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Are Science and Religion at Odds? How Science Created a Christian.

September 6, 2012 in Religion, Uncategorized

The world is being indoctrinated against religion.
Universally agreed upon facts are being ignored and hidden within our educational system. Even if a fact is indisputable, if it has theological implication it will never be mentioned in any classroom. (details below).   I’ve come to realize that In my education, countless relevant facts with obvious world view implications were never mentioned… the result?   I bought the half truths and became an atheist.
The complete facts are being kept from your children right now.  Will they withstand the barrage any better than I did?

I’m against indoctrination of any kind… whether for or against religion.  But, facts should be revealed and truth be told, in its entirety. Unfortunately, neither our schools, colleges nor government has any inclination to so.  Religion is under attack and the best defense is truth.  If the facts are ever going to get out, It’s up to us.  Please, share this information with every open minded person you know… and ask them do the same.  Also, download this free ebook. It provides comprehensive facts on both sides of this issue and does so in a manner makes it easy to combat the misinformation, with which our children are indoctrinated. Click Here

How Science Created a Christian
I wasn’t always a Christian. I like so many others had my faith destroyed by the science I was taught in the classroom…  Evolution taught that I was just a smart monkey, the primordial soup is how life first started, etc… It was “proven” to me that it was all done without God.  I, like most kids wasn’t very adept at critical thinking or analysis. I just consumed the intellectual garbage that my teachers served on a daily basis. Especially the science.  By the time I was out of high school I could have “proven” to anyone willing to listen that God didn’t exist; that religion was all a grand fairy tale and that anyone who believed in God was simply ignorant… as one atheist commented,  religion was simply “the opiate of the masses”.

I knew religion.  I had spent my first and second grade in a Catholic school, often went to church, etc… But my exposure to faith was just not enough to overcome the barrage of “science”.  So my faith was destroyed.  The years went by.  I was comfortable in my atheism and in myself.  But in the back of my mind, in the deepest recesses of my soul, I knew something didn’t add up.  Every now and again, a thought, like a voice in the distance calling out to me would ask…

  • *Why would the disciples on one day, deny even knowing Jesus, then the next be willing to die for him?”  What happened?  See  Who was Jesus
  • *Why did Paul go from a career of zealously persecuting Christians, then overnight, not only becoming a Christian, but a leader of the church. What happened?
  • “Christ’s tomb was protected by guards, who would have been put to death for not fulfilling their duties… Even so, Jesus was gone. Who moved the stone?, Who and HOW did anyone get past the guards.  How could they have stolen the body and not been noticed.  Who would have done that?  The disciples?  If so, Why?  So they could tell everyone that Jesus had arisen… and then be persecuted and crucified for it?  Unlikely.
  • Where was the body? Many try to insist he never left the tomb… they say went to and mistakenly checked the wrong one. But if it was the wrong tomb, it would have been discovered and advertised as such immediately. If the body of Christ were anywhere to be found, the Jews and Romans would have taken possession and paraded it through the streets to stop the growth of this new religion dead in it’s tracks.
  • *Who would die for a lie? Who would die for a LIE? If Christ had not been resurrected, the disciples would obviously have known.. And if they knew he had not been resurrected, they certainly would not have died for that lie and spent their lives, spreading the word, while living a life ripe with constant persecution, threats and ridicule while all the time knowing they would eventually suffer the same fate as Jesus.

It just didn’t make sense.  These and other nagging thoughts and facts eventually led me kicking and screaming to the inescapable conclusion that Christ had been resurrected.  And the resurrection could only have occurred if there was a God.  But how could that be…

Hadn’t science already “proven” the NON existence of God?
Didn’t science already have all the important answers?  That’s what I was taught…  you were probably taught the same…

  • * The miller experiment showed how life could start, without God.  But see… Scientific “proofs” refuted  The First Cell
  • * Darwin showed us the light with evolution, no need for God to do anything.  But see…  Fossil Record
  • * We’ve found a steady stream of fossils with transitional stages, proving God did not create us.  But see… Fraudulent Drawings 
  • * We’ve seen Heckle’s embryos that show all our past evolutionary stages within the growth of embryos, this proved evolution was correct, didn’t it?  But see…  Haeckel’s Embryos
  • * We even have entire fossils with artist renderings of our ancestors!  But see…  Fossil FRAUD

