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Have They No Shame? Lies, Lies and More Lies!

August 11, 2012 in Politics

Have they no shame?  Lies, Lies and more Lies!
Right off, I want to make it clear, my allegiance is not to republicans or democrats… My allegiance is to truth and the future of this country.  We are facing enormous economic challenges and if we continue on the path that we are on, we are economically doomed.  The future of our children and grandchildren is at risk.

Instead of discussing the policies needed to solve our issues, we are engaged in the most despicable, deceitful, lie ridden, distorted, deflective political campaign of my life… I am disgusted!   The nonstop barrage of lies and deceit coming from this campaign is beyond the pale.

  • If you believe it…
    Romney is a felon
    Romney is responsible for a woman’s death.
    Romney is a bully.
    Romney is cruel to animals
    The list goes on and on.

To top it off, Biden just told a predominatly black audience in Danville VA “They gonna put y’all back in chains” Is there no depths to which they will not go?

This stream of lies and distortions has become so prominent that I could write a book on nothing them alone.  Before getting to the real subject, I want to take a minute to set straight just a couple of them.

The Lie-
Joe Soptic’s wife died because he lost his job and insurance when Romney closed the GST plant that Joe had worked for.  The overarching message of the ad is that Romney is an uncaring rich guy that thinks nothing of the rest of us and let this woman die in order to increase company profits.

The truth-
1.Romney left Bain Capital in 1999, a full two years before the GST plant was closed;
2) Mrs. Soptic had health insurance through her own employer after her husband lost his job; and
3) She did not die until 2006, five years after the closure of GST Steel and 7 years after Romney left Bain.

The bottom line is that Mitt Romney, had, absolutely nothing to do with this unfortunate situation.  Yet the ad is there, it is still running and Obama has not seen fit to condemn it or distance himself from it.  This is civility?
Just repeating this Lie makes me feel dirty.

The Lie-
Harry Reid, (leader of the democratically controlled senate).  “The word is out.  Governor Romney hasn’t paid taxes in a decade.”  He offered no proof or support for this absurd allegation.  Then when challenged on it, he simply shrugged and said someone told him.  Shortly, thereafter, political ads started showing up on the airwaves regarding the fabricated tax issue.
So Harry Reid, has basically called Romney a tax Felon.

The Truth-
If Romney had failed to pay taxes for 10 years, don’t you think the IRS would have noticed?  He would currently reside in prison.  This allegation is a bald face lie.   This allegation is beneath contempt.  It has much validity as if I were to say, “The word is out, Harry Reid is child rapist.”  And then if pressed I answered, “Someone told me”.   Such an action by me would be despicable.  The allegation coming from Reid, the “respectable” leader of the senate is beyond words.

This is the Obama campaign; the Chicago way… is this really, to whom, we want to trust this country’s future?    I have a 10 year old son.  He deserves better than this.  Your children and grandchildren do, as well.

This is About Facts Not Political Parties
Again, I’m not a partisan.  I have a political philosophy, but I call them as I see them.  Whether a democrat or a republican.  Right is always right and wrong is always wrong.   And a lie is always a lie…

Bill Clinton had his faults. 
But he worked well with the other side and signed legislation that resulted in putting our economy on solid ground.  Lowering spending, welfare reform, he, in conjunction, with a republican congress, did some things that were of great benefit for this country.

George Bush, had his good points.
He presided over a long period of economic prosperity, but he couldn’t find it in himself to veto anything until near the end of his tenure in office.  He, and the republican congress, treated the federal budget like a candy store, allowing horrible overspending that was responsible for a huge increase in debt.

I know that many would argue against the economic prosperity of Bush… They would also say that our present situation is the result of his policies.  That is another lie perpetrated by the left, that is used to support new lies and smoke of the current campaign.  This, also, will be addressed in detail later.

The point is that my allegiance is not to republicans or democrats… My allegiance is to truth and the future of this country.

The politician that I probably respect most is probably Joe Lieberman.  I disagree with him on most issues. But he has integrity.  Something that is now sorely missed.  To me, that is the most important trait.  He calls them as he sees them, ALWAYS.  He never failed to put the good of the country over the longevity of his career.  He put his political relationships and his place and power in the senate on the line almost every day by voting and speaking his conscience, rather than the party line.   Isn’t that what we need?  Don’t we need leaders who put the good of the country over their personal power?  History is full of leaders like that… and it never ends well.

