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The Truth About Climate Change

August 14, 2015 in Climate Change Man or Nature, Uncategorized

The truth about climate change.  Climate is always changing!
Not that long ago, in the 70’s we thought we were going into another ice age.  Then we thought we were on our way to “global warming”.  Now, the “experts” can’t seem to make up their mind so they call it “Climate Change”.   On one hand we are told there has been no global warming to speak of for 12 years or more.  On the other we are told that we just experience three of the warmest years on record!  What’s the truth?
I started watching and studying the global warming debate in 2010.  I didn’t have a conclusion as to who was right or wrong or even what was the primary cause.  For years, I was on the fence but continued to do my best to analyze objectively, take objective notes, watch the debates on both sides and examine the science and the assertions of both sides.  However,  there comes a time when the failure to take a stand and acknowledge a conclusion is simply an indication of either or a combination of an inability to make a decision, cowardice or lack of the ability to understand the data or to discern who is being truthful and who is skirting the truth.  After years of contemplation, I still am not CERTAIN, but I am leaning very strongly… Read the rest of this entry →