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Understanding Science Often Kills Faith… for me it created a Christian

July 27, 2012 in Religion

Science has a tendency to kill faith.  For me, in the end, science created a Christian.
I was and atheist… then a closer, more analytical look at the science that contradicts faith, created, a Christian.  The fact is that much of what we are taught is wrong; provably wrong… but it continues to be taught anyway!  If you were taught ONLY the facts that support evolution, while having buried and hidden away, any fact put the theory into question…  Would you want to know?  I would.  I did… and what I found was astounding!  Much of what we KNOW of the universe is reasonably explainable ONLY by something other than blind random chance.


see How Science Created a Christian

  • We know that life doesn’t come from dead inanimate objects, but life exists, why?
  • We know that order does not come from chaos.  But we see an extraordinarily ordered universe that started with the incomprehensible chaos of the big bang.  How?
  • We know that something does not come from nothing.  But we also know that everything we see came from the nothingness prior to the big bang.  How?
  • If the many cosmological forces such as gravity, the strong and weak atomic forces, etc… were any different, life could not exist.  Not just human life… NO LIFE!  Are we really just that lucky?

 As Fred Hoyle, one of the most preeminent minds of the 20th century (an atheist no less), stated “It’s as if a super-intellect has been monkeying with physics”. 

 The more our scientists, chemists, astronomers, palentologists, and biologists discover about the origins and details of life and the universe… the less that undirected, blind chance seems to be even a remote possiblity.  There HAS to me more… but what?

How Science Created a Christian

Are Science and Religion at Odds? How Science Created a Christian.

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