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“Facts” that destroyed faith… What if those “FACTS” are Wrong?

May 28, 2012 in Religion

The “Facts” that destroyed Religion… What if those “FACTS” are wrong?
Much of what we have taught is simply wrong!
What follows within these articles is information gleaned from the world’s greatest minds, not just biased religious zealots.   We include studies beyond refutation, facts incontrovertible by anyone, debates between leaders of the atheistic movement vs theistic biochemical and historic scholars.  We present both sides of the issue but concentrate on what is usually hidden from the public…  i.e. facts that have theistic implications.

The fact is that much information is simply hidden from the public and/or misrepresented.  Why are these facts and articles not included in scientific journals, high schools, universities?  Because there is huge bias inherent in the educational and scientific community.  No esteemed publisher would dare allow an article that remotely gave support to the idea of God creating life over the accidental evolution of Darwinism.  By publishing such an article, they would be seen as being “anti science”.  That is not the case, but it does become the perception and it is simply anathema to educational and scientific community.  See the following video is not anti science, it is scientific fact that supports the idea that there is something much beyond “random chance”… I just think that something, is God.

The reality is that a compelling scientific, logical, factual case for a Creator and for the divinity of Christ can be made.  Actually, this case can be made, at least, as compelling as or even more so than the case that the atheists make against religion.  The scientific, fact based case for God and Christ is what we will be presenting.  I don’t expect any atheist will complete this and promptly go to church.  I do hope, however, it will get them thinking.

Once we start thinking for ourselves rather than just lapping up the naturalistic pablum that was fed to us in high school and even college, we can not help but say “hmm, I’m not sure that makes sense,  let me examine that a bit more”…   This was the process that brought me to Christianity.  see How Science Created a Christian

The goal here is not to convert.  It’s to provide the many facts that are hidden from so many, as I now know they were hidden form me, in an attempt to take God our of our society.  Everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs.  But most people want to know their opinions are based on reality, on actual facts… not just the information that has been selectively picked in an attempt to lead us to the belief that society thinks is appropriate.  We all have the right to believe we want.  I just think that we have an obligation to ourselves to know that those believes flow from actual facts.

Look around at our society and you will see that religion and Christianity are under attack.  They are being minimized and even ridiculed.  If you haven’t experienced it already, soon you will find that you and your children are being attacked by Darwinists, naturalists, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.  They will attack your beliefs, your intellect and create the kind of peer pressure that can cause your children to lose the faith that you worked so hard to instill in them.

Having one’s belief diminished or shaken by this assault doesn’t have to happen.  This article will help avoid it by arming anyone that needs it with facts and logic that strongly, if not, irrefutably support belief in God, Creation and Christ.  It provides the facts to answer your children’s toughest questions (hopefully in an understandable way), so the atheistic education of today does not create an atheist adult tomorrow.

Within the following articles we will discuss in detail the FACTS that have destroyed the faith of millions:
A fuller examination of each atheistic assertion and the facts the negate those assumptions can be found here…  God the evidence

·        WHAT’S TAUGHT-  The Miller experiment of the early ‘60s, which purported to show how the first living cell could have been created under the circumstances of the earth at that time.  It didn’t.

o    FACT: It is now understood that the process formulated within the experiment could not have possibