Complaints Against Bruce Castro are Completely Without Merit.

The same is true of complaints against All Solutions Network, American Home Loans, West Coast Homes, Promotional Solutions.

I guess the lesson is... be careful who you fire!

Does this mean we are perfect?  No!

The all solutions network always endeavors to operate with the utmost integrity.  But that does not mean we are perfect.

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We've created this page for a number of reasons... 



To respond to what can only be described as a campaign of lies from competing companies, in conjunction with a couple of disgruntled ex employees, each of whom worked in our loan division.  Although, tempting, we will not make anyone's situation, life or reputation worse by disclosing their names.  In trying times, people do many things that they might otherwise not do.  I've tempered my response in deference to their situation.  But I do believe that it's important to quickly to describe the situation that created this amount of animus from these ex employees. 


I may be the target, but it's the All Solutions Network members that are hit.

We have thousands of members working to build businesses and incomes for themselves and families.  Although, these retaliatory attacks are aimed at me, the fact is that, left unchallenged-- they affect the efforts and success of every member of our organization so I have little choice but to respond.



One of the complaining individuals, at the time of hire, unbeknownst to us, had a drug problem.  He was always functional and generally his drug issues weren't even noticeable.  However when he began smoking illicit substances at the office, that was unacceptable.  He was warned twice.  But because he was a good producer, it appears that he felt that he was immune from being discharged.  He was wrongThe third time he was discovered using at work.  He was fired and ordered to clear out his desk and leave.  Instead of acting like a mature human being, taking responsibility for the consequences of his own actions, he chose to blame and and attempt punish us, with numerous online accusations. 


The second, also a loan officer, became enraged when 3 of his loans took too long to close (according to him).  Most of the issues were because he failed to provide adequate documentation in a timely fashion.  When it comes to real estate loans, it is very simple.  Until you have what the bank wants...  THE LOAN WILL NOT CLOSE.  Ultimately we found out that the reason it took so long to get the documents that we needed was because it took a while for him to create them!  They were being fabricated.  There's a name for that, it's called loan fraud... a federal crime. 

The attempted loans were fraudulent.  We don't do fraud. It could have put him, his borrowers and possibly even us in jail.  Falsifying loan documents is a federal offense.  The loans were declined and commissions that he would have earned had the closed was in the range of about $7,000 each.  It put him in a difficult financial situation so of course, he blamed us and went on an online rampage.



To Acknowledge that no one and no company is perfect.

Unfortunately, complaints are an absolute part of business.  Any person knowledgeable about the realities of the business world will tell you unequivocally.

"If you are not getting complaints--  You are not doing Business".


I'm not saying the we are perfect... because we are not.  But in the grand scheme of things we have had amazingly few complaints.  The All Solutions membership, (as of 5-15-12), numbers over 200,000.  We've been in business since 2004 and in that time, In all this time, we've had only about 10 to 15 complaints of which I'm aware  (even many of these are duplicates).  I'll put our record against anyone or any company! 


For example, compare our  few to the literally hundreds of complaints I found on companies that you and I, and probably everyone, knows and trusts.  Walmart, Target, Keller Williams Real Estate, Century 21, etc...  There is no comparison.


If you've seen any complaints against us, you’ll notice we gave pretty thorough explanations.  Please take as much time reading responses, as as the complaints :-) The fact is, we have hundreds of times more testimonials than complaints.  Please see…

In fact, most complaints that I’ve ever seen, were unwarranted misunderstandings that were ultimately resolved.  However, because it’s the internet, even after the issue is long gone and happily resolved, and the company and customer again friends and doing business together… the inaccurate information remains there forever. 

Unfortunately, Complaints are a part of business and to be expected.  Extortion, generally is not...

Most complaints against the all solutions network are several years old, and made when the system was much more complicated. 

Additionally, they almost always show up on the same slimy site called the “rip off report”.

First off, the ripoff report is being prosecuted by the federal government for RICO violations.  They accept ANY complaint (regardless of veracity), post it with no checks, or verifications, sometimes even make them up and then refuse to remove any complaints, ever... even at the request of the original complainer!… this is true even if the complainer contacts them and says it was a mistake, misunderstanding or resolved!  They then attempt to extort the companies that have these “eternal” complaints against them.  They have a program called “corporate outreach”, or something similar.  They try to charge thousands of dollars to place a note next to complaints, saying something like, “this seems to have been a simple misunderstanding”. 

They offered us this “option”.  We declined.  We don’t play extortion games.


