We will be providing on an approximate Twice Monthly basis a news letter to inform members of the newest programs, products, emerging member success stories and anything else that we feel can be important to our members.

    If you have a story, a marketing method, or anything else that you think would be of value to our members, write to Bruce@AllSolutionsNetwork.com. We will be happy to include it.

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Welcome to the First Edition of...

The All Solutions News

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What members are saying...

Debbie Smith of Montana DS1764 writes...

"Hi Bruce! 

I just signed up yesterday and I already have 3 people under me! I sent letters right away like you said and this works! It's Great!"


Jose Lopez of Virginia JL1289 writes...

"Wow Bruce This is the first time I have made money on the internet.  I am in debt from student loans and this just might be the answer to pay them off". 


Ernie Hudgens  of California EH1838 writes...

"I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate you starting this program.  I think it is awesome.  I have never in the 4 years and the many programs I have been in, been able to sponsor so many members in such a short time.  As you know, I have sponsored 14 people in 2 days, and my down line has brought in another 39..."


Dave Tamondong of California DT1375 writes...

"10 days ago, my total down line was bout 40.  Today it is over 400!  This is amazing!"


Karl Boyer of Nebraska KB 1316 writes:

"I couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I saw your email that I have earned a Basic Bonus. 

You don't know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!"


For the complete text of these and other members letters and testimonials--Plus their personal tips on how they are achieving their success, visit your resource center http://allsolutionsnetwork.org and click on Testimonials.



We have many members who have earned checks but couldn't tell you why!  Working this business is simple.  Understanding it isn't!  We've written two articles to try to make it easier to understand the details of the system.  Please, see the training series located at your resource center.  Read.  "Earning Simplified" articles #1 and #2.



Fund Raising and Charities.  We will unveil within the week, a program that will allow you to assist the many worthy charities and organizations with their fund raising efforts.  It allows them to Effortlessly raise funds for their organizaitons and you profit for helping them do so.



Remember on any purchase of Merchandise whether from you or someone you sent to the site, if your ID# is entered on the "Check Out: page-- your commission of 20% of the retail will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of the purchase (provided that the retail value was at least $35,).  For more details see your training series "Earning simplified #2"

Product Spotlight


If you cook your food, you are deficient in this important nutrient.  This biological form of sulfur works synergistically with Calcium and Vitamin C to create healthy joints, bones, cartilage, and possibly most importantly CELL WALLS.

MSM in conjunction with Calcium and Vitamin C helps to create healthy cell walls so that not only are vital nutrients more easily absorbed, but toxins, removed.  I have used it myself for years with great results. See additional articles on the vital nutrient at your website.

To order visit http://ehealthsolutions4u.com


DHEA-- Dehydroepiandrosterone

The "Youth Hormone".  This vital hormone is most abundant in our bodies at age 25.  We then lose approximately 2% per year for the rest of our lives until in our elderly years it all but disappears.

Supplementing with DHEA to levels naturally occurring during our youth has been shown in studies to increase muscle mass, increase libido, increase the immune system, increased skin elasticity, etc... I personally have supplemented with DHEA for over 7 years.  I'm not sure that I'd agree but I have been told on many occasions that I look younger now than I did then.  There is no question that for me it has had an overall positive effect.

For more info visit your website or resource center.  For ordering info visit http://ehealthsolutions4u.com



Do your know anyone who would like to be a homeowner but think they don't qualify because of credit issues or no down payment?  If so, send them to your website.

We have programs that can provide No Down financing even with collections, lates, bankruptcy, etc...  Many people who once thought they could only rent are now homeowners thanks to the many programs our lenders have available.

Thanks to your website, you can help them and profit for doing so.


Remember, your website has the Solutions that everyone needs.  For tips on how and where to market for loans, credit repair, bankruptcy, visit your Fast Start Guide.


http://ehealthsolutions4u.com Remember on any purchase of Vitamins whether from you or someone you sent to the site if your ID# is entered on comments section of paypals checkout page-- your commission of 10% of the retail will be emailed to you provided that the retail value was at least $35, within 24 hrs of the purchase.  For more details see your training series "Earning simplified #2"

Congratulations to all our members for making our first full month (December), a resounding success!  Our first checks have gone out and we have some very happy members.  Within a couple of days, at your resource center, you will be able to read exactly what they did.


We are already growing exponentially world wide.  We now have members in Viet Nam, Germany, the Philippines, Canada, Britain, India, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, etc…  The company growth is phenomenal and as the company grows, so grows your Group Bonuses and the INFINITY FUND (the easiest way to earn a guaranteed check—see your resource center http://allsolutionsnetwork.org “Guaranteed Check" and Earning Simplified #1 and #2). 


Each Share of the December Basic and Entry level Infinity Fund was worth $42.61 and $52.45 respectively.


So far, for the month of January each share is about $49 and $68 respectively.  See your resource center http://allsolutionsnetwork.org for details of higher level Infinity Shares and how to Qualify for a guaranteed check.



  1. Start building an organization-- follow your Fast Start Guide

  2. Go Wide and Deep!  a.  Use all methods of the Fast Start Guide to give away as many stores as possible.  b.  Contact your new members immediately!  Let them know they don't have to go it alone AND direct  them to the resource center http://allsolutionsnetwork.org

  3. First Learn what to do.  Then apply what you know.  Then teach your down line to do what you've done.

  4. Remember, A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step!  Make sure you get qualified for the Basic INFINITY FUND BONUS.  Help your down line do the same.

  5. It's Simple-- With this system, the more people you help to earn a check, the larger your checks become.


With the All Solutions Network, everyone starts with the same opportunity.  But equal opportunity does not mean equal result!

Everyone starts at the same place, the same system, the same Fast Start Guide, the same website, the same profit system.  Everyone has "the Same Bike"  As you can see by the many letters that are constantly being written to us, Some members are pedaling with everything they have and are on the verge of accomplishing great things.  Other members have joined and are trying to Coast.... UPHILL!  Amazingly enough, that doesn't work.


As many of our members can already attest, This Is A Great Opportunity.  However, it is not a free lunch.


If you haven't done so yet; visit your resource center http://allsolutionsnetwork.org  and follow Your Fast Start Guide.  Watch what happens!

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