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This is not just about politics or the left or right.  It’s about our future Yours, mine, our children’s.  Our government is literally spending us into oblivion… Our politicians are lying to us…  Most of our citizens don’t have a clue as to what’s happening or the inevitable break down of society that’s coming if we don’t get this under control.  The first step in solving any problem is understanding that it exists.  It doesn’t matter to what party or voting block belong. If we care about the future of our children, our grandchildren, the future of this country, we must ALL get involved.  We have to make the public aware of the danger we are in!  Please help us to share and inform the public to the plight we now face…  

The fact of the matter is that about 20% of our voters don’t have a clue as to what they really voted for, what it means or where it leads… The uninformed voter may be BRILLIANT… but still uninformed. Consequently, they are persuaded by the biggest, although, impossible promise, the most inspiring, but meaningless speech and the most beautiful, but unachievable vision… The politician gets the vote… the nation gets the shaft!

The uninformed electorate is a big part of why our government is not working. Education and understanding is vital to this nation’s future. Please, share this with everyone, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Linkedin, etc… Remember, all that is required for tyranny to prevail, is for good people to do nothing. Please help.

The United States is going down the tubes as is much of the free world.  We must work together to fix it.  Our government is on the brink of economic collapse.   More than 40 cents of every $1 we spend is borrowed, mostly from China.  What do you think will happen when they stop lending???  AND THEY WILL!  Everything you know and expect from your government will change.  The social safety net will be gone, social security gone, there will be chaosAll anyone has to do is look, not just to history, but to present day events…
Countries that just a few years ago were as stable as us are now rioting in the streets.  Why?  Because they did what our leaders are doing right now!  i.e. being totally financially irresponsible as a government.  THEN, when they could no longer borrow, they could no longer support the dependency society they had created and the result was chaos.    We are on that road.

Just like our leaders, they knew it was coming, but to stay in power, to get re-elected they did nothing about it.  They promised more and took more, while continuing toward the cliff.  

As George Bernard Shaw said, “as long as you have a government that takes from Peter to pay Paul, it will always have the support of Paul”.  

They retained power by taking from tax payers until there was nothing left to take and nothing more that could be given!   The result was and is Chaos.  Our politicians are using government handouts and benefits of every sort to gain and keep power… Even though EVERY economist agrees that our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course.  We must bring some sanity back to the system or it will fail.

In spite of what our leaders would have you believe, we cannot Tax our way out of this mess anymore than Spain and Greece could.

see… http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/i-see-the-future-and-it-looks-like-greece/

Do what sounds good, makes the most people happy, gets the most votes (’til after the election), take the credit for doing “something”, getting reelected for doing such a “great” job; (the hell with the long term consequences, I’ll be retired)… and then when things don’t improve or gets even worse? Blame other politicians… after all, the only reason it’s not fixed is that “they didn’t let me do more!”

For years, the LIBERAL answer has been to give more to those that will vote for them by increasing taxes.  It just doesn’t work. Higher taxes ALWAYS diminishes wealth, lowers the tax base, which lowers tax revenues, which causes budget deficits that creates the need for MORE TAXES, which diminishes wealth, which lowers the tax base even more, etc… Insanity!

Whatever the solutions to real problems may be, one thing is certain… Increasing Taxes is not it!

There are not enough rich and not enough wealth in the entire country.  Even if the government took it all, there are not enough assets or wealth to support our government’s largess.  Our liberal leaders, Obama, Pelosi, Reid are pretending that everything is fine, that the rich paying “their fair share”, will fix it.  It won’t!  They Know it!  THEY ARE LYING.


HOW TO STAY IN POWER?  Ignore Reality
The party in power seems not to care, seems to be concerned for nothing other than retaining power.
They are aware of the problem but pretend it doesn’t even exist!  To stay in power they simply keep their constituency oblivious to the chaos that’s coming.  see Should We All Vote?

