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The Truth About Religion

May 18, 2012 in Religion

The truth is that the existence or non existence of God can’t be proven either way.  No one can prove that God exists and no one can prove that God does not exist.  All anyone can ever do, is weigh the evidence.  But why are some of the most brilliant atheistic minds in the world, biologists, chemists, astronomers, doctors turning from atheism to Religion?  The reason is simple.  They have kept informed of new discoveries and information.  They have then analyzed, objectively and with an open mind, weighed this new evidence that did not exist when the paradigm of darwinistic materialism was being formulated.  They saw new facts and new information that required new conclusions.   That is how science and discovery is supposed to work, but often does not .  The available information has changed and “evolved” dramatically.  The more we’ve learned, the more compelling the case “for” religion has become.  At the same time, the case “against” has become much more difficult to even TRY to make…   Read the rest of this entry →