How do I know their game so intimately?  Because I was involved in EXACTLY the above scenario!   We had a posting by a member that was the result of a complete misunderstanding of the ASN system and pay periods.  We are now friends and doing a lot of business together.  But the very unflattering complaint remains, in spite of his request for removal.  It apparently will remain, forever. 

Neither I nor him can do anything about it.  The bottom line is that the first amendment protects them from suits for libel and slander, but interestingly enough, not for violations of the RICO statutes!


I could provide hundreds of links to complaints against them (how ironic!), but just this one link should get the point across… 


They even go so far as to try to solicit the creation of complaints against the better business bureau.  Another attempt to destroy the competition and extort them too? 


  At the end of this slimy site owner's rant is...

Please send us your complaints about the BBB to

ED Magedson



Is the All Solutions Network Perfect?

Having said all the above, are we perfect?  No.  Has there ever been a legitimate complaint?  Of, course!…  And that’s true of ANY company.  Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you get complaints and there are occasional things that fall through the cracks.  But when in business, there is no avoiding the occasional misstep.  There is no such thing as perfection.


The bottom line is that, yes there are negative reports.  And on any negative reports that I’ve been made aware, I’ve given pretty detailed responses.  But more than that, if you look for complaints against any company that you already know and trust i.e. look for complaints against walmart or Verizon, you’ll find complaints.  Many more than you’ll find against us.


The All Solutions Network has almost 200,000 members.  Our ratio of complaints to public exposure is better than any company I know.  I hate to have any, but if you are in business, you get complaints.  Period.


Of the complaints that I’ve seen, a few weren’t even us.  2 were fired loan officers.  One for trying to fund fraudulent loans, one for smoking crack in the office restroom.  Most were simply misunderstandings.  Again, I’m not saying we are perfect.  But we do try for perfection.


If you’ve seen complaints about members not getting paid, you’ll notice most are from years ago, when the system was much more complicated.  Again, anyone who EVER earned a check… GOT A CHECK!  Unfortunately, a few members were so “smart” that they never took the time to understand what was actually required to earn.

When there are charges for joining, (which with us there are none),  getting a lot of signups gets you an income, because the very act of signing up, brings money into the system, that everyone shares (if you’re lucky).  But because we have no charges or required monthly fees at all, just building a downline of people that joined for free does not earn anything.  With ASN, income is and always has been earned by members actually using their sites.  Whether from taking advantage of free offers or buying from their own site and/or marketing services, if nothing is actually done and the site is not actually utilized, nothing is earned by us or the member.     

We tell and explain this… but not everyone takes the time to read… especially, the more experienced internet marketers.  Amazingly enough, the ability to join for free led to a few problems.  That was actually the genesis of most complaints.

Unfortunately, many members that were familiar with the idea of Network Marketing Knew that they could build this business—it’s FREE.  They didn’t even read the resource center—to learn how the system really worked or the requirements of earning a check.  Why bother?... They knew they could get signups.  They were experienced marketers and knew exactly how to build an organization.  They just started sponsoring and assumed that a large downline guaranteed a large income— They taught their downline to do the same i.e. build a downline (with no one actually using the products, services, quotes, trials, etc…), then when they didn’t earn anything (because they never actually took the time to read the system), they blamed us and thought they had been scammed.

Thankfully, this didn’t happen TOO often, otherwise there would have been hundreds or even thousands of negative postings instead of the relatively few, of which, I’m aware.

ASN absolutely works.  If you follow the system, you will make money.  Gauranteed.

If you have questions about the system, please see some of our training videos...



EVERY testimonial on our website is from an actual member who actually got paid, usually after having spent hundreds or even thousands in other companies and never making a dime.  see...

If we were a rip off, we’d probably be charging, at least, something for the websites.  And if we actually did not pay members that had earned checks, you would see hundreds of legitimate complaints from those who earned checks and weren’t paid, rather than the very few that didn’t get checks because they were either too lazy to read and understand what was required or because they are disgruntled employees making multiple postings because they thought loan fraud and drugs were appropriate in the work environment. 

Earning money with the solutions network has ALWAYS been more than just making money by signing up people for free.  It has never worked that way—but some people NEVER read far enough to understand that.

One more thing.  The system as of 11-08-08 had been completely revamped to make earning money easier and simpler…

In the past (notice in the time period that most complaints originated), Many people didn’t earn checks because the idea of using their own site, hadn’t sunk in.

Now, there is EVERY incentive to use your own site.  The new programs have only been affect since 11-08-08 and there has been dramatic rise in personal use, which translates into business volume, which translates into income.


One more thing…  is most frauds, ask for money :-)

As we say, we don't want to share your wallet, only your commitment.  With that we both win.















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