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LIBERAL MEDIA… Enemy of the People?

February 24, 2017 in Politics

  • The media has every right and yes, even an obligation to run negative reports… as long as they are accurate.
  • The media has no obligation to treat or actually be a friend to any politician; in fact, doing so impacts their objectivity and reporting quality.
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However, treating or believing a particular politician or party to be an actual ENEMY creates a similar lack of objectivity that inexorably destroys the quality of and intellectual honesty of the reports… and that’s exactly what we’ve seen in the media.

In my lifetime (I’m turning 60), I’ve never seen anything like this.   The mainstream media was coming unhinged even prior to Obama, but not like this.

We are now seeing a non-stop assault of “half-truths” consisting of twisted facts, and facts taken out of context so as to purvey only partial truths.  It is now done such that even accurate facts are presented in a manner that purposefully creates false perceptions that result in the public believing that which is demonstrably untrue.

Some might call this lying to the American people.

Answer this question:
If someone consistently lies to you with the intent of furthering their own agenda rather than presenting that information in a truthful way that allows you to make an honest, well informed decision…
Are they your friend?

Think about it:
Assume someone is charged with providing you with important information which they know you will rely on as the basis for making many of the most important decisions in your life, ranging from how you vote to who and what issues you fight or support.  Further assume, they realize your decisions impact your future, the future of your family, your children, your country…

What if you found that all along they had a hidden personal agenda.   They promise you can trust them, in fact, the entire premise of their existence rests on trust…  But you find that in furtherance of their agenda they had been picking and choosing the facts to release.   They weren’t usually quite lying to you, rather obfuscating and giving you only partial information while tailoring which facts they provided and which they hide.

If you assumed you could trust them, this barrage of disinformation could not help but subtly effect your perception of social and economic reality.  This of course impacts the choices you and others would make.

By leaving out context, by providing only “partial” quotes, you realize that for years they were subtly convincing you that what you previously believed was good, was actually bad and what had always seemed right was actually wrong.   You and anyone else subject to this “information” could come to question and even become ashamed of long held convictions.

  • Want to protect our boarders, you are a racist.
  • Want to let people keep more of the money they worked for? You are against the poor.
  • Want to give children the ability to go to a better school? You are anti-education.
  • You studied and realized that as to Man Made Climate Change, there really IS a debate? You are an anti-environment science denier!
  • You are Black but voted republican? You are an Uncle Tom!

These tactics have now been promulgated by the mainstream media for years.   A never ending stream of half-truths and pure propaganda designed not to inform, but to influence.    A type of social engineering and group think; repeat the same lie often enough, the same talking points from enough venues and  eventually we perceive black as white and right as wrong.  Pay attention people, watch them…

ENEMY?  What to you think?
One thing for sure… The Mainstream Media is not your friend.

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