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An Serious and Honest Question… If God Exists, Would You Want to Know?

May 18, 2012 in Religion

If God actually exists… would you want to know?      
If God exists, would it matter?  To your friends? Your family?… Would they want to know?
If what you were taught and what your children are being taught about the origins of life, the fossil record  that is constantly touted to “prove the fact” of evolution; if those “facts” were wrong, provably wrong… and not just according to Christians, but according to renowned Biologists, Paleontologists, Astronomers, Chemists, Physicists, etc… would you want to know?
If the things you were taught that “proved” that there is no God, can be no God, that God never existed and was never anything more than a fairy tale made up by an ill-informed ignorant society, were wrong… would you want to know?
If all the “facts” that convinced you and others that this incredible universe, our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, the love we feel for our family, friends and children; that everything about us can be reduced to a series of random chance events, a mere accident… if these facts were wrong Would you want to know?

Don’t we all want the truth?  The Truth is… Society has been sold a bill of goods.  The evidence that will be presented below is causing many of our most brilliant scientists, biologists, chemists, astronomers, physicists, etc… to find religion.

What follows is not religious dogma or an appeal to Christianity, Faith or the Bible.  It is an appeal to reason, logic and science.   I am a proud, intellectually fulfilled Christian; not, in spite of science, but rather because of it.  The fact is. whether purposefully or not, we have been lied to.  Much of what we were taught is simply wrong!   When faced with the newest scientific discoveries, secularist biologists, chemists, geologists, astronomers, physicists, etc… are leaving atheism behind and coming to faith…

Most people want truth, but truth is sometimes uncomfortable.  For years, many have been so inculcated with the belief that God has been “disproved“, that their mind is closed to emerging evidence.  The fact is, much of what we were taught is wrong.  Unequivocally wrong, and has been systematically hidden from us.

Following is but a small piece of what is to come, but a quick and simple exercise in logic is enough to get an inkling that the secularist paradigm is in trouble.  The following facts are generally ignored by secularists but the act of ignoring a fact doesn’t make it go away.  Atheism i.e. a disbelief in God, requires that we believe amongst other things, that physical laws that science tells us are unbreakable .i.e. laws of thermodynamics… have been broken.  It is universally agreed that these are immutable, unbreakable laws of the universe…  but they were broken!…  When? At the beginning of the universe and the origins of life.  The impossible happened.  Why?  How?  Following are just a few of the many logical problems and inconsistencies we’ll discuss in the articles that will follow.

  • Unbreakable Law #1-  Matter is neither created, nor destroyed.  Something never comes from nothing  A simple understandable concept… However, we know that everything came from nothing, i.e.. “the big bang”.  This is impossible.  But it happened; the universe exists.  HOW?
  • Unbreakable Law #2-  Impossibility of bio-genesis.  We know that life, does not arise from dead, inanimate matter.  We know this is impossible.  However, we were taught that “life was created by an accidental random combination of “chemicals”, i.e. inanimate matter somehow randomly combined and became alive.  This supposedly created the first living cell.  As will be discussed later, even the simplest cell is impossibly complex.  Every statistician or mathematician familiar with the biology of life, will tell you that the creation of life being the result of a random chance combination of chemicals is statistical impossibility.  It is not just ridiculously unlikely, it is impossible!  It is much more likely that you will win the lotto 1,000 consecutive times. Yet, here you are.  WHY?
  • Unbreakable Law #3- The Law of Entropy.  Unless acted upon by an outside agent, all physical states progress from their current state to less order i.e. chaos.  However, what we see in the creation of our cosmos is the exact opposite of  what the laws of physics dictate.  Instead of entropy, we see a miraculous never-ending progression from utter Chaos, to amazing Order and Balance!.   The universe has not become more chaotic and disordered.  It has gone from the ABSOLUTE chaos of the big bang to the incredible order and balance of the universe.  HOW?

There is no question but that these “unbreakable laws” of the universe have been broken.  The only honestly debatable questions are…
How, Why and Who?

When faced with the obvious theological implications of these inarguable facts, scientist and Nobel prize winner, Sir Frederick Hoyle, was honest enough to admit that this could not have happened without the influence of some “super intellect”.  He even wrote a book on the subject “The Intelligent Universe”.  However, due to his absolute core belief in the non-existence of God, his ultimate conclusion was that life on earth must have originated somewhere in space and was somehow seeded here.  He side stepped the real issue… not where was life created, but how?

Many Are Blind to Facts
While participating in theological debate, an attempt was made to minimize the relevance of evidence by the admonishment “If someone is looking for God, they will find him everywhere“.
I replied “If one refuses to believe even in the possibility of God, they will see him nowhere!”

