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The Problem with WorldViews… Is Materialism Dead?

September 1, 2016 in Religion

How Worldviews KILL Scientific and Intellectual Progress-
…How Materialism Died… and no one knew

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With certainty on any particular subject comes a tendency to dismiss new views before taking even a moment of thought to determine if it has merit.  Why would anyone waste their time thinking about something they KNOW it can’t be true?   If an idea is in contravention to our own committed worldview, we often toss it aside without a thought. This is often true even though the evidence supporting the new idea is overwhelming…  It even happens to those who are unquestionably brilliant!  How often has your worldview caused you to not even consider the possibility of something, just because you KNEW it wasn’t true?  Many unwittingly discard truth and hold to incorrect beliefs due to their absolute certainty. 

Although, worldview bias raises its ugly head in many arenas, as discussed below, nowhere is this tendency more apparent than when it comes to evidence for God.  No matter what our belief system; when faced with new information we should always take a moment to loosen our worldview to objectively consider the evidence for, at least, a moment.  Otherwise, at some point, we will make the same mistakes that Einstein and hundreds of our most brilliant scientists have made in many divergent areas of science...   An open mind is the key to an informed mind…   Read the rest of this entry →