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Has ATHEISM Become the Opiate of the Uninformed?

September 7, 2016 in Religion

Do you think the knowledge of science has progressed to the degree that it proves God does not exist?… If so, you should think again!

Religion is often touted as the OPIATE OF THE MASSES because it supposedly dulled their life’s pain with delusory promises of a beautiful existence in heaven.  Therefore, there was supposedly less need to struggle for a better existence in this life because their reward would be in the next. In short, religion made them feel better about their lives.

The concept of an atheistic materialism; the belief that all we see and all we are is nothing more than chemical processes is all but DEAD! The empirical evidence proving there is more to reality than molecules in motion is overwhelming and continues to mount almost daily.   However, for many, even the most powerful compelling evidence is not enough; WHY?… because he who will not see stands no better than he who can not see.    Any objective analysis of the issues and facts makes it clear that the problems of strict materialism are not just legion but apparently insurmountable…
* Origin of life research
* The Fossil Record.
* The problem of mind and conciousness.
* The newest discoveries *Quantum Theory have actually destroyed materialism*.

In spite of the ever expanding mountain of objective data, why do so many continue to hold to a strict, intractable, unwillingness to examine new information and continue to embrace an unyielding dogma of materialism and atheism? For many, atheism is their opiate. It is often used to feel better and smarter than those who believe in God.  They think a lack of theistic belief evinces higher intellect, advanced logical processing, a more scientifically informed status than the Theists. They often believe that those who belief in God don’t have a strong grip on reality; know nothing of science, biology or evolution. Some such as Richard Dawkins have even started referring to atheists as “The Brights”.
Also, as has been pointed out in many ways, often a main reason for atheism is the desire to avoid moral constraints. Read the rest of this entry →