Many people simply prefer to not believe; they bury their head in the sand and refuse to even acknowledge the possibility or honestly evaluate factual evidence.   It’s like the old joke… “My mind is already made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!”   I did not always believe, but for me, facts, evidence and science actually matters.  When I went beyond the high school science texts to a comprehensive examination of biology, the cell, DNA, the fine tuning of the universe, etc…  I could not help but find the evidence compelling.  In spite of my long held belief system, I had no choice but to become a Christian.  See… How Science Created a Christian

The science that “proved” the non-existence of God, has fallen by the wayside.  The more we learn, the less feasible naturalistic explanations become.  The body of knowledge that we are accumulating is expanding almost daily.  The more we learn, the more likely it appears that an intelligent creator is behind it.  Obviously, this does not conform to an atheistic paradigm but what we prefer to believe, has nothing to do with what actually is.  When it comes to something as important and fundamental as the very nature of reality , who we are… what we are… shouldn’t facts trump preference?    We all have a right to our own beliefs, our own religion or lack, thereof.  But shouldn’t we, as rational human beings, at least, make sure that our beliefs comport with reality?   Shouldn’t we pay attention?  It is not my goal to change anyone’s belief or religion.  But is my goal to make available facts that have been hidden from most of us; facts that often dictate our beliefs.  Whatever one chooses to believe, I hope the belief has at its foundation actual facts.  What follows, for some, will support their current beliefs.  For others, it may undermine them.  But do we want to believe what is comfortable?… or believe what is true?  

The evidence that will be presented is causing many of our most brilliant scientists, biologists, chemists, astronomers, physicists, etc… to change their world views.

The newest biological and geological discoveries puts into question and actually contradicts much of what we have been taught and what our most brilliant scientists had always believed.  The more they look into the unbelievable complexity of life, the fine tuning of the universe, even to its very creation, the more they come to the conclusion… “this just doesn’t make sense“.  Simply put, the newest discoveries are turning many of the most strident atheists into Christians

In the series of articles to follow, we will present the FACTS that absolutely contradict the religion killing teachings that most of us were taught and that are still being crammed down the throats of our children.  A small sample of what is to follow…