Even before I found the real facts of what I was taught, the proofs of no God made no sense. There can’t be NO GOD and a PROVEN resurrection…
The facts surrounding the life and death of Christ made such a compelling, irrefutable case for his deity that after investigating the evidence of the resurrection,  Lord Darling, former Chief Justice of England, stated, “. . . there exists such overwhelming evidence, positive and negative, factual and circumstantial, that no intelligent jury in the world could fail to bring in a verdict that the resurrection story is true.”.  

Then I found that much of what I was taught was little more than Propaganda!

Science tried to teach me that God doesn’t exist, but the facts supporting Jesus as being the resurrected son of God is overwhelmingly compelling.  However, if, there is no God  then Jesus couldn’t have been resurrected, but he was!   The fact is that MANY our most brilliant scientists, physicists, biologists, chemists, etc.. are devout Christians.  There is a reason for that… they analyzed the real evidence and came to the more logical conclusion.
For a comprehensive presentation of the “Facts” That Destroyed Religion, Click Here.

IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH THE SCIENCE?  No, but worldviews can warp the interpretation of the facts.
I believe in science, I love science, I study many aspects of it as a hobby. In one of my past avocations I was even a herpetologist breeding boas, pythons and various other reptiles for a living. I believe in the “facts” of science. However, in my longstanding attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable, I have have found many of the “conflicts” between science and religion are not about facts, but rather the analysis and conclusions that mainstream science is promoting.

I don’t want anyone to be subjected to any form of indoctrination whether for or against religion.  I just want everyone to have access to the facts; all of them.  Facts that support evolution and by extension atheism and those scientific facts that put those conclusions into question, all should be available.  I am simply tired of the lies, half truths and myopic conclusions that our children and society is being taught.  What is happening to our children all across the nation and world is indoctrination, pure and simple.  Regardless of the secular or religious implications that a fact may have… it is still a fact!  It should be taught, not hidden.  We need to protect our children and our society by making available all of the facts and let them lead where they may.

I was a legally educated, confirmed atheist who analyzed these facts and came to the inescapable conclusion that God is real and Christ is Lord.  Not everyone will come to the same conclusion.  Conclusions can vary, but the facts remain the same for all. Due to a core bias against even the possibility of God or the desire to NOT believe in the possibility of eternal consequences for our actions, many will simply hold to atheism… regardless of the strength or amount of evidence.  It happens, some people still don’t think we got to the moon.  But the Facts that led me  to God are Facts, upon which, even the most atheistic scientist will not disagree… but will never utter in a classroom.  Facts regarding the clear implications of the Cambrian Explosion; facts that show it is mathematically impossible for the first living cell to be the result of random chance; the obvious implications of our miraculously finely tuned universe and the intellectual somersaults performed in an attempt to deny the obvious… and much more.

Truth simply needs to be told, in it’s entirety.  If with all the facts in hand, the choice is atheism, that’s their decision; if it’s God, it’s their decision… But right now, choices and decisions are being made, not based upon facts, but rather by an ingrained indoctrination that presents only evidence that supports the preferred world view, atheism… and any fact that potentially undercuts that world view is conveniently omitted. This is science?   Please, download and share this free ebook. It provides facts on both sides of this issue and in a way makes it easy to combat the misinformation, with which our children are bombarded. Click Here

The Starting Point Fact and Analysis– Science and Religion agree on most facts.
Many will be surprised to learn that in actuality, atheists and most Christians agree on a great number of facts.  Survival of the fittest, adaptation to environment i.e. microevolution, the fact of a fossil record, big bang, etc…  There really is not that much disagreement on true facts; the real disagreement is on the analysis of those facts and the ultimate conclusions reached through analysis of those facts.

For Example… If I threw a ball across the room and hit Joe with it and cut his head.  That is clearly an absolute unequivocal FACT.  I hit Joe with a ball and cut his head.  End of discussion.  Then the question might be asked “What was the underlying cause?   The agreed upon fact will now be interpreted by the observers.  Their conclusions will be impacted by their preconceptions and preconceived beliefs… Do they know me?  Do they like me?  Do they dislike Joe?