The conservatives, Boehner, Ryan, Rubio, Romney, etc… have been screaming at the top of their lungs that we have to do something.  But the media doesn’t listen, so the public doesn’t hear.  But you hear nothing from the Liberals, because the solution requires honesty and fiscal responsibility, which means, fewer handouts and the loss of some votes!  i.e. less power. They are letting things get worse and simply blaming the other party as it happens.  That strategy seems to be working for them. The combination of deceitful politicians and a mainstream media that never calls them on their lies or half truths, is perpetuating the power they so desire, while continuing our path to destruction.

They make great promises and speeches that are incredibly persuasive to those that pay little or no attention.  They play political games, misname legislation for political affect (affordable care act), fabricate non existent issues (the war on women), go behind closed doors to create the laws, and then put children in the forefront of signing ceremonies for emotional appeal to pass laws that accomplish nothing.
Democratic Politics 101-  Just ignore the real problem.  It won’t go away… but we stay in power.

Their legislative philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase made famous by Rom Emmanuel
“Never let a tragedy go to waste”.  i.e. use the emotion of a tragic event to push through legislation that could never be passed otherwise.  What’s wrong with this philosophy?  If a law doesn’t get passed when it is analyzed and discussed fairly and logically, while divorced from the pressures of emotional or political turmoil;  it probably means it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.  People rarely make better decisions when infuriated or heartbroken than when they are calm and rational.  But that’s when these politicians do their “best” work.

One political party stays in power by preying on the ill informed and pushing the idea of class warfare, easy solutions, tax the rich, fair share, government can do it better, etc… as the solution to societal and individual needs.  IT’S A LIE AND THEY KNOW IT.
See the Company Obama Keeps.
Why the drop in unemployment is so disturbing
List of lies, half truths, broken promises and failed policies.
Deceit,  obfuscation, manipulation is the order of the day and the foundation of legislative and political tactics.  But just a moment of thought makes it clear how empty the promises and tactics are.

WE ARE GOING BANKRUPT… AND GETTING WHAT?  I can and do support laws and policies that work… but this???
Think about it.  There is nothing that government does efficiently, other than create armies… and even then our armies are the home of the $100 dollar hammer and $500 dollar toilet seat.  The government can’t even deliver a letter, and we are supposed to trust them to improve our lives?  To improve healthcare?  To increase our standard of living?  Government doesn’t do that… it never has.  This is accomplished only via a free and vibrant unconstrained economy.  Ask yourself, where do you get more efficient service; better value… the post office?  The DMV?…  or is it Walmart? Or Apple?

How effective is government? 
Remember the “war on drugs”?  How’s that going?
Remember, the Great Society?  The “war on poverty”?
What did we get? The war on poverty brought us the welfare system and generations of families on that “learned” the best way for a check is to have a kid.  Want more money?  Have more children.  Then thanks to Clinton and a Republican house, we got welfare reform which diminished dependency and brought millions out of poverty.  Ironically, ending the “war against poverty” reduced poverty.  Obama, recently gutted the main portions of reform that made it so effective.  Encouraging independence or self reliance does not seem to be one of his objectives, the more people dependent on government, the more votes democratic politicians get.

Don’t get me wrong… I believe that we have an obligation to provide a safety net for those that need it.  But we don’t have an obligation to provide a free lunch to those that simply want it!  But it is a great way to get votes!

As George Bernard Shaw said, “as long as you have a government that takes from Peter to pay Paul, it will always have the support of Paul”.   Our politicians are using government handouts and benefits of every sort to gain and keep power… Even though EVERY economist agrees that our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course.  We have to bring some sanity back to the system or it will fail.

Thanks to the wisdom of government…

  • Healthy capable individuals are coddled, making them weak and dependent on the government programs.  They become a guaranteed vote for the party that promises a free ride…   at the cost of those that actually work.
  • Strong vibrant companies are over taxed and regulated so that they can’t compete with foreign competition.  Because they can’t compete, they hire fewer employees.  Thus, more people get on the government dole, so we have more people dependent on the government… “coincidentally”, more votes for the party of dependency.  But, fewer jobs for those who WANT to work.
  • Strong, bright independent entrepreneurs being deterred from building businesses by the mountain of absurd regulations and burdens that will be imposed by government.  So, they can’t build their business and may not be able to find a job, if they want one.
  • Employees getting fewer hours and enjoying a lower standard of living because the businesses that DO exist, can’t afford to give them over 30 hours a week.  Why?  Because then they fall under the legal dictates of the Obama’s  “affordable care” act.   Obviously, neither the employee nor employee sees anything affordable here.  But our leaders “GAVE” it to us anyway.

The fact is that the government screws up virtually everything it touches.  And now it’s trying to touch every aspect of our lives.  We have to stop this.  If not for us, for our children and grand children.

The government tries to do too much, does it wrong and spends too much doing it!  It ALWAYS spends more than we have and delivers less than we bought!  The worst part…?


GOVERNMENT OR PEOPLE- who gets the credit?
Unlike any government or ruler in the history of humanity, our constitution kept the government out of our everyday lives.  It was created for the individual to grow, to communicate, to believe and do what he wanted without government interference.  It had 2 basic duties, to protect us from enemies abroad and protect us from criminals within.   But as government grows freedoms diminish; and with diminished freedoms, comes diminished opportunity.

The greatness of this country was built on a spirit of self reliance, not in anticipation of government handouts.  This government is creating a society of dependency and is destroying the greatness of our people, our individuals and our economy. 

The greatness of the American system was that we created a partnership of government and the people unlike anything the world had ever seen.  The government did what no individual could accomplish and the people provided the resources to make it possible for the government to accomplish these objectives for the common good.  But there is a problem… Government is run by humans; humans with their own personal agendas and desires.  The personal greed of our politicians (both democrats and republicans), has corrupted the system so that policies are enacted with the objective of being reelected and retaining power.  Whether in the form of government handouts or laws that give more power to unions or other special interest, it simply is no longer about the common good.  It is about garnering the support of the most influential special interests; including unions, corporations, and any other group that can help keep the politician in power.  Now, instead of the US being a partnership between government and people, the government has become a parasite that is bleeding the American tax payer to death.

We are no longer a partner.  We have become the Government’s Piggy Bank!  They appropriate it, and then they take it out of our pockets to pay for it.  But since about 47% of Americans pay ZERO federal taxes, a huge portion of the electorate doesn’t notice or care; often, because they are the recipients of that bankruptive spending!  And this is what the politicians count on.

As George Bernard Shaw said, “as long as you have a government that takes from Peter to pay Paul, it will always have the support of Paul”.   EVERY economist agrees that our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course.  This has to change, and it can only happen with honest representatives… and that can only happen with an informed electorate.  

see Should We All Vote?

WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE- This Country Needs Your Help!
I am concerned about the future of this country.  It doesn’t matter what party or voting block, to which, a person belongs.  If you care about this country, your future, your children’s future everyone must get involved.  To start, it’s as easy as sharing this article.  Help up make the public aware of the danger we are in!  You have to be part of the fight to educate the uninformed to the plight we now face.  Economic destruction is inevitable without intelligent change.  All it takes for tyranny to prevail is for good men to do nothing, please help us educate the unaware!

If the spending isn’t brought under control, the country WILL fail.  PERIOD.  There will be nothing left for anyone.  The social safety net will be gone, social security gone, there will be chaos.  All anyone has to do is look at not just history, but present day events.  We are on the road to Greece and now Spain is rioting… for the same reason… government austerity, cutbacks in benefits because there are not enough rich and not enough wealth to take to support the government largess.  see… http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/i-see-the-future-and-it-looks-like-greece/

Our liberal leaders, Obama, Pelosi, Reid are pretending that everything is fine.  Well… it’s not!  Remember, our government now borrows over 40 cents of every dollar is spends!  Logic dictates that cannot continue… Spain and Greece is proving that it can’t continue… and we can’t just “tax the rich”…  There are not enough rich and there is not enough confiscatable wealth in the entire country to solve the budget problems.  Regardless of anyone’s political opinions, math is always math.  There just aren’t enough available tax revenue for to be the solution!


Today there are constant riots in the streets of Spain and Greece.  Why?
Because they followed the same policies of making everyone happy, spending, creating a comfortable entitlement society that could not be afforded; the same policy that our government is following right now.  Instead of reading the writing on the wall and implementing reasonable adjustments to budgets and spending, they buried their heads in the sand and waited.  Eventually, it was too late for a painless cure.