  • The Miller experiment of the early ‘60s, which purported to show how life was created (the first living cell), could have been created under the conditions of the earth at that time.
    • ACTUAL FACT: It is now understood that the process formulated could not possibly have achieved the purported result.  But that doesn’t matter… It is still being taught.  The more we learn, the more we realize we can’t even begin to understand the creation of the simplest first cell.  It has been proven by scientists and statisticians, (even those that are atheists), that it simply could not have happened by accident.  Even the simplest cell is simply too complex… yet, it continues to be taught in biology text books. 
  • Our children and even college students are shown “actual” research drawings of early embryonic development that supposedly prove the theory of evolutionary decent.
    • ACTUAL FACT: It has been known for over 50 years that these drawings were, in fact, fabricated and selectively chosen to support the theory and do not represent reality.  These drawings were so compelling that based on this evidence alone, many believers became atheists.  Even though the entire research and data is known to be fraudulent, they are still taught as fact!
  • It has been “proven” that we came from monkeys via compelling drawings based on fossils of the evolution of man.
    • ACTUAL FACT: The Drawings that we have all seen, showing the gradual evolution of monkey to man, are nothing more than artists speculation based on the flimsiest of fossils (For example, Java man consisted of nothing but a scull cap, 3 teeth and on thigh bone.  Throughout the entire fossil record, no true intermediary species i.e. missing link, has yet been found.
  • Archaeopteryx- is touted as an exceptional “proof” of Darwinism.
    • ACTUAL FACT:  It has been shown and is almost universally agreed that this “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds is a product of wishful thinking, and is not an intermediary missing link to anything.  Like the duck billed platypus, it is just an interesting animal.  However, it is still taught as proof of evolution.
  • We are taught that the fossil record supports Darwin’s theory of evolution.
    • ACTUAL FACT: The more complete the fossil record becomes, the less and less it supports the theory of evolution as taught.  In actuality, the fossil record does not remotely show the predicted gradual intermediary forms that should, step by step lead to modern forms.  And those are put forth as proof as evolutionary ancestors, are, at best, imaginative speculation.   In fact, as the Cambrian explosion has shown, the more we find, the more it appears that most life forms came about relatively rapidly with no intermediary forms.  Simply put, if looked at objectively, it much more clearly supports creation than evolution.  This is a fact, but not one that is taughtThe facts and obvious implications of the Cambrian explosion are never fully taught anywhere within our school system, as it upsets the Darwinian apple cart.
  • The accidental development of life is a predictable certainty.
    • ACTUAL FACT: The universe was created for life.  If virtually, anything were changed, the existence of any life would be impossible.   Everything from the infinitesimal strong and weak forces of the atom to the gargantuan forces of gravity, the placement of our solar system in the outer regions of the galaxy, the size and type of our star (the sun), even the fact of the earth’s rotational axis, the size of the moon, it’s rotational frequency and distance from the earth, etc…  These are all finely tuned for life.   Astronomers now actually call it “The Goldilocks Zone” because it’s just right.  If our placement and these natural forces were even slightly greater or weaker, no life of any sort could have existed.  Was this perfectly crafting of every aspect of the entire universe an accident?  Even ardent atheistic astronomers and physicists are perplexed.  The likelihood of the universe being created by simple random chance, with the “dials” set precisely for life are non-existent.  This fact was actually the genesis of the theory of infinite universes.  There are unavoidable, and for many, unacceptable theological implications to the fact of this “fine tuning”.  What’s this have to do with Infinite Universes?  The secular rationale…
      • 1. A single universe that is so perfectly tuned to our needs could not have accidentally come into being.
      • 2. “We know there is no God, so it could not have been purposefully created for us”.
      • 3. Since a single universe randomly created conforming to our needs, is impossible, and we know there is no creator…
      • 4. There must be more than one universe.
      • 5. The incredibly fine tuning of our universe is so staggeringly unlikely, that unless there were billions of universes, the likelihood of one of them randomly having our settings, is still staggeringly unlikely.
      • 6.  Therefore, there must be “infinity universes”, in which case, at least, one would have to have been tuned as ours.  We simply won the universe lottery.
        • So, exactly how much real evidence is there of multiple universes?  Something that could be considered other than 99% conjecture?  Absolutely NONE!
          • I am reminded of the previously mentioned debate in which I had commented…  “If one refuses to believe even in the possibility of God, they will see him nowhere
          • There is an incredible tendency to hold to secular  beliefs, in spite, of weight of the evidence.  I am again reminded of the humorous saying, “Don’t confuse me with the facts… My mind is made up”.
  • Some actually assert that Christ never existed.
    • ACTUAL FACT: Christ lived; there is a historical record of his life and death.  Jesus is actually mentioned more often in non-bible writings more often than King Herod.
  • Some assert that even if Christ did exist and was crucified, he either did not die, or was stolen from his burial place in order to perpetuate the “legend” of his divinity.
    • ACTUAL FACT: Question- who would die for a known lie?  Christ was crucified and objective evidence suggests he was resurrected.  The actions of the apostles, at first denying even knowing him, then believing with such certainty that they were willing to pay with their own lives, in order to spread His word.  The facts that support his Resurrection and therefore, divinity are compelling.  Would the disciples have knowingly died for a lie?
      • In fact, (as detailed later), some of the best legal minds of past atheists, set out to prove that the evidence of Christ was insufficient and unconvincing… The result?   As a direct consequence of their thorough comprehensive analysis of facts discovered in their attempt to disprove Christ’s divinity, they became Christians!
  • Many claim that the Bible and it’s history is just an interesting story of religious legend.
    • ACTUAL FACT:100’s of years and generations before God was made man, his miraculous birth, his life, his death, betrayal and resurrection were foretold.  Also, the more archaeologists compare the bible to actual historical finds, the more the truth of the bible is confirmed.

But don’t take my word for any of this… see the opinions of the worlds foremost experts from all fields of study… biologists, anthropologists, biochemists, geologists…

If truth matters, read on…  this link is to a LARGE page and may take a while to load.

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7 responses to An Serious and Honest Question… If God Exists, Would You Want to Know?

  1. Dick said on July 5, 2012

    Whether "God" exists or doesn't exist is an irrelevant question. The real question is " Do I exist"? And that cannot be proved either. If we live through or by our opinions, feelings, ideas, etc., (and most people do) then our ideas, opinions, feelings exist. But as to whether "I" exist or not is the real question. Consider this: Everything is inter-dependent, Everything is inter-related, everything is inter-connected, Therefore nothing has an independent existence. If there is no independent existence then "I" as an independent thing cannot exist. We are all inter connected, inter related, inter dependent. So if I exist and God exists we are also inter dependent etc.,

    • I don’t disagree with anything regarding the interdependence of everything.

      However, as to the existence of God, I do think that has relevance.
      If God does not exist, then I would agree with you completely. However…

      if God DOES exists… and is anything similar to that described in the bible, I then think that creates a great deal of relevance as to the lives that we lead. I happen to believe in that existence.

      Thank you for the comment, it is very thought provoking.

