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October 16, 2014 in Politics

Regardless of your politics; whether conservative or liberal…  You NEED to read and share this… the future of this great country depends on it!  http://wp.me/p2EGlL-3RI
Did You Know?

  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.  (this eliminates the ability of citizens and news media to communicate honestly with one another or the public, unless specifically authorized by the government(Note of author: So only messages the government wants us to hear will get out.  That is the definition of an oppressive, dictatorship that wants to control the message.  China, USSR, N. Korea, etc… ) 

This is but one of many signed executive orders we’ll discuss, that are a direct threat to our most cherished rights and freedoms.  The citizens of this country need to wake up to what is happening in our government and how it can affect each and everyone of us!
Opinions can be debated.  But  FACTs are FACTs!   
What follows is not a right or left wing rant.  What follows are not simply political partisan opinions regarding actions of this or any other administration.  They include incontrovertible facts of what is happening within our government, included are the actual EXECUTIVE ORDER numbers that you can examine yourself.  Don’t take my word for it.   Look them up for yourself.  

The cumulative affect of these unprecedented actions is the implementation of all inclusive, sweeping dictatorial like powers.  The FACT is that current and previous administrations have embarked on a series of actions, decrees and executive orders, the likes and scope of which are destructive to the very principles upon which this country was founded.  Orders and decrees that put our most sacred rights and freedoms at risk.  See these articles  “Are we on the way to a dictatorship“?  Way to Dictatorship 2

Did You Know?

  • -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision. 
    • This effectively allows the president to declare you to be “property of the state”, allowing them to do to or with you as it pleases… all with a stroke of the pen!

Numerous massively disturbing orders and laws have been proposed and enacted by this and past presidents.  However, to the degree they have been put in place by this administration, they are given a free pass.

This president has unilaterally changed existing laws, ordered the department of justice to not enforce laws, used the power of the federal government to target conservative groups, on many issues he has knowingly lied to the public (keep your doctor, Benghazi, etc…).   Amazingly, he now holds the record for actions that were unanimously deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court!  The list of unconstitutional, unlawful, overreaching actions and orders goes on and on.  However, the problem is much deeper than the acts or lies of this or past administrations. There is simply no longer accountability for lies or illegal actions of politicians.

The senate and president, blocks, refuses to vote, blames and uses the lack of passed legislation that they largely prevented, as the pretense to justify even more unilateral control, more executive orders and more power to the president. This has effectively destroyed the balance of powers between the branches of government and ceded it unto one man… IN MOST PLACES, THAT’S CALLED A “DE FACTO” DICTATORSHIP.

Partisan supporters and a biased media not only ignore current ongoing travesties of government, but when these facts surface, they actually twist, obfuscate and even justify them.   Virtually no one agrees with the direction this country is taking… Ever wonder why unions ALWAYS support democrats?  Those who benefit from government handouts, bailouts or government jobs, will often support or ignore anything, as long they get their “stuff”.  The hell with the future of this country or our children.

Through Ignorance, complacency and the unintentional support of destructive governmental actions are putting our future at risk.  A huge portion of our society is being lulled into a sense of security and well being, by persuasive soaring, disingenuous rhetoric.  ,  There is a never ending societal narrative that is fed to the uninformed masses that justifies the non-stop unconstitutional actions executive orders undertaken by our president and government.

More than Justifying these actions…  Many actually applaud them by asserting he had no choice:

  • The lack of action by our congress created the necessity for the president to “step up” and take executive action.
  • The president is a “patriot” for doing what must be done.
  • That the “will of the people sent a message”  (It WOULD be the will of the people, if they actually received what they THOUGHT, they were voting for) However, in light of “keep your doctor”, “keep your plan”, “Benghazi was caused by a video”, the IRS scandal, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc… I could go on and on… Can anyone really honestly assert that his actions and agenda were really the will of the people?  Were the people really sending the message that we want a president that would lie or at least, put up a constant impenetrable wall of smoke and obstruction… all for the sake of retaining power? Or were the people just duped? I think the latter.

Do we have any chess players here? Three card monte? Ever watched a shell game? Whether most realize or acknowledge it, for years we have been watching a combination of all three.  Some see it for what it is “pure, non stop misdirection“; unfortunately, most don’t have a clue.  What’s happening with this administration and senate is little more than a well played, but dirty game of misdirection….  IT’S A NEVER ENDING SHELL GAME PLAYED BY LIBERAL POLITICIANS… Concentrate on the ball we show you… Don’t worry about the other stuff.

