You Have to be Consistent

Without Action, nothing happens…  Without Consistent Action… Nothing Worthwhile Happens!
ACTION!  So you’ve figured out what you are going to do, you have your business plan, you are ready to go.  GREAT!  You just made the first phone call or placed that first ad, now what?  DO IT AGAIN over and over and over!  Doing exactly the right thing does little, unless it is done repeatedly.  You have to be consistent.  THE KEY TO CONSISTENT INCOME?… SIMPLE… Consistent Action.  Do A Little Every Day!  There are always a hundred positive actions we can undertake.  Choose a few of the best and do them repeatedly.  

It’s better to do ONE positive thing 100 times, than to do 100 positive things only ONCE

“Thoughts determine what you want, Action determines what you get”

Action is what makes the world go ’round. With it, all things are possible. Without it NOTHING HAPPENS!

At one time, ASN was just a great idea. Without consistent action (work!), it would still be a great idea–
but nothing more. But then hundreds of people would still be renters, not homeowners. Hundreds of people would still have terrible credit. Hundreds of people, (if they ever managed at all) would’ve paid two or three times what was necessary to get a fresh start in their lives with a bankruptcy, hundreds of people would have purchased their homes at fair market value, instead of finding the great below market values found on our foreclosure sites… Frankly, hundreds of people’s lives would be less comfortable and fulfilled.

That’s the difference between an idea and action!

Every success expert in history has stressed the importance of goals. Without goals, you are working towards Nothing, and the motivation to act Does Not Exist! It has been said in so many ways, but the sayings are always true…

If you’re reaching for the stars, you never come up with a handful of mud!
you never score a touch down trying to punt.
you never hit a home run trying to bunt.
you’ll never earn $200,000 per year, looking for a $20 hour job!

It’s important to dream, and in my opinion, it’s important to dream BIG. But the goals have to be Realistic! Not so much realistic in size, but rather realistic as to TIMING! Dreaming big is NOT unrealistic…

What is unrealistic is to dream that the BIG success will happen overnight, and without effort– It won’t. That only happens if you pick the right numbers in the lottery, or marry the right person. (Yea, like marriage isn’t work!)

Realize, I know of no company or business that allows you to earn as much money as quickly or as easily as the ASN.  Close one loan from your site and you just earned, up to $1,500 or more!  But don’t take my work for it.  Please see what other members are saying…

With most companies, it takes many months and often years, (if at all) for a distributor to ever hit that first $500 per month plateau! With our system, you can do it on your first day!

This is not meant to be a sales presentation for ASN but rather a simple reminder that some things work and some things don’t.  But NOTHING WORKS IF IT IS NOT WORKED! Make a decision that you know is viable and workable.  Then work it… consistently!

There are many great companies that can accomplish great things.  They will allow you to build large organizations with huge residual, ongoing income of $5k, $10k or more per month!  But this won’t happen overnight any more than a large oak tree will grow to huge proportions in a week. Like the oak it will take time. But as long as the oak gets what it needs, it will continue to grow bigger and bigger everyday.  Whatever your business is, it operates under the same principles.

As long as you give your business what it needs, (CONSISTENT ACTION), IT WILL GROW TO GREAT HEIGHTS.

But as with all things in life. No matter how easily success can be achieved, IF YOU DO NOTHING, YOU GET NOTHING.

Anything worthwhile takes sustained effort. If you are not thinking long term, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Following are some true stories of what persistent, consistent action did for some members of past networking companies. These people had drive and persistence, but NOT THE TOOLS THAT YOU NOW POSSESS, and in spite of the system’s limitations, they accomplished great things…

ROBERT B. now earns as much as $70,000 per month. Yet it took Robert two years to see his first check of $1,000 or more.
And five years for his first check of $10,000 or more.

TONY K. has earned over $90,000 in a month. But exceeding $1,000 took Tony a year and then another year and a half
to exceed $10,000.

CHARLES L. earns over $12,000 per month. It took Charles five months to see his first $1,000 check and three and a half
years to see his first $10,000 check.

TRACY D. earns $36,000+ monthly. But it took six months to hit $1,000 and over a year to hit $10,000.

DR. JOE R. now earns over $62,000 each month. But that first $1,000 check took two months, the first $10,000
check over a year.

As you can see, even the most dynamic highest earning entrepreneurs in the networking industry took MONTHS to begin seeing an income of any real significance. And the real income, $10,000 or more per month took an average of almost 3 years to achieve.

It wasn’t overnight, and it wasn’t without effort. But was it worth it?  Of course it was.

I firmly believe that the potential with the ASN system is unlike anything that exists.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE! AND incredibly easy to earn, at least, a minimal income. And with CONSISTENT action, the potential income is virtually unlimited. With our system I firmly believe that the stories above can be and will be duplicated by our members in a fraction of the time. But it still takes consistent action.

To put it all in perspective…
If you absolutely committed to work for your boss an additional 5 to 10 hours per week, and expected that for doing so, in 18 months, you would be given a raise of $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000 per month. What are the chances your boss would agree? Not very likely, right? But that’s exactly what you can do with the ASN system. 

You create your own raise… you just have to work for it!

The reality is that your job probably has limitations. I assure you, your Solutions Network business, has none.   But it has to be worked. Not Hard. Not a lot, but consistently! Consistency is the key. Only 5 to 10 hours per week can pay huge dividends!

We all know that, we reap what we sow . But you never reap in the same month that you planted. The things you do today, and tomorrow, and next week, and next month, etc, will determine where you will be and what you will achieve in the future.

In one of my numerous past careers I was told, If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  In other words, if you want to get new results in your life, it will require new strategies and new actions.

If you are not completely satisfied with where your life is, or where its going… TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Be persistent. Be patient. Think long term. And take, at least, some action every day, (no matter how small).  Try this simple strategy of consistent action and watch what happens!

Bruce Castro
ASN Global
President and Founder.

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