      • Thats a great question. Myself, being a Christian, I do not think Iwould care to know. I like having the faith in God That sustains me through many hard times. When I pray and Have faith God hears me and understands my needs that is really all I need to know.

        • I also don’t “need” the science… but I once did. As I grew up, science destroyed my faith. And it wasn’t just me. Too many of our brethren are having their faith in God and Christ destroyed by a slanted biased science that views all knowledge as proof that there is no God. Our scientists and left wing ideologues are using science as a sledgehammer to destroy the beliefs that founded our country and society; attempting to ridicule those, that in spite of what “the educated” consider contrary “evidence”, still believe in Christ, God and the existence of a supreme fundamental goodness.

          It is my goal to help create a more complete understanding of science and how it actually supports faith, rather than contradicts it. In furtherance of this goal I have written an online article/booklet that deals with most of aspects of science that have been rolled out as proof of God’s non existence. Please see…

          All anyone has to do is look around at our society and they will see that religion and Christianity are under attack. Christianity is being minimized and even ridiculed. If you haven’t experienced it already, soon you will find that you and your children are being attacked by atheists, agnostics and secular humanists. They will attack your beliefs, your intellect and create the kind of peer pressure that can cause your children to lose the faith that you worked so hard to instill.

          Having one’s belief diminished or shaken by this assault doesn’t have to happen. This article will help avoid it by arming anyone that needs it with facts and logic that strongly, if not, irrefutably support your belief in God, Creation and Christ. It provides the facts to answer your children’s toughest questions (hopefully in an understandable way), so the atheistic education of today does not create the atheist adult tomorrow.

          The attack is relentless. The teachers, the scientists, the researchers, the comedians, the left wing agenda driven ideologues have an easy time attacking Christianity, partially, because often, even though we have our faith, the society of believers can’t or won’t factually and logically support it. God might remain in our hearts. But unless we can compete on the battleground of ideas, God will be driven from our society and culture… and we can only combat this cultural cancer with factual information that supports our beliefs.
          see… http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi/1000/godis.htm

          • My dad just passed away on Jan. 1/2013. I have never in my life time met or ever invision meeting a more Godly man than he. The way he talked about the Lord and lived his life as an example of what a real Christian is, will stay with me and my family forever. Anyone who knew him has had the same experience. I understand what you ae saying about religion being attacked. To me, religion and Chistianity are not one and the same. I think sometimes religion shoud be attacked. We have Pastors who are good people, yet live in mansions and live a lavish lifestyle while children are staving right here in America. We have a government who pays with our taxes, food stamps, child care medical insurance and all sorts of things for the poor. Heres a question…as our Religion and Christianity is being attacked, when are we going to realize that with all of those mansions and lavishly lived lifestyle of those who LEAD us as pastors if we want to prove the love of the Lord to the world, why are we as a church not doing our part to care for the less fourtunate? We make it easy for people to run to the government and get the help they neede there and then we are critical of the way the government spends out money. Let the CHURCH of the ALMIGHTY GOD step up and do what the church was ment to do.

            • re
              “I think sometimes religion shoud be attacked”:.
              I often agree, but attack “religion”… not the existence of God. However, I believe that “usually” religion isn’t the problem. It’s the preaching of the word, while living in an opposite way that is often the problem.

              “why are we as a church not doing our part to care for the less fourtunate?”
              Many try, but the more the government takes for it’s obscene waste, the less that’s left for the citizen to give to the church or anyone else. This is exactly what’s happened in many parts of Europe. The government taxation “to take care of the poor”, is such that that charity is way down. When asked to give… the usual retort? “I already gave to the government”. and we all know how effectively government utilizes resources.

              “We make it easy for people to run to the government… then we are critical of the way the government spends out money”

              Many do all that we can to get power away from government, but that’s what elections are for. But people have a tendency to vote what they perceive to be their personal self interest (no matter how short sighted or wrong). When 47% of the country, is, in some form or another, getting paid by the government, that’s a pretty strong voting block to overcome.

              “. Let the CHURCH of the ALMIGHTY GOD step up and do what the church was ment to do.”
              It’s simple, the more power the government cedes to itself, the less that’s left for the church and individual. The government is stepping into everything and making it difficult for the church or individual to act as they prefer.

              I believe the limited is a great and needed thing. Big, Bloated government is oppressive. It’s what history shows us and what we are now experiencing.

  2. I feel the case for God can be made. I find it amazing that in spite of all the scientific evidence people will hold on to there non belief as an excuse to live their lives the way they want to. They find it morally incomprehensible that a God exist that they have to give an account too. The elites of our time are trying to suppress the truth and the validity of the bible regardless of the facts. The notion that all of this happened from pure chance is an absolutely laughable argument to make. Your article I feel was well written.

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