if you want to blame the president, you better blame the Republicans, just the same or more…and just look at what is happening now, with all of the accusations at the president, is it fair I ask?
    Remember who started this, you expect the president to fix the economy in 4 short years when it took 8 years to get us where we are now
    We are much better today, than we were 4 years ago, jobs are coming in and the economy is moving slowly, but there is growth, and we should not expect to be impatient, look what happen when the Republicans acted in bad judgement when they choose to go to war with out getting the facts first…Many people died because of the war, many families were left with out father,brother, or sister, so if you want to blame the president for our economy, you must blame the Republicans first…Democrats don’t react in stupidity, they think about the out come they investigate and than they react to any one situation, that is one of the difference between a Democrat, and Republican, but both
    parties have failed us, if you think of it, our economy can be better, but the facts are what they are and if I had a choice to vote for President Obama, I will do it again, because we need a president who is for everyone and one who will make decisive plans for
    all involved

  4. It has been asserted in other comments that
    * The lack of action by our congress created the necessity for the president to “step up”.

    * That the “will of the people sent a message”
    (It WOULD be the will of the people, if they actually got what they THOUGHT, they were voting for) However, in light of “keep your doctor”, “keep your plan”, “Benghazi was caused by a video”, the IRS scandal, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc… I could go on and on… Were the people really sending the message that we want a president that would lie or at least, put up a constant impenetrable wall of smoke and obstruction… all for the sake of retaining power? Or were the people just duped? I think the latter.
    * That the president is a “patriot” for doing what must be done.

    Do we have any chess players here? Three card monte? Ever watched a shell game? Whether most realize or acknowledge it, we are watching a combination of all three, right now. Some see it; unfortunately, most don’t. What’s happening is little more than a well played, but dirty game of misdirection….

    IT’S A NEVER ENDING SHELL GAME PLAYED BY THE LIBERAL POLITICIANS… Concentrate on the ball we show you… Don’t worry about the other stuff.

    Like a loveable 2 year old. No matter what happens, they persuasively proclaim “I didn’t do it, It’s not my fault”. It’s all the fault of the “Do Nothing” republican congress. BS!

    The fact is that bill after bill is passed by congress. Well over 200 during the Obama administration.
    Then as provided by our system of government, it’s sent to our liberal dominated senate for a vote and if passed it goes to the president for signing or veto.
    They, NOT ONLY DO NOT PASS ANY OF THEM… THEY REFUSE TO BRING ANYTHING, OF NOTE, TO A VOTE. That’s true, even if the house passed it with bi-partisan support… and especially if they know it would pass.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s good for the country. In today’s political reality, passing legislation is politically bad for the Dems.
    If it passes and is signed by the president, the Republicans get some of the credit.
    If it then actually does good for the country, people realize there is merit to conservative ideas.
    If it DOESN’T pass the senate, but was an issue that had the support of a substantial percentage of the people, it poses problems for the democrat senators who voted against it.
    If it DOES PASS the senate and president vetoes a bill that has substantial support of the citizens, that is politically dangerous.
    Simply put, passing legislation that originates in the Republican house HAS NO UPSIDE FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

    However, to successfully pull off this political monte, it requires an apathetic uninformed electorate (they have that), a substantially liberal media that unflinchingly supports a liberal agenda (we have that), and a massive party wide failure of candor i.e. lies (we have that)… but apparently, lying to the publick is a small price to pay to keep power. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE POWER!

    By making certain nothing passes, democrats can continue to tell the country that republicans are “the party of no”. Surprise, if it’s a bad policy that’s bad for the economy and bad for the future… the vote SHOULD be no! But the problem has nothing to do with voting “no”… it’s the lack of the opportunity to vote… AND THAT IS 100% CONTROLLED BY THE DEMOCRATS WHO CURRENTLY CONTROL THE SENATE.

    Realize, the leader of the senate (Harry Reid), has sole discretion as to what is brought to the floor for a vote. HE CONTROLS THE AGENDA.
    As long as nothing is PASSED that originates in congress; or more to the point, EVEN VOTED ON, the democrats can repeat the mantra that the conservative congress is the party of “NO”. The fact is that most of the bills passed in congress had bi-partisan support and would definitely pass in the senate… if there was a vote. However, by not allowing them to even be brought to the floor, the democrats can continue to propound to the public the preposterous idea that all problems are the result of an impotent, actionless bunch of uncaring republicans. Democrats blame congress for being a “do nothing congress”… Then, the mainstream liberal media parrots this absurd narrative… the Republicans continue to do their jobs, pass more needed legislation, with bi-partisan support that is again blocked via the “no vote” senate.

    This repeated failure of enacted legislation (due to actions of the senate leader), is used to support the idea that the president MUST “step up”, and for the good of the country, act through the use of executive orders, the likes and depths of which are unique to our history. Of course he must… he has an intractable “do nothing” congress! It is sickening.
    NOTE: there are legitimate reasons for executive orders… the desire to bypass the constitution is not among them.

    The reality is that the congress IS doing it’s job. The senate and president, blocks, refuses to vote, blames and uses the lack of passed legislation (they largely caused), as the pretense to justify even more unilateral control, more executive orders and more power to the president. This has effectively destroyed the balance of powers between the branches of government and ceded it unto one man… IN MOST PLACES, THAT’S CALLED A “DE FACTO” DICTATORSHIP.

    Our country’s freedoms haven’t yet been completely destroyed, but regardless of how many people are aware of what is really happening… it is happening, inch by inch.

    As with 3 card monte, a good shell game or a well played game of chess… most people just don’t get it.
    Those that DO “get it”, better start trying to educate, those “that don’t.”, or soon, we will wake up and no longer be the land of the free.

    I stand by my statements.

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