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Lies and Half Truths- The engine doesn’t run

September 10, 2012 in Politics, Uncategorized

Obama, the Car Salesman?
Have you ever bought a car?… and actually liked the salesman?  Maybe even almost fell in love with him?  He was kind, funny, sincere, mesmerizing; you just knew; you could tell he was different.  You even thought about introducing him to your sister?  There was just something about him…  he would not lie to you.  Even if all the others did… you just knew you could trust this man!  You gladly bought what he was selling and went on your way confident, even excited knowing your travels were going to me smoother, safer, more reliable, more comfortable.  The future looked so bright!   Then the engine blew up.

Click Here for A partial list of Obama’s list of lies, half truths and broken promises.

We were sold a bill of goods; a defective product.  Isn’t it time to invoke the lemon law and get a new car?

Obama is the salesman that sold us that crappy car that will NEVER live up to the hype… and the Democratic Party is his dealership.  The only thing they sell is a enormous, bloated, job killing, over bearing, stifling, controlling government.  They advertise and market their products as compassion and fairness; things that we all want.  But just as with a beautiful car, you always have to look under the hood.  What they are selling sounds is what we all want.  Even I want it… everyone does. It looks and sounds so beautiful… even inspiring, but when we look under the hood; an open aware mind sees an engine that works nothing like what we are told.

I want what they are selling to work.  I want to eliminate poverty, hunger; I want to feed and educate all children.  I want a country and yes, a world of peace, happiness and prosperity.  And I believe, that as the most powerful country in the world we should do everything possible to achieve these objectives.

But none of this can be accomplished unless we institute policies that can actually get the job done.  I don’t care how inspiring the sales job is… a bad engine is a bad engine.  A bad policy is a bad policy.  Lies and misdirection are simply deceit.

His words are almost always perfection; a constant stream of inspiring rhetoric.  But we all know this… it’s what you do… not what you say that matters.  He gives a GREAT speech, is a great salesman, but like the car salesman above… it’s smoke and mirrors.

A direct quote from a speech given on about 9-10-12.
“The path we have chosen may be harder but it will lead to a better place.  I’m asking you to choose that future.  I’m asking you to rally around some goals; concrete achievable goals in manufacturing, in energy, in education, in cutting the deficit that will lead to more jobs and opportunity and it will rebuild our economy on a stronger foundation.  That’s what the next 4 years are about.  That’s why I’m running for president.”

Isn’t this what he said he was going to be doing the first four years?

Let’s quickly dissect it.

   “The path we have chosen may be harder but it will lead to a better place.”

Isn’t this exactly what the car salesman does?  It’s perfectly analogous to “the payments may be a bit higher, but you’re going to have such a nice ride”. We all know that the the hard path is doing what MUST BE DONE!  Not just talking about what we want to accomplish.Spending must be cut.  There is no option.  See Tax the Rich?

Let’s look at his stated goals.

Manufacturing – as part of his class warfare argument, he rails against the greedy corporations that move jobs overseas.  The fact of the matter is that is substantially a direct result of his tax policy.  The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

Energy– Does Solyndra, Evergreen sound familiar?  With these and other “green companies”, we, the tax payers, lost hundreds of millions of dollars because he decided to pick and choose which industry and which companies would win in the game of government handouts.  The money co-incincidentally seems to go companies that have close ties to his administration or from companies that made HUGE contributions to his campaign.  I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

We should not just be mad as hell about the loss of OUR money, but this should be a stark lesson in the inefficiency and incompetency of our government.  The main reason these companies went under?  They could not compete with the Chinese competition!   Shouldn’t the people who are throwing away our tax dollars have known that?  Actually, there is overwhelming evidence that they did, but handed our cash out to these contributors and well connected companies, nevertheless.  Why couldn’t they compete?  It’s not just “lower wages” as the administration likes to tout… as noted above, we tax our corporations more than any company in the world.  Additionally, our regulatory system is almost impossible to traverse.  Our own governmental tax structure and policies make it impossible to compete.  Our government is costing our people jobs.

Lie– Speaking of energy—what about oil.  He states that under his administration drilling and production has never been higher.
Fact– Virtually, every time he had the opportunity to stop drilling in the US offshore, he killed it.  Virtually, every drop of production is the direct result of Bush policies opening up markets and fields.  The only reason they weren’t shut down is that it was not politically expedient to do so.

Education– His solution to education is what it is for all democrats… give the teacher unions more money.  We all know it doesn’t work.  In spite of raise after raise, our children are still being failed by this system.  How can he not realize what everyone with a brain understands.  The key to better education is to have better educators.  You don’t accomplish that by giving an across the board pay increase to effective and ineffective teachers.  Good teachers must be rewarded and bad teachers must be either helped to improve… or fired.  It may be harsh, but it’s also true.  Don’t our children deserve that?

Cutting the Deficit? This is actually laughable.  In spite of the inspirational words, he has proven to have no interest in deficit reduction.  The one budget that he actually proposed was so insane that it received not even 1 vote… from anyone!  Not even his tax and spend democrats would touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Lie- Obama has had the lowest rate of increase in spending since World War II.
Truth- He speaks of lowering the budget but the facts are that, in spite of the actual gargantuan budgets that he signed, in every case he had actually had asked for more!  As to the “slow” rate of growth, although technically accurate, it is again, smoke.  When stated as a percentage of growth from one year to the next, to the degree it’s almost true, it’s not because of any restraint, but rather because he actually made the historically high budgets created by the “stimulus” package the new “baseline”.

