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What is Success?

June 24, 2012 in Success & Family, Uncategorized

What is success?
It has been defined by many as “The progressive realization of a worthwhile dream“.  But only you can decide what that dream is.
Within reason, it can be anything that you want it to be… and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.  If your definition of success revolves around financial success, we can help.  If it’s a successful home and family life, you will find that upcoming articles will be of great assistance.  The thing to remember is that success is not just money, it’s achieving those things that are important to you at any point in your life. 

For example, for years it was important for me to be able to be with my kids; to be available to be the one to raise them, to have the ability to be them at all times.  Consequently, I decided to arrange my life and real estate business in a manner that I could work from home. My home wasn’t the biggest or nicest, but it was right next to the park and a block from the schools.  During my workday, I could just take a break, go the park and play baseball with the kids.  It gave me the freedom to raise them, enjoy them and to bond with them.  But it had it’s drawbacks…

My working from home somewhat diminished business opportunities that I might otherwise have had. Some prospective clients, at that time, considered working from home as an indication of a lack of success.  In actuality, I was the most successful person I knew because I accomplished EXACTLY what I set out to do.  Neither a baby sitter nor day care provider raised my children.  I did.  I had successfully accomplished a very worthwhile objective.  What I lost in income I more than made up for with my family life. 

Now, those children are grown, and business is conducted in a more traditional manner.  However, if someone had looked at my circumstances then and now, most would conclude that I am a more successful person today.  But in reality, other than the fact that my bank accounts are generally larger, according to my definition, I am no more successful than I was.

You Decide What is Success
There is no rule that says everyone must reach for the financial stars.  We are all different with different objectives and desires.  If stellar financial accomplishment is not in someone’s goals plan, that is no sin or crime.  The world desperately needs teachers, police, firemen, etc… These are noble professions and often the unsung heroes of today’s society.  It is up to you to define what success is for your life.  But be honest with yourself.  Define it as you will, but don’t set a goal that is effectively a cop out.  i.e. success is living on the the street and drinking 16 bottles of beer a day  🙂 

For many success is a good job, that’s great, it’s good for society and for the individual.  Financial success and abundance is not for everyone.  Achieving financial success can be accomplished by anyone but is absolutely not FOR everyone.  Business success has a price and are unable or willing to pay the price.  It’s a fun ride, it’s exciting, but no one should kid themselves.  There is a price.  A price in time, rejection and yes even temporary failure.  The fact of the matter is that the road to success is always paved with temporary setbacks (sometimes known as failures 🙂 )  You and your family have to be willing to accept and overcome those without it causing too much family strife.   Business accomplishment involves taking risk, stepping out into the unknown and the only real guarantee is that you’ll have to work hard and probably have disappointments and failures before reaching the your objective.    For some, the risks and chances that must be undertaken, simply don’t fit with their family and lifestyle.  They make the choice to not pursue financial wealth.  And that’s a valid choice.    For others, the ride to achievement is as exciting and gratifying as the biggest best roller coaster in existence!   But not everyone likes roller coasters.

The bottom line is that gaining a fortune while losing a family is not a good trade!  In short, success is not about income.  It’s about fulfillment and happiness. I know many “rich” people that divorced and have kids that want little to do with them.  No matter the income, that is most definitely is not success!  Often, success starts and ends in your own home.  If you have happy well adjusted children and a good marriage… You Are A Success and I congratulate you!

3 responses to What is Success?

  1. If you are set a goal in your practical life and after that you got that I don’t think that is success .. But in real words success is different thing as compare to got your life goal..
    For example every man can become a rich person but every man can’t become a good business man so i personal feel that in a success money is not important but his mind and business thinking play a vital role in the successful business.

    • Simply put, success is the achievement of any worthwhile goal and the living of a fulfilled life. What constitutes a fulfilled life is different for different people. For some, it is the power that comes from a successful business. For others, it’s the peace that comes from a stress free life.
      It’s up to each of us to decide what “success” is and then to relentlessly pursue it!

  2. I believe success is not measured in the wealth or possessions that one has. But rather in the way God looks at success. In what we have done for others in need. The joy of giving should not be a once a year event but throughout the year as we look for needs to be met. Just imagine what kind of world this would be if everyone would help one another. Success is your friends and family.

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