Preconceptions and personal beliefs ALWAYS impact analysis and conclusions… 

  • One observer  who is not a fan of mine, concludes that I’m a horrible person and that I wanted to hurt Joe.
  • Another, that I’m simply an idiot that wasn’t paying attention.
  • A third observer is certain that I just have terrible coordination and couldn’t hit the ground twice in a row.
  • The last observer knows and dislikes Joe, so…  “Joe must have had it coming”.

They each saw the exact same fact and even agreed on result of that fact (Joe now has a cut on his head), but because of their preconceived notions of reality, their conclusions could not be more different… They unequivocally agree on the facts, but irreparably disagree on the conclusion… Was it an accident or was it a purposeful planned out act?

This is precisely the same discussion we have between God and Science
We know and agree as most facts (complexity of the simplest cell, the finely tuned universe, etc…), but what do they really mean?

Taking the analogy further… what if the only thing anyone saw was that a ball hit Joe in the head?  But no one knew where it came from?
We still agree on the facts.  We even agree on the result.  There was a ball and it hit Joe in the head.  However, we saw only the result but not the cause.  Now what?  We look around to see who was there.  We know someone had to have thrown it.  There had to be a cause.  Everything we know about the universe and reality tells us that balls don’t just go flying through the air without something causing it.  We would rightfully assume that something somewhere caused the ball to take flight and hit Joe in the head.  We would probably assume that it was the result of an intelligent agent (person).  But we search and search but see no people and no storm that could have blown it thought the air, no animals… NOTHING.  Now what?  It didn’t just happen, WE KNOW THERE WAS A CAUSE!

When we examine the origin of the universe, we are faced with precisely the same analytic issue as the flying ball hitting Joe… Something occurring that we KNOW doesn’t happen without a cause.  But, with the universe we are dealing with precisely the same analogous issue, but on an incomprehensibly larger and more complicated scale.

  • We know that life doesn’t come from dead inanimate objects, but life exists, why?
  • We know that order does not come from chaos.  But we see an extraordinarily ordered universe that started with the total chaos of the big bang.  How?
  • We know that something does not come from nothing.  But we also know that everything we see came from the nothingness prior to the big bang.  How?

Just as when we knew that I threw the ball, the preconceptions of the observers impacted their analysis of the event… When looking at the apparent impossibilities of the universe, our preconceived notions of reality impact our analysis and conclusions Again, we agree on the facts, but our preconceptions cause us to come to end up in totally different places.   

We know that the universe consists of impossible contradictions… We know that things that Could Not have happened, did.  But How??
We see and acknowledge the facts, but what do they really mean?

Was this the work of what even atheist agree it appears to be… A super intellect?… (I would simply say God) 

  • Was the creation of the first living cell a random accidental naturalistic event?  Even the simplest cell has the highest order of specified information and coding that is a perfect more complex analogue of our computer coding.  Does anyone really think these structures, these biological machines came about by random chance accident?  See the workings of a “simple cell”.  

  • Who wrote the code?.Did this incredibly complex, coded machines really just arise from inanimate dead matter?  Or was it purposefully created by a supreme intelligence?  i.e. God?  It had to be one or the other; an accident or a purposeful act. There are no other options.  

  • The Big Bang, resulted in the creation of Space, Time and  Matter… Before it, there was nothing.  Did something really come from nothing?  Did everything come from nothing?  Was the creation of all that we know and all that we see, actually created from nothing?  Was it the product of physical laws that we just don’t quite yet understand; or was it the creation of the universe by a supreme a supreme incalculably powerful intelligence?  God, if you will.  I believe it’s the latter.  After all we are not just dealing with “something” from nothing, the creation of the universe amounts to “everything” from nothing!
  • What does the founding director of NASA, (Robert Jastrow), say?