If last year’s budget was $1,000 and this year I spent $1.500, I increased the budget 50% but actually only spent an additional $500 dollars.  Probably not anything that will bankrupt me.

However, if last year the budget was 1 Trillion Dollars and this year I spent 1.3 Trillion Dollars, I actually lowered the rate of growth… hooray!  But I just spent an additional THREE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!  This is the kind of numbers game (half truths) that Obama is playing.
For those that want to wade through the data see… http://hotair.com/archives/2012/05/25/wapo-three-pinocchios-to-wh-over-their-defense-of-obama-spending/

How does an economist trying to determine what the numbers really mean, see it?  They look to the percentage of increase in government spending to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
In FY2008, federal spending equaled 20.8% of GDP.  In FY2009, it jumped to 25.4% — an increase of 22% in the rate of spending.  In the post-war era, federal spending as a percentage of the U.S. economy has hovered around 20 percent, give or take a couple of percentage points. Under Obama, it has hit highs not seen since the end of World War II — completely the opposite of the point asserted by the administration.

Obama can spin the numbers any way he wants but in what world can any rational human being oversee and sign into law the most staggering deficits in the history of the world, borrow forty cents of every dollar spent, while at the same time bragging that he has slowed the rate of government spending????

We need to understand; this country’s problems cannot be solved by good speeches.  It requires good effective policies.

  • Class Warfare is not a good Policy.
  • Making grandiose promises to get and keep power… is not good policy.
  • Pretending the government can solve all problems is not good policy.  Government has limits, but even more importantly is this tidbit of fundamental truth that is always lost in the shuffle… “the government can never give anything to anyone, without having taken it from some else first”.   The government plays a never ending game of Robin Hood.  Take from the “rich” to give to the poor.  But there are limits to what can be taken.  See “Tax the Rich”
  • Anti business is not good policy.  To have a job you need an employer who has a business.  When government controls and regulations make hiring more expensive, businesses don’t hire.  What could be simpler?  See How Government Destroys So Much!
    • When businesses are taxed more they have less capital so hire fewer employees.
    • A simple fact- Other than IRS agents (we need more, right?), raising taxes has and never will create even one job.  Even Obama agreed with that, when it was beneficial for him to say so!  Remember him saying you can’t raise taxes during a recession?  Economic growth is even slower now than it was then.  Did the laws of economics change?  Or is is simply that he now finds that the class warfare argument will get him votes?   Raising taxes NEVER creates jobs, however, raising taxes has proven to cost millions of jobs.  But anything to get re-elected, right?  It’s not about truth, it’s not about policy… it’s about power.
    • An economy founded on private sector jobs is more prosperous than one that considers welfare and unemployment as “stimulus”.  (and yes the democratic “dealership” has actually called welfare and unemployment stimulus).  A SIMPLE QUESTION–   If more government jobs, unemployment and welfare stimulates the economy, why don’t we just put everyone on welfare… or give everyone a government job…  then we’d have 100% employment and the most prosperous economy in the world, right?  That’s basically what the Soviet Union did.  How’d that work out?  That’s basically what Greece and Spain tried to do…  you can see what’s happening with them right now!   A strong prosperous society comes from a strong and free, unshackled private sector… not from a bloated, overbearing, job strangling government!   History proves this time and time again!  see http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/is-government-the-answer/
    • Lying or misrepresenting truth is never good policy… They hide the most fundamental precept of government and how it affects society.  “the government can never give anything, without having taken it from some else first”.

No matter how well it’s sold, no matter how great it sounds, when we get it on the road, the engine always blows up!   There is something fundamentally flawed in the manufacturing process.  Whether they know it or not; whether by intent or ignorance, they are promoting policies that simply can’t work.  The math simply does not add up.  The policies and solutions they put forth have never in the history of mankind created long term success.

I DON’T HATE OBAMA- I think he probably believes in the fundamentals of what he is trying to do.  When you look at who he was raised by, the Marxist professors that (by his own admission he sought out), the people that he has surrounded himself with (see http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/the-company-we-keep-friends-and-appointments-of-obama/ is it any wonder that he seems to believe what he does?  Unfortunately, no matter how much we may wish to believe otherwise, facts are always facts…

The fact is that Obama’s policies have never worked in the history of mankind and they never will.

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  1. After the viewing the debate, I have been debating, but after reading an article about Romney and the lies that he is telling makes me wonder. I states in the article that Romney told 533 lies in 30 weeks. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2012/08/29/mitt-romney-tells-533-lies-in-30-weeks-steve-benen-documents-them/

    And how is going to run the country and his own campaign is in debt. Romney camp $11,000,000.00 in debt. SOURCE: http://abcn.ws/QNivAN

    like I said, it makes me wonder…..

  2. In what way, did we bash anyone of color? For the record, I’m not bashing a president. I’m bashing policies that history has PROVEN don’t work. FACTS AND TRUTH ARE COLOR BLIND.

    If there is one word that is not factually accurate. Please let me know.
    This portion is a a blog with information on many important subjects, both liberal and conservative. and you are obviously welcome to give your opinion.

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