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We firmly believe that ASN is the most profitable, easily workable opportunity available. We also understand that in business, there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All”. Many of our members are involved in other Great Business programs.

Via the Infinity Fund, we are preparing to merge the profits from some of these member businesses for the benefit of our entire organization.



We will participate in up to 7 of the most profitable legitimate businesses available—as presented to us by our members and our own research.  We will then use the Marketing and Exposure that the All Solutions Network provides, to build these businesses as would any other company or person. The difference?? The All Solutions Network will deposit 60% of all net revenues generated from these businesses into the Infinity Fund for distribution to YOU and all other qualifying members.


So what it amounts to is that some of our members are going to “sponsor” a very profitable distributor—namely ASN… and the sponsoring member will profit according to the bonus plan of the subject company.


For Example: 

ASN has approximately 100,000 members (as of 10-16-08).  If you offer us an opportunity and we make the determination that it's worthy of presenting to members,we will join-- UNDER YOU!  We will then ...


Create a page and/or link explaining the basic concepts of the opportunity.


Send an email to the entire organization letting them know of the opportunity and how it benefits them and directing them to the signup page.


Many of our members will take advantage of that presented opportunity.  Depending on the nature and value of the opportunity, you could end up with upwards of 10,000 in your downline of the opportunity that you have presented us.


This accomplishes a couple of things very quickly.


    You will probably find yourself with a huge income almost overnight.


    Additionally, the entire All Solutions Network membership will profit through the infinity funds by virtue of the additional revenues that will be generated by our association with the subject company.  Everyone in ASN benefits by having substantially increased shares of Infinity Funds and you, of course, can become a super star of the organization that you referred to us.




We will not entertain Investment Doublers or Ponzi schemes.  These types of systems, historically are only good for those who get in first.  They then leave later signups holding a very expensive bag.  We will only consider opportunities that have a tangible product or service that has inherent value.  It must be a product or service that has broad market appeal.  It must be reasonably priced.  i.e. Don't offer an opportunity that offers Soap or Vitamins at 4 times the price that it could be purchased at your local store.


It Must Be A True Opportunity-- Not just an opportunity to make money by selling the opportunity to sell the opportunity, etc...  Much of the success of ASN is due to the fact that we have NO BARRIERS TO ENTRY  (see Why ASN Works).  i.e. It costs nothing to join, and requires no monthly purchases of anything other than what a member would have purchased anyway.  Any program that we offer to the membership must be relatively similar.  WE WILL ONLY OFFER TO OUR MEMBERS OPPORTUNITIES THAT WE FEEL ARE TRULY "OPPORTUNITIES".


Either NO Investment Requirement or Minimal but Reasonable Investment Required--We understand that many companies, do have reasonable investment requirements.  A small investment requirement will not disqualify an opportunity from consideration.  However, if there are minimum up front costs, monthly fees, to ASN, they must be paid by the member that is "sponsoring ASN".  Any such required investment will be reimbursed to the member upon the joined company's payment of earned bonuses to ASN.  Why do we have this requirement?  It's one way to make certain that the member that is offering the "opportunity", truly believes in it's value.  If the sponsoring member doesn't feel confident enough with the subject "opportunity's" true money making or saving potential... if they feel it's too much of a risk for them-- even though it will be immediately be presented to about 100,000 people, I, automatically question the true value of the opportunity to the ASN membership.  If it's too risky for the sponsoring member, then it's too risky for me to feel comfortable in having our members subjected to what even the presenting member sees as potential risk.


As you can see.  We will only present to members, opportunities that we have analyzed and determined to be of legitimate value.  If we offer it, you can be sure that it is a true opportunity with substantial potential.


Many ASN members will be offering the same opportunity to ASN.  In the event that we decide to offer it to the organization, how do we decide which member gets credit for bringing us into the company?

  1. As the general idea of the Solutions Network is that of minimal but consistent participation in the system by all members.  First.  We will only entertain opportunities that are presented by active members.  They must have achieved in the month of presentation of the opportunity the level of "Eagle Bonus" i.e. 12 points  OR had achieved the level of "Eagle Bonus" in the preceding month.

  2. We will join with the first member that presented a particular opportunity, who is currently at the level of "Eagle Bonus" or had achieved said level in the preceding month.

Great Supplemental Income Opportunities

There are literally thousands of "opportunities" that promise the stars... and even make a good case that they will deliver!  But we all know that most of these are, at best, worthless and at worst, rip-offs. 


Because of the nature of the Solutions Network, we could easily present our membership with numerous opportunities that we could promote and easily and unquestionably make a substantial amount of money from, in a very short period of time.  We would earn money but the cost to you, would be too great. 

Doing so would, not only, cost our members money, but would cost us our reputation and the confidence of our membership-- These are our most valuable assets. 


We pledge that you will see no businesses or opportunities here that do not have a realistic potential for YOU to make money-- While at the same time having LITTLE or NO investment or Risk.  Any business opportunities that we present here are opportunities that we have investigated to the degree that we feel confident that the opportunity is real, easily attainable and minimal to no risk.  If the opportunity is here, it is viable and real.  It might not be for you... But it is, in fact, a true opportunity.


Additionally, at times, circumstances and companies change to the degree that the legitimacy or potential of the opportunity that we once offered diminishes to a degree that we no longer feel that it warrants being offered to our members.

In that event it will be removed from our list of suggested business opportunities with no further notice.  Please check this page often.


Do You Have an Opportunity for Us to Examine?  See Below

This opportunity is the essence of simplicity while combining the fact of NO INVESTMENT Necessary-- EVER.

 No Buying No Selling, Just Referring & Making money


Credit Card companies often pay $20 to $40 dollars for per approved applications because they know that over the life of the card use, they will earn a small fortune.  This company pays the income paid to them by the Credit Card companies back to it's organization through 10 levels.

They use a simple tried-and-proven 10-level referral plan (Like ASN). That means they will pay you $10 for the Cardholders you refer (your "first level Cardholders"), and $2 on levels 2 through 4 and 6 through 10 (level 5 you receive a $5 incentive bonus)!


Just click on the Banner above.  Sign up-- It's totally free,

ID code should be bruce3102.  Then just tell people about it.


I'm not going to tell you that this plan will make you rich, although, it might.  But the beauty of it is that you absolutely CAN NOT LOSE... NOT ONE CENT-- And, if you work it, you will unquestionably earn money from their bonus structure, Plus-- your efforts will also increase your shares of the Infinity Fund. 




a. mail your proposed opportunity to bruce at
b. Place your ID# in the subject line.  Followed by the name of the subject company.
c. Give a brief synopsis of the product, service and payout system. Example… sells Nutritional Products and has a 5 level payout of 2% per level.
d. Provide any other information that you think is relevant.

What are the Minimum Payout Requirements Of The Opportunity i.e.
a. Low or no investment requirement,$40 per month of product purchase or sale, etc...
b. Must be a true product or service with wide market appeal and growth potential.



















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