A Pack of Lies
We are currently on the precipice of one of the most serious economic threats our country has faced since the depression.  There are important issues that need to be discussed.  Instead we hear nothing other irrelevant personal attacks meant to distract and destroy the reputation of the opponent.

This country can no longer afford political correctness or mincing of words.  We have a crisis!  The administration is trying to keep us uninformed, kept in the dark and feeding us crap!  They are pretending things are OK.  They’ll say “it’s still tough, but we are on the right path”.  That is a lie!  We are not on the right path!  We are on a sure path to economic devastation. If changes aren’t made to Medicare and Social Security, they will go under. This country can and will sink as surely as Greece is sinking now. 

As they are currently configured, Social Security and Medicare are not sustainable. Every economist acknowledges this.  They ALL agree that something must be done.  Otherwise, they will not be here for our youth. On this issue there is no debate.  But has this administration or its party made even one serious proposal?  Anything other than to increase taxes on the rich?  (Which could not possibly work… and they know it!) see http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/tax-the-rich/   Of course not.  It doesn’t matter that something must be done.  For their own selfish political interests, they have to make sure that they are nicer than republicans.  The future be damned!  The hell with the country… we need the issue!  DISGUSTING!

All we get is smoke, mirrors and LIES!  Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas, it’s a disgrace that when someone of integrity like Paul Ryan, who has the courage to tell the truth, they attempt to destroy him.

He had the courage to put forth a plan to deal with Social Security and Medicare; which is the untouchable “Third Rail”, of politics that every politician KNOWS is DYING A SLOW DEATH…  He put it all on the line for the good of this country’s future.  Finally, a politician who has the “audacity” to actually try to save it, to keep it solvent, to do something about our pressing issues…  the powers that be, tried to destroy him!  And I doubt that they are finished trying.

Unlike his opponents, he had the integrity, honesty and courage to put his reputation and career on the line by putting out ideas that he knows will be distorted, lied about and mercilessly demagogued… what happens?  Does the administration, put out a “realistic” plan of their own?  Do they examine his ideas and say, “yes, this part might work but let’s try this over here, maybe we can improve this part”?   Do they try to discuss, negotiate, or improve? No!…

The media airways were immediately bombarded with ads showing a Paul Ryan lookalike pushing “grandma” over a cliff!   Allegations that Republicans want the elderly to eat cat food!  Absolute despicable lies!

In spite of the fact, his idea…

  • Effects no one currently on it.
  • Effects no one close to qualifying for it.
  • The over arching goal was to bring long term fiscal security to the system.

Lies, distortions and accusations.

What else can the administration do?  To tell the truth or to do or say anything else would be to acknowledge that the current policies are wrong, the direction is wrong, that the system needs to be tweaked.  It would amount to an acknowledgment that what’s been done doesn’t work.  It wouldn’t advance the overarching goal, which is not the good of the country, but he goal of reelection and POWER.  Apparantly, in their minds, it’s better to let the county slide into a deeper hole, than they lose power.

The President and his campaign, if they had any integrity, dignity or honesty would be discussing issues, explaining why the president’s policies are good for the country’s future, rather than just making continual shameful, unfounded political attacks and lies.  They don’t want to talk issues or facts, because they all add up to a spectacular failure with no end in sight.  Is it even possible that they don’t know that their policies are destroying us?  Or do they just not care?

In my life and analysis of politics I’ve seen dishonest campaigning… by both democrats and republicans.  Neither are immune.  A bit of creativity with the facts is normal; always wrong…  but always normal.  However, I have never seen anything like this!  Have they no shame?

Truth and facts don’t help Obama in his reelection.  Consequently, we will see nor hear either!  The only strategy that has a chance of success is this continual despicable barrage of lies.  Lies that are intended to keep the citizens of this country focusing and talking about these appalling unfounded allegations, rather than the tenuous state of the economy, lack of jobs and the future of our children!

It’s not about truth, it’s not about the future, it’s not about right or wrong… it is all about POWER.  They will do and say anything to keep it!  DOESN’T THIS COUNRTY DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT??

The ONLY chance this country has,is to elect leaders with the courage of their convictions.  Leaders willing to tell the truth, even if it might mean they lose office.  However, this will never happen unless the people who actually vote, are made aware of the truth.  The fact is that much of our electorate knows nothing other than the propaganda that has been fed to them for years by politicians hungry for power and supported by a mainstream media committed to keeping them there.

Much our electorate is simply unaware.  Not bad, not wrong, not selfish, just unaware or deceived by dishonest power hunger politicians.  Many have been convinced that if anyone but a democrat is elected, they will be out on the street; they’ll be eating dog food.  More lies, but effective.