The governments could no longer tax or borrow enough to pay for the largess of entitlements.  So what happened?  There was no choice but to slash the budgets which meant reducing entitlements.  Spain, as has Greece, much of Europe and yes, even the United States has created a society of entitlements that is unsustainable.  At some point the piper MUST be paid. That is simply a reality of life.

Supporting the entitlement society required high taxation, high taxation takes money out of the hands of the businesses that hire employees.  When businesses have less money, they lay people off.  Then more people are on unemployment, creating even more financial stress on the Government.  What’s it do?  These idiots then increase taxes, which shuts down more businesses making even more people unemployed.  A vicious, absurd cycle…  This is what our government is doing right now!

When there’s no one left to tax, the only choice is to cut spending.
When spending is cut, it means the entitled have their “entitlements” cut.  Then what?  They feel like society is stealing from them!

So how’s it working for Greece and Spain.
Unemployment 25.1%,
Youth Unemployment, near 50%.

What should they have expected? What can WE expect? Businesses can’t afford to stay in business when the government makes the cost of operating too burdensome… and what they do earn, the government takes!  So what happened? The result?  Slashed entitlements and Riots in the streets!

But that could never happen here.  Right?
Our economy is too big, too strong! or is it?

Spain is the 13th largest economy in the world and the 4th largest in the Euro Zone!
This can happen anywhere!  Do you remember, occupy wall street?  What do you think will happen when welfare, social security, retirement benefits are cut? This is the road we are on.  If we do not change directions, the US will cease to be the US!

It’s not politics… it’s math.
And it’s getting worse!
The states, cities, counties all across the country are mismanaging their budgets; making pension and benefit promises they cannot possibly keep… like the federal government, local governments are running up deficits that can’t cover, but refusing to make the tough decisions required to address the problem.  AND NOW STATES ARE TRYING TO USE THE EXCHANGES OF OBAMACARE TO MAKE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAY FOR THEIR PENSIONS AND DEBT!  Now, they want you to pay for the mismanagement of the governments of Illinois, California, Chicago, Stockton, etc…   
This insanity has to stop!

It’s a fact, more taxes can’t solve the problem.  Governmental spending restraint is the only solution but most current politicians don’t have the political will or courage to make those tough decisions; to acknowledge that spending on this or that has to be cut.  Telling the truth, putting forth actual solutions will makes the recipients of government largess, unhappy, costs them votes.

But tell me, how unhappy will EVERYONE be when the government simply folds; when it can no longer pay anything because it can no longer borrow?  If we don’t fix this… IT WILL HAPPEN!

Think about it… REMEMBER, the feds already borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend!  Mostly from China, when it becomes obvious to them that we can NEVER pay back this money, they will stop lending.  When they stop lending, the government will simply print more money.  But the more money printed, the less value the dollar has. With less value per dollar, it takes more dollars to buy the same goods at home and imports from abroad.

If we don’t fix this, it will happen and soon.  When Obama, assumed the presidency, the federal deficit was about 10 TRILLION dollars.  Now, it’s rapidly approaching 17 TRILLION dollars!  Each family… YOUR family is in debt to the tune of about $80,000 dollars!   YES, YOU AND YOUR KIDS OWE THIS…

Now, say thank you to your “public servants”.

No country in history  of the WORLD has been as irresponsible as is the current US government.  This problem is the shared responsibility of the democrats and republicans, but the fact is, the Obama administration has created almost as much debt in 4 years as the country had accumulated in it’s entire history!  That’s not partisan politics, it’s a simple fact.

Obama’s democratically controlled senate, has not even fulfilled it’s constitutional responsibility to PROPOSE a budget, let alone pass one!  And now the states with democratic controlled governments are floating the idea to have the federal government take over the payments to the pensions and benefits they can’t now and never could afford!  They want the irresponsible feds, to take over the debt of the irresponsible state governments?  This is crazy!

