The Truth About Climate Change

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The truth about climate change.  Climate is always changing!
Not that long ago, in the 70’s we thought we were going into another ice age.  Then we thought we were on our way to “global warming”.  Now, the “experts” can’t seem to make up their mind so they call it “Climate Change”.   On one hand we are told there has been no global warming to speak of for 12 years or more.  On the other we are told that we just experience three of the warmest years on record!  What’s the truth?
I started watching and studying the global warming debate in 2010.  I didn’t have a conclusion as to who was right or wrong or even what was the primary cause.  For years, I was on the fence but continued to do my best to analyze objectively, take objective notes, watch the debates on both sides and examine the science and the assertions of both sides.  However,  there comes a time when the failure to take a stand and acknowledge a conclusion is simply an indication of either or a combination of an inability to make a decision, cowardice or lack of the ability to understand the data or to discern who is being truthful and who is skirting the truth.  After years of contemplation, I still am not CERTAIN, but I am leaning very strongly…

What follows here are some simple facts.  Are they conclusive on the issue of is man the cause of warming, to the degree it might exist?  No.  But they can’t help but give any thinking person pause as to simply buying into the man-made hysteria.  I’ve been collecting data for years and am now going to provide it in a simple understandable synthesized manner.  There’s a lot of it, so it will be posted over several weeks.  This is but the first installment.  If you find it helpful, let other know about this information.

  • The fact is, climate always changes, so yes there is climate change.
  • The fact is, “It was warmer during the Roman Period, a fact that is even acknowledged by what we now know is a substantially corrupt  IPCC…. It got cooler during the Dark Ages… a lot cooler. It then got warmer during the Medieval Period. And then it became much colder until about 1800,”   We were on our way out of what has been called a mini Ice age.
  • The fact is, during the warming period prior to 1998 (there has been scant warming since)… *the polar ice caps of mars were melting!*  We also know that the ice of Pluto was also melting.  A logical assumption would be that *it was due to variations in the sun’s intensity*… So either the sun was warming us up.  Or there are too many SUV’s on Jupiter and Pluto.  I doubt it was the latter.  
  • It’s a fact, from about 1950 to 1970 we were also certain that we were headed into an ice age!  And what as the supposed cause?  Man, CO2 preventing the sun’s heat from getting through the atmosphere.  see… The Ice Age that Wasn’t?
  • Many scientist are currently concerned that a new ice age has begun starting with 2014.  I do not personally buy into it, but mention it just to show that the “science” is not settled!   see… The Coming Ice Age?
  • It is a fact is even though, it is agreed CO2, can cause a “slight amount” of warming… an examination of world climates shows that in general, temperatures, rise first... THEN Co2 levels followed.  The chronology is Not that Co2 rises and temperatures follow.  Al Gore and his propaganda machine, simply lied.
  • The fact is, *there is no 97% scientific consensus* that climate change is due mostly, or even largely due to man… Understand, I’m not saying that it’s impossible that we are the cause, but that statement is a LIE. However, it is a lie that is repeated so often, by so many that those who are too lazy to examine the facts, simply listen, believe and follow like the pied piper.   *Unfortunately, that’s about 50% of the world*

We all know that one of the surest ways to understand the present and potential future is to examine the past.  Well here is a bit of world climate history.
We have already discussed the fact that earth has always been subject to natural warming and cooling cycles.  Here is further information regarding this fact.

  • Data from the United States’ National Climactic Data Center show that temperatures in Greenland for the last decade are hardly unusual when compared to temperatures for the last 100 years. The period from 1915 through 1965 — an entire half–century — was about two degrees warmer than it is today. Where, at that time, was the catastrophe? With the exception of a few geographers, no one noticed. Where was the acceleration in sea-level rise? There was none.
  • In 2000, Glen MacDonald and several coauthors published an eye–opening perspective on the climate history of the Eurasian arctic in the highly respected journal Quaternary Research (“quaternary” is the era of recent ice ages, beginning about 1.8 million years ago) in which they examined radiocarbon dates of old trees deposited in the tundra, far north of today’s northernmost trees. In that region, the tree line is generally over 100 miles south of the Arctic Ocean. But for much of the era from 3,000 to 9,000 years ago, the forest extended right to the sea.  MacDonald had to conclude that “Over much of northern Eurasia [during that period], summers may have been 5 to 12.6°F warmer than today.”

Is something happening with our world’s climate?  Probably… maybe even certainly.  We have seen dramatic changes of climate and weather and changes in various geographic regions.  Something is changing, but the fact is that climate changes are not unique to our history, climate is always changing.  The issue is are we the cause?  Possibly; if it is a man made problem, is it a problem that we can solve?  Maybe, maybe not…
But it is impossible to truly answer that question, until we can actually know what is causing the “problem”.  In spite of what Al Gore and others that are heavily invested in Green technology and whose net value would increase a hundred fold the moment a certain “cap and trade” bill became law, there is a HUGE, raging controversy over what is causing changes in climate and to what degree it is caused by CO2.

