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August 8, 2014 in Politics

I wrote this linked article months ago  “Are we on the way to a dictatorship“?

Are We on the Way to a Dictatorship?

and it created quite a stir and much debate.  Many agreed with the premise, many disagreed, vehemently…  I was even called a racist for daring to state FACTS that are unquestionably true.

That was then, this is now… all the things I’ve railed against are now further magnified.
Simply put I believe, our president is acting dangerously close to a dictator.

Executive orders.
Our president is ignoring the other branches of government, because he doesn’t like the bills they pass; and yes they have passed many.  Then he accuses them of doing nothing.  He then abuses the powers of executive orders to effectively create new law because as he said “We have to do something”.

The issue isn’t do you or he like the laws they passed, the issue is “Is our president upholding his oath to enforce the laws of the US faithfully?  Or is he making them up as he goes… as do Dictators.  For all the supporters of this administration who see no problem with what even the supreme court has on numerous occasions ruled was an unconstitutional abuse of power let me ask a question…

A QUESTION:  How would you feel if the precise same executive decisions that ENACTED OR CHANGED existing law were put in place by, let’s say, George Bush…  except with an extreme conservative bent. i.e.

Let’s say he unilaterally:
decreased taxes across the board by executive order, rather than by a signed bill?
Changed qualifications for welfare (As Obama did).
diminished environmental protections, to make sure big business could grow, hire more employees and increase the tax base…
delayed the enforcement of laws that would increase social security benefits…

These actions would be intolerable to not just you, but to me and virtually every other conservative.  Not because I do or do not agree with the policy, but because following the constitution and rule of law has made this country great and when we stop, we will stop being great.  Without the balance of power and the mutual respect of the branches of government… WE BECOME A DICTATORSHIP.

GREAT SPEECHES AREN’T ENOUGH!  I give our president props for great speeches and political astuteness, but not for honesty or candor. With the help of a liberal media, he and liberal politicians have been propounding the Mantra that we have a DO NOTHING CONGRESS.

Far from a “do nothing congress”, we have a “vote on nothing” senate.  Around 100 bills have been passed by the Congress. Then instead of debating and voting in the senate, the democratically controlled senate buries the bills.  Why? Because the conservatives would only need a few democrats to vote with them to get them to pass.  The result would then be a president who either had to sign into law bills he doesn’t like, or veto everything, thus becoming a “DO NOTHING PRESIDENT“!

It’s not the number of executive decisions that’s the problem, it’s their nature.  Many presidents have used them much more frequently.  But usually not to actually change the law or effectively enact laws on their own…

I believe the congress for the most part is doing it’s job.  The senate under the leadership of Harry Reid, who has the power to decide what bills from the congress will even be allowed to be voted on or even debated… SIMPLY BURIES EVERYTHING!

At this writing the US supreme court had UNANIMOUSLY stated that many of Obama’s executive orders and decisions were blatantly unconstitutional… These continuous unanimous decisions are unprecedented in our history!  Stricken orders range from deciding what constituted a “recess appointment”, to bypass the constitutional right and obligation of advise and consent, to redefining the powers of the EPA so that they will via “rules” effectively enact the cap and trade laws that our congress refuses to enact… and everything in between.  Again, it’s not about agreeing or not with the policy he tries to enact, it’s about following the US constitution and rule of law.

What made our government and society great was being a system of laws that were followed even by the president; the balancing of powers and the acknowledgement of each branch of their limitations.  When the executive branch ignores congress, the Constitution… and abuses executive powers to enact laws on his own…  That becomes dangerously close to a dictatorship.



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