  • Is this universe that is so perfectly created and balanced for life an accident?… i.e. the fine tuning of gravity, the strong and weak forces, the placement of our planet and solar system in just the right part of the galaxy (scientists call it the “Goldilocks” zone), the existence and placement of our protective moon, our axis, the perfect tilt of earth to create seasons, the speed of the rotation for a finely tuned night and day, Plus, scores of other “lucky” facts of the universe… were these the result of astronomically unlikely random chance accidental events and subatomic forces that just “happened” to make life possible?  Or is it actually, precisely what everyone (Both Atheist and Believers), who stucy it agrees that it appears to be… namely a universe that was finely tuned with all of the “dials” precisely set to “life”.  As Fred Hoyle, one of the most preeminent minds of the 20th century (an atheist no less), stated It’s as if a super-intellect has been monkeying with physics

The FACTS noted above are just that, facts.  Few disagree with any of them.  But many vehemently disagree with what they mean. The opinions we have for or against the existence of God, often rest on these universally agreed upon facts.  But because we start from different fundamental beliefs, we come to dramatically different conclusions.


As we’ve seen, most Facts are susceptible of multiple, possible conclusions… Even diametrically opposed conclusions can each be reasonable.   Just as in a trial… the same jurors see exactly the same evidence but often come to completely different conclusions.  The same is true of politics, religion and many other issues.  We come to the facts with our own preconceptions and biases…  But the Facts are always the Facts.  As such, FACTS should always be the starting point and the analysis should always go to where it logically leads… not just to what we prefer the conclusion to be.

In the following articles, much like a trial, we will present facts and opinions of expert witnesses for the defense of religion.  The “prosecution” has already made it’s case and continues to do so, every day.  However, just as with a trial that is prosecuted by a biased attorney with a personal hidden agenda; where the outcome of the trial will affect his job, his future, his political aspirations, his reputation among his peers, etc…  much of the evidence that has been presented against religion, through these many years has been been tampered with or even fabricated; evidence that supports the case for religion i.e. (God) is routinely hidden, the arguments and analysis are torturously warped to support their desired agenda rather than any logical conclusion.

Can We Prove God?
Does this mean that I am going to prove the existence of God and the truth of Christianity? No.  But just as with a trial, eventually there comes a time when the jury weighs the evidence for both sides; analyzes it objectively and then comes to the conclusion that makes the most sense.  I wasn’t always a Christian.   But when I examined and analyzed the facts that follow in the articles to come, I was brought kicking and screaming to the inescapable conclusion that there is a much more compelling argument and abundance of evidence for the existence of God and the divinity of Christ, than there is for the conclusion that everything we see is just an incredible accident of undirected naturalistic chance.

Don’t take my word for it.  Don’t “accept” my analysis, but examine the actual facts with an open mind.  Examine the facts.  Analyze and interpret them objectively.  Do your best to put any preconceptions away and then follow the facts wherever they lead.  The reality is that based on our personal predispositions and beliefs we may still not agree.  We might analyze and come to different conclusions even after looking at precisely the same information.

You may look at these facts and conclude “Wow!  Nature is even more amazing than I thought”.  The Christian may say “In my heart, I always knew there was a God.  But this proves it!”  A die hard atheist might conclude “Hmm… maybe I should rethink this”.

It is reasonable for conclusions to vary and be at odds…   It is not, however, reasonable for anyone to ignore or deny facts.
Whether we like it or not, a Fact is Always a Fact… What we want or believe to be true is irrelevant.
Whatever our preexisting conclusions or beliefs… It’s up to each of us to acknowledge facts that we know to be true, honestly consider them and then…
let them take us where wherever they logically lead.

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8 responses to Are Science and Religion at Odds? How Science Created a Christian.

  1. Science has a tendency to kill faith. For me, in the end, it created a Christian.
    I was and atheist… then a closer, more analytical look at the science that contradicts faith, created, a Christian. The fact is that much of what we are taught is wrong; provably wrong… but it continues to be taught anyway! Much of what we KNOW of the universe is reasonably explainable ONLY by something other than blind random chance.
    see How Science Created a Christian http://allsolutionsnetwork.org/blog/do-science-an

  2. God is more real than the air we breath. God removed all the athrophy of spinal polio and restored my whole body to normal and has given me a beaurtiful happy contented healthy, strong body, mind and spirit. I will continue to tell others to ask God to clean their minds from all the negative imput that has contaminated their mind and Ask God to teach and instruct you with the Truth that comes from God and God alone. God never fails.

