Success Principles


Want Success?    Be Willing to Act,   Be Prepared to Fail and Unwilling to Blame!
Success entails action, temporary failure and the acceptance of responsibility i.e. No Excuses!
Without the capacity to fail and get back up, the ability to succeed simply doesn’t exist!
When you DO fail… When you do have that set back… Don’t Make Excuses! Don’t Blame. LEARN. Blaming is nothing but a waste of time. Get back up, analyze what happened, learn from it and do it again… but this time, do it better. 

We must take responsibility for our circumstances. We’re not where we should be because someone let us down? Maybe we should be more careful about who we depend on. Choose new partners or rely more on ourselves.  The bottom line is we can never fully direct our destiny until we acknowledge we are in control. Blaming outside people or circumstances for our situation simply lays the groundwork for lifelong excuses and failure. Excuses are the death knell of success in any endeavor. Don’t use them.  When we take responsibility we understand and are empowered by the knowledge that you are in control and it’s easier to see and begin taking advantage of the opportunities that abound.

Get rid of EVERY excuse that you have ever made for failure.  Because with VERY FEW exceptions, that’s all they ever are… EXCUSES!  They don’t matter and they never did! Have you ever failed?  Who hasn’t… Every success you know has also experienced failure.   Success and failure go hand in hand.   You will never have one without the other!  I don’t care who you are, what your past is, what your goal is…  You Can Do It!… 

 You Can Do It!
Do what?  Almost anything.  This is not about building any specific business, it is about building a successful business or life in whatever direction you choose.

  • No matter where you are…
  • No matter what your past…
  • No matter what your education…

You can begin making the choices, right now, that will take you to the place that you want to be.

 This is not a platitude nor is it wishful thinking, these are facts…

  • You are not too old.
  • You are not too young.
  • You are not too uneducated.
  • And yes, you are smart enough!

You have what it takes, you just have to USE what you have!

We are each the sum total of the actions that we’ve taken up to this point in our lives.  If we want to embark on a new course, we need to make different choices.  It is never what we know that matters… It’s what we do.  New outcomes require new actions and new choices… and choices and actions are always within your grasp.

 These articles, blogs and commentary will help anyone to understand how to make the choices and take the actions that will help to build a better future.

 Don’t be afraid of failure, embrace it!

Success and failure, unfortunately go hand in hand.  Everyone that has ever succeeded has also failed.. in most cases, many times.  But when they failed,  they pulled themselves up analyzed what happened and tried again with increased knowledge of their endeavor.  They  continued on with more information and a better chance of success on the next attempt.

  • This is simply how it works.
    • We do
    • we fail,
    • we learn,
    • we do again,
    • we succeed!

That’s how it works… Get Used to It!

If you spend you life trying to avoid failure rather than achieving successYou are doomed!  Focus on what you have to do and where you want to go… not the possibility failure.  Don’t wait until everything is just right… It never will be!… Your journey will not consist solely of green lights.  If you are afraid of failure and try too hard to avoid it… Success will never happen!

You will never be in a position to succeed… unless you are willing to put yourself in a position to fail.  You have to try!

Failure and success are flip sides of the same coin… you have to be willing to flip that coin!

 We will look at some real life stories of failure and success, the overcoming of adversity (even some of my own story).

Realize, success is a process that entails the following of certain universal teachable principles.  In EVERY successful person, you will find that there are certain ways of dealing with issues that each had in common.  They are basic principles that can learned and followed by anyone.

Have a personal story?  Comment?  Please share!


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  1. Failure is a stepping stone to Success and a learning process. It is all in how you look at it. Have a determined mind and will
    and pick your self up and dust your self off when you fail and start over just remember what failed and try to make it work another
    way. Every one is a winner and can succeed some just do not know it yet. Thanks for the article.

    • thank you for your comment.
      the fact is that most people don't understand that "failure" is just one of many necessary steps in the process. Many hit a road block and give up. Others hit the road block and find a way to go around. If success were easy, everyone would achieve it. It may not be easy, but it's certainly worth it. Not just from the monetary aspect, but from the sense of self worth that comes with it. Nothing feels better than accomplishing the "impossible" 🙂

      thank you for the post and don't forget to share!

  2. Wow, this article is jam packed with good advice. It almost has no need of comments. I'll still add my 2 cents.

    As long as you learn from the experience and pick yourself up and continue on, you are not a failure. This is true even if what you learn is that something is not for you. For example, early in my career life, while I was still working on my undergrad degree, I tried insurance sales. I found that I just didn't believe in the company's product enough to be successful at selling it. I did learn a lot during my time in the position. That is experience that I can always call on in present endeavors. There are two statements that can be made from that. I am not an insurance salesperson and I am not a failure. I am an entrepreneur and I am successful at many things. Focus in on the second one and make it an affirmation. It will take you far.

  3. Nothing like adding to mine own comment, but I just looked this up for someone else and had to share. Whenever I hear quotes on the value of failure, I always think about what Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus used to say: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"

  4. I do agree with all that was said. It's kinda like good and bad, Living and dieing, and for every action there is reaction. I really have been looking for a forum to give my view on how the poor decision making and lack of self disapline have made a dramatic impact on me throughout my intire life. As well as a possible solution at leaste for some on how to avoid haveing the same challanges.

  5. I wanted to make a point about about teachable and educating is the key. As we grow up most of what we learn is from our parents or those whom we spend the most time around. I notice that a lot of the younger generation lack in common-sense and general mannerisims such as please n thank you, getting up for the elderly, etc. I would say that in more than half the cases their parents passed that sorry trait on to them. My point is that in pre-school & kindergarden the same things are still being taught, maybe useing different tech but the same thing. There should be more focus on independance, self-value, and such things giving them tools other then knowing how to only read self-help books. I had what most would consider everything growing up, own room, water-bed, etc. But the one thing that I really needed was aknowlegement and discipline.

    • I agree, I've said for years that there should be a requirement in schools for a class or educational segment on "personal responsibility".
      Every city, state, and county has hundreds of people that are successful even though they had EVERY excuse available for failure.
      Divorced parents, wrong race, inadequate education, early drug addiction… men and women that could easily have laid down and accomplished nothing. Instead they got up, accepted No Excuses and went to work to improve their lives.
      Don't you think they would love to come into classrooms different people that would come in, a different one every month… and give a talk about the fact that who and what you are and accomplish is not so much a result of where you come from, but simply of the choices we make; that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, better choices, better decisions, better actions ALWAYS result in better outcomes.

      I think that if something like this were done consistently throughout the country's educational system, we'd see better results and a better adjusted society.
      It wouldn't happen overnight, it would take time, but it would work.

      One of the biggest problems in our society is that so many don't take responsibility for their own lives; they make excuses for everything that is not right and look to someone else for solutions.
      The reality is that for most of us, the answer is in the mirror. Many just don't know it.

  6. For me you hit right on the head. I want everyone to excersice that right that millions have died to protect. It is a cherished right in this country. But as with all rights, it comes with responsibility. The responsiblity to have, at least, a reasonable undestanding of the issues that their vote is deciding.____A vote without understanding, is a vote directed by nothing other than a good speach or effective propoganda. Neither is the foundation of good policy or good law.

  7. great words from a great man way to go Bruce i hope that things will get better for us all in this fast internet world
    and marketing i know its hard been there to many times but finding are selves back to square one is not easy but all we can do is keep trying to make tows goals we dream of and hope for we all want the best for are family 's and,friends that need the help or want the help .
    Mr. Ramirez,.. One of your Asn students I'm stile trying, to make this all work been here now for 3 years
    in ASN net work …