Anyone would be concerned about losing their income, that’s understandable.  They rely on it and need it.  The problem is that our dishonest politicians who care of nothing other than power, are lying to all of us and many pay so little attention to what’s really happening that they just believe the garbage they are being fed.  They vote with fear and ignorance rather than with their facts and logic.

The future of our country is substantially resting on helping our electorate to the plight that we all face and the fact that ABSOLUTELY KNOW ONE is advocating that the solution is to cut their social security or Medicare.  But this has to fixed.  If not, it will soon be unavailable to anyone.

Please, do your kids a favor, share this message.

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3 responses to Have They No Shame? Lies, Lies and More Lies!


    In a quick and brief history of political participation, it is possible to identify what, in the Old Regime, the number of people who tried to take political power or at least direct it, was limited to palace circles. Since the French Revolution is constantly increasing the number of people seeking to appoint governors and determine what is the common good. The growth process culminates in the first quarter of the twentieth century with the continued access of the masses into politics. It was altered by participation manipulation of opinion and representational techniques, often deceptive, but cheated or not, politicized societies, ie fragmented into collective positions to public affairs. Even the most remote of the agora, in privacy, take sides. At present there is a paradox, while the vast mass of the population sees political participation as a perversion, paradoxically curious fact occurs. Open to possible elections or, with the “system of slogans,” presented his candidacy as one in 30 citizens in a position to register (1).

    Recalling a quote from C. Marx (1847), which states: “… that while in ordinary life and ordinary shopkeeper knows all distinguish between what someone claims to be and what it is, our historiography has not yet managed to penetrate as trivial as knowledge it. think each time by his word, for what she says about herself and what figures to be “. Today, not only falls into that nonsense historiography of intellectual naivete, but so do the people and political scientists (2).

    To encourage adherence, the parties affirm their own values, while they are denying their opponents. The respective spokespersons and slogans multiply clientele of leaders, as these are critical or apologetic. In the last third of the twentieth century was difficult to find a western city that does not include national policy as a clash of values ​​and counter, that is, in moral terms of good and bad, a relationship of antagonism and agonism. That spirit so widespread, and not without foundation, also affects the political scientists tend to explain the dichotomy of right and left with tacit or explicit value judgments, for example, Communism is terror, capitalism is exploitation. Also, both defined as “rights” as for the anodyne “center”, the left are materialistic and they are idealists. The same happens in reverse. And both are right, the left is materialistic by definition, though no rebalsados ​​their grievances are not utopias. Similarly, the right can be defined as idealist from his association with supernatural powers, but nobody in their right mind would hardly recognize the pragmatism with which he surrounds himself is not a materialistic form of expression in order generation of financial assets and economic. That is, right and left are not excluding the attributes “idealist” and “materialistic”, as long as either political expressions make use-and abuse-of such features and also it depends on how they are defined previously, since each of these attributes can be read differently by different political philosophers.

    In order to approach the issue from a non-neutral and (3), but only by empirical claim, proceed to “metanoia” intellectual, to a waiver of the usual feelings and prejudices rooted in order to interpret the data and develop a typology strictly rational policy. There is, in short, be at a zero level of emotion and partisanship. Failure to achieve the mental rotation methodically considered non-binding, it is impossible to address the definition of right and left policies without falling into some form of praise or rant. How would you characterize today on the right and left a pure logos disembodied scientist?. That’s the hard intellectual goal.

    The XXI century is the world in a vacuum of ideas, and not because of the predictions of Fukuyama (1990). It would appear that the ideas have become miserable. Deeds, not words, it seems to be the slogan of the moment. Do not really know if what prevails is the ideology of misery (Proudhon, 1846), or the misery of ideologies (Marx, 1847).

    • For me, it’s simple. I can understand and accept any honest difference of opinion. It happens all the time and is normal. Different people have varying principles, one thinks the environment is the overarching issue of the day. Another feels that nothing is more important than the jobs that are lost, due to environmental concerns.

      I understand that these competing priorities will naturally lead to a difference of opinion as to what policy should be. That’s how life and politics is.


      • obama is just a dirty politican , from chicago who has no experience running a country , i will quote Herman Cain , obama could NOT RUN PIZZA KITCHEN LET ALONE hIS OWN ACCOUNT . this president makes Jimmy Carter look like AN Angel. For he who listens to him(OBama) surely doe “S not know what his real actions are , in
        other words watch what he does not what he’s said,

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