    • Angel….God is always good. And still in the business of healing. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    • Angel you are right and I belive the same way as you do God has done so much for me and I think I should as more from him like healing. he has healed me from so much in my life, but my body is still in a lot of pain. I have yet to as for his healing on my knees, hips, and back so I ask that you pray for me and help me get healing with that as well.

  3. What has led to the religion as Christians conduct catechism and in history? I dare venture to say that I can afford because I did not attend the faith, but data from the history, religion has been the most formidable scalpel to sever all the roots of tolerance, science, research, release and consequently, of responsibility. Religion has tried to castrate everyone intellect and sexuality. Religion has been the foundation of many of the conspiracies that have been forged against intelligence against rationality, against progress and against the happiness of men and women. I do not want to bother anyone to say that religion is a solemn superstition, whose components are the most singular credulity and fetishism. I understand by superstition that mental-operation rather animistic and child, of course, that fuses and confuses the personal and the impersonal, exterior and interior, the distant and the near, the sensible and what is not seen, nor touched nor heard, nothing. That is, the culture medium most appropriate to be bribed by the blackmail of the promise of the resurrection of the flesh.

    • If if I had to guess, I’d say you weren’t terribly religious 🙂
      Your writing included much impressive pose, but quite frankly, it seems to have boiled down to:
      Religion is anti science, anti intellectual, anti sexuality, impedes progress of the individual and society and was the cause of much of mans misery.

      On all counts I could not disagree more.
      It was science that brought me to religion.
      Neither I nor my many friends with IQ’s of 150 (and more), are anti intellectual.
      Contrary to what would seem to be “obvious”, studies have shown that, often, religious couples have more fulfilling sex lives.

      As to the misery of man,
      there is no question that much wrong has been done in the name of religion. But no one can deny the incredible good that has been done in the name ofof religion.
      On the other hand, tens of millions have died at the hands of Godless dictators, because individual lives have no value when compared to the “greater good”, especially when there is no perception of consequences… Mao, Stalin, Hiltler, Pol Pot, to name a few were unmitigaged monsters. Yes, a few of them couched themselves in the cloak of religion to appeal to the masses… but none had a religious belief in their body.

      So, On the side of religion… wrong has been done in the name of, but not “by” religion… but enormous good has been done in it’s name.
      On the side atheism… Tens of millions have died at the hands of evil Godless monsters, undertaking unquestionably “unchristianlike acts”…
      but I ask anyone to compare, “how much good was done in the name of religion, vs. how much good has ever been done in the name atheism?”
      I think we have a winner 🙂

      Anti Science?-
      Some of our greatest scientists were Christians, Newton to name one. Many of our greatest thinkers are becoming Christians, because of science. It was science that brought me to Christianity. Ironically, the anti science group is made up of scientists! It is the dogmatic adherants of Darwinistic naturalism that are turning their eyes away from science, because the newest understanding of the simplist cell, the fine tuning of the universe, and more realities than can be discussed in this comment, combine to create a set of facts, of which, mere chance COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THE CAUSE… If not chance what then?

      Everyone has the right to their own beliefs. But if one holds to that belief or opinion in spite of new that facts that point to a different pradigm, that is the epitomy of non intellectual anti science.

  4. Evolution is taught in our schools as a fact…When it was just intended as a theory. How can people believe in No God? Just look around. The heavens declares His glory. To think that the heavens and the earth and everything within came from a big bang is ridiculous. How can something so fine tuned as the seasons, environment our body and minds come from chaos? It would make more sense for a tornado to go through a junk yard and produce a Boeing 747 than to think we all came from a big bang.

    • I believe that there is heaven and God is the heavenly father of all of us. I was taught both evloution and God and I believe in both, I also belive in cave men, and they were here before us and God had to have his hand in that as well. I choose to beleive in God and what he has done for my life, with all that I have been throught, there had to be something greater then me.

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