Republicans and conservatives are not perfect.  But they, at least, are not destroying the country and in spite of the political risk are telling the truth… tough decisions must be made, spending has to be controlled!  They, at least, understand and acknowledge a simple fact…

Rule #1 of economics.
The government can’t “give” unless it “took”.  When there is nothing left to “take”, there is nothing left to “give”.

It happened in Greece, it’s happening in Spain… it’s spreading throughout Europe.
If we don’t get it under control and soon… it WILL happen here.

The only way to stop it is to acknowledge what is happening and start taking rational, gradual steps to get it under control.  If we don’t, WE WILL BECOME GREECE.

And in spite of the class warfare politics, tax the rich is not the answer… paying their “fair share” is not the answer, only controlled spending is.

There are not enough rich and there is not enough confiscatable wealth in the entire country to solve the budget problems.  Regardless of anyone’s political opinions, math is always math.  There just isn’t enough for taxes to be the solution!

Many will not like what I’m about to say, many have life long political affiliations and allegiances, but for many, the solution requires a change…

In our country there are 2 basic political parties and they govern and legislate with generally opposite ideals and results.
DEMOCRATS– Generally, believe that government can solve most problems and the more government is better.
REPUBLICANS– Generally, believes in a safety net for those that “need” it but self reliance and opportunity is better than government trying to solve everything. Basically, limited government is better government.

All across our nation are states governed by democrats and others by republicans (i.e. conservatives). According to the wall street journal “the top 5 states are led by Republicans while the bottom five are dominated by Democrats”
For example:
Here are the statistics of a few of the states with the highest budget deficits and highest unemployment rates that are governed by democrats.
Illinois-43.8 billion deficit and 8.7% unemployment 5th worst in nation. Substantially controlled by special interest unions.
California– in debt 34 billion. Unemployment 9.2% 3rd worst in nation, and 4th highest tax rate. For years, controlled by democrats and beholding to unions. They now assert they have will have a budget surplus due to tax increases and STEEP budget cuts. (budget cuts are essential to fiscal responsibility).
New York– In debt over 2 billion, Unemployment 8.8 13th worst in nation, #1 highest tax rate. It also is completely democratically controlled.
Look throughout the nation and it is obvious that policies of high taxation are not the answer to fiscal responsibility.

Conservatives/Republicans- Does a low tax, low regulation philosophy a guarantee of economic prosperity? Of course not! But we see throughout our nation and history that a low tax and regulatory system is a great start. Bigger, more oppressive government simply is not the answer.
Here’s what’s happening in some other states that are governed with a conservative philosophy:
TEXAS– Budget Deficit? a SURPLUS of 8.8 Billion!  Unemployment 6.1 16th lowest in the nation. 7th lowest tax rate in the nation. You don’t have to have high taxes to balance a budget.
I could give example after example but instead just click here to see a list and explanation of what can happen when government gets our of the way and off the backs of it’s citizens.
See How Jobs are Created

Only our elected officials can solve this.
The key to solving this is your vote and the vote of your friends.
You and they must vote for someone who, acknowledges there is a problem (they are all aware, but most value their job more than their country)…  and they MUST be willing to make the hard decisions and votes to fix it. i.e. control spending.
Other than “saying” we need a “fair and balanced” approach while at the same time, lambasting as heartless or racist, anyone that puts forth an actual budget that reduces spending- ABSOLUTELY NO DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN, of which I’m aware, IS WILLING TO RISK LOSING A VOTE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

Obama and the democrats can spin the numbers any way they want (and they will), but in what world can any rational human being oversee and sign into law the most staggering deficits in the history of the worldborrow over forty cents of every dollar spent, while at the same time bragging that they are working to find a balanced approach to  the country’s fiscal issues???  
We need to understand; this country’s problems cannot be solved by good speeches.  It requires good effective policies and this administration and government is not even talking about them, let alone providing them..

I’m not a political partisan.  I don’t care what you believe or who you vote for.  I even liked Bill Clinton… but based on all the current FACTS and lay of the political landscape, it is clear that a vote for a DEMOCRAT politician is a vote for the destruction of this country as we know it.

Bruce Castro

The All Solutions Network

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