What follows is not a call to do nothing.  But it is a call to objective analysis, not just knee jerk reactions that are partially fueled by a combination of corporate economic incentives or Power grabbing Political agendas.

There is no question, something is happening, something is different.  However, too many are looking in only one direction and purposefully or negligently failing to see the entire spectrum of possible causes.  A simple example is the melting of the Martian polar caps.  This melting correlates almost perfectly to our global warming.  This one thing that virtually no one is putting into the analysis is an obvious indication that mars is experiencing an increase in temperature.  Last time I checked, they don’t have SUV’s;  This increase in temperature is almost certainly the result of solar fluctuations.  Obviously, if the sun is warming Mars, it’s warming the earth.  Problem solved? No.

Do I believe that this is proof that the changes in climate and extreme bouts of weather we are seeing are not man made?  Not at all.  But I do think its proof that there are other factors over and above the knee jerk it’s man made let’s burn the SUV’s.  These are important issues that we must thoroughly analyze before we undertake the types of measures that will drastically affect our economy while possibly accomplishing nothing.

The politicians and special interests that are pushing a solution appear to be myopic in their assessed view of the causes of climate issues.  The solutions they put forth are very narrow in scope and unlikely to solve this worldwide issue:

  1. Climate Change is a world issue and for any solution to be successful, it has to have a worldwide implementation. Unless the entire world adopts the same standards that are being pushed on us and our economy, (assuming that climate change is manmade), without worldwide implementation, it will accomplish nothing.
    1. The emerging industrialized nations, i.e. China, India, etc… create new pollution creating coal plants and refineries at a rapid pace. So much so that if the carbon output of the US, were brought to zero (an obvious impossibility), the change in worldwide creation of pollutants would be almost non-existent.  So other than making the rich, richer, (by legislatively mandating their green technologies), what’s the purpose?
    2. Without worldwide implementation, the US is hurt and the only people helped are the companies that deal with the “green economy” and trade in “carbon credits”.  And, of course, all of our worldwide competitors are helped because our politicians just destroyed their US competition.  Even Paul Krugman (no conservative), of the NY times said… if China doesn’t follow, then the results will be meaningless because China’s continued increases in CO2 emissions would dwarf any cuts made by the U.S.
  2. Inflation and the cost of all things energy, i.e. Utilities, gas and electric, would “skyrocket” (Obama’s own words).  Many estimate about $3,500 per year.  This, of course, hurts the poor the most, because these increases will take a much higher percentage of their household income.
  3. It will result in the loss of millions of S. jobs as US manufacturer’s cost of doing business will also skyrocket, 80 Billion to 108 Billion per year, thus forcing an increase in prices to cover those increases expenses (this negatively affects every American), and/or force the layoffs of employees, to be able to continue to meet payroll and stay in business.
  4. It will cost even more jobs to US competitors, because US manufacturers will no longer be able to compete. It’s hard enough to keep US jobs in the US, when a company pays $30 or more an hour, vs. $5 a day if they had moved the plant to Mexico.  How can they afford to stay here when the new legislation adds an 80 to 108 Billion in costs to our manufacturers?  The inevitable result is the relocation of many plants to countries that are not burdened by restrictions of US law.  All in all it could result in the loss of 3 Million US jobs.

And here’s the ultimate irony…  If these restrictions are imposed in the US, but not adhered to worldwide, the result is that a reasonably clean factory in the US is shut down and then a dirty factory is rebuilt in China or Mexico where there are virtually no environmental restrictions at all. 

The end result is that by trying to lessen the environmental impact of energy in the US, we end up with…
Huge Job losses.
Skyrocketing energy costs.
Virtually ZERO lessening of greenhouse gases (the whole goal of the legislation), and actually probably  even more of them!  That is our government in action!  Fix one problem while creating another more serious one.

Having said all of this, if it were actually shown that climate change is manmade, is caused by CO2 gases and the industrial limitations to lessen them we are actually imposed and followed worldwide, I would jump on the bandwagon.  I don’t want me or my family breathing poison, or “overheating” anymore than anyone else.  But the fact is the debate is not over and even if it were, the proposed solutions being put forth by our legislatures and special interests, will not solve the problem, because we can’t control China or India, it bears repeating… Any real solution must be world wide!

  1. Even Paul Krugman (no conservative), of the NY times said… if China doesn’t follow, then the results will be meaningless because China’s continued increases in CO2 emissions would dwarf any cuts made by the U.S.
  2. A prime example of why any solution must be a consolidated world wide effort.  See from 
    1. Reported emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), gases that are used in refrigerators and air conditioners, resulting in an unexplained gap between the amount reported, and the rise in concentrations seen in the atmosphere. This new study shows that this gap can be almost entirely explained by emissions from developing countries.  Currently only 42 countries are required to provide detailed annual reports of their emissions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

I am not a Climate Change Denier…. but rather some who insists that if it’s man made, we actually solve it, not just destroy the US economy.

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