Like a loveable 2 year old. No matter what happens, democrats persuasively proclaim “I didn’t do it, It’s not my fault”.  It’s all the fault of the “Do Nothing” republican congress.  They take responsibility for nothing and blame others for everything!… they are even blaming congress for Ebola!    Just a moment of objective analysis leads to the inarguable conclusion that is is B*** S***!

The fact is that bill after bill is passed by congress. Well over 200 during the Obama administration.
Then, as provided by our system of government, it’s sent to our liberal dominated senate for a vote (which never occurs), and if passed it goes to the president for signing or veto.
The senate, NOT ONLY DOES NOT PASS ANY OF THEM… THEY REFUSE TO BRING ANYTHING, OF NOTE, TO A VOTE. They won’t take it to a vote even if the house passed it with bi-partisan support and they knew it would pass in the senate… especially if they know it would pass.


  • It doesn’t matter if a congressional bill is good for the country, passing it is bad for the Dems.  There is no upside for them.
  • If it passes the senate and is signed by the president, the Republicans get some of the credit.
  • If it actually does good for the country, people realize there is merit to conservative ideas.
  • If it DOESN’T pass the senate, but had the support of a substantial percentage of the people, it creates problems for the democrat senators who have to explain why they voted against it.
  • If it DOES PASS the senate and president then vetoes a bill that has support of the citizens, that is politically damaging!
    Simply put, passing legislation that originates in the Republican house HAS NO UPSIDE FOR THE DEMOCRATS.  It is infinitely more advantageous to not allow any vote, while continuing to talk about the “Do Nothing Congress”.  Their goal is not to improve our country… it’s to retain their power.

To successfully pull off this political monte, all that’s required is an apathetic uninformed electorate (they have that), a substantially liberal media that consistently supports the liberal agenda (they have that), and a massive party wide failure of candor i.e. lies (they have that)… but apparently, lying to the public is a small price to pay to keep power. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE POWER!

Pass Nothing and Blame the Republicans!
By making certain nothing actually passes the senate, democrats can continue to tell the country that republicans are “the party of no”. Surprise, if it’s a bad policy that’s bad for the economy and bad for the future… the vote SHOULD be no!  But the problem has nothing to do with “no” votes… it’s the lack of the opportunity to vote PERIOD… AND THAT IS 100% CONTROLLED BY THE DEMOCRATS WHO CURRENTLY CONTROL THE SENATE.

Realize, the leader of the senate (Harry Reid), has sole discretion as to what is brought to the floor for a vote. HE CONTROLS THE AGENDA.
If the leader of the senate won’t bring it to the floor… it doesn’t get a vote.  It’s that simple!  No Vote… No Pass.

As long as nothing is PASSED that originated in congress; or more to the point, EVEN BROUGHT TO A VOTE, the democrats can repeat the mantra that the conservative congress is the party of “NO”. The fact is most of the bills passed in congress had bi-partisan support and would definitely pass in the senate IF A VOTE WERE ALLOWED…

However, by not allowing the bills to even be brought to the floor, the democrats can continue to propound to the public the preposterous LIE that all problems are the result of an impotent, actionless bunch of uncaring republicans. Democrats constantly blame congress for being a “do nothing congress”… then, the mainstream liberal media, parrots this absurd narrative… the fact is, Republicans continue to do their jobs, pass needed legislation with bipartisan support, as is their constitutional duty, send it to the senate… where it dies of neglect by the “no vote” senate.

This repeated failure of enacted legislation (due to inactions of the senate leader), is used to support the idea that the president MUST “step up”, and for the good of the country, act through the use of executive orders, the likes and depths of which are unique to our history. Of course he must… he has an intractable “do nothing” congress! It is sickening.

NOTE: there are legitimate reasons for executive orders… the desire to bypass the constitution is not among them.

For anyone who questions that this is happening, please do just a bit of your own research.  My issue is not so much the laws that are or are not passed.  Even if I dislike the legislation, I can accept it if it is handled in an honest and constitutionally mandated process.   My problem is that the political, constitutional process is being usurped by this administration.

The reality is that the congress IS doing it’s job. The senate and president, blocks, refuses to vote, blames and uses the lack of passed legislation that they largely prevented, as the pretense to justify even more unilateral control, more executive orders and more power to the president. This has effectively destroyed the balance of powers between the branches of government and ceded it unto one man… IN MOST PLACES, THAT’S CALLED A “DE FACTO” DICTATORSHIP.

Our country’s freedoms haven’t yet been completely destroyed, but regardless of how many people are aware of what is really happening… it is happening, inch by inch.

As with 3 card monte, a good shell game or a well played game of chess… most people just don’t get it.
Those that DO “get it”, better start trying to educate, those “that don’t.”, or soon, we will wake up and no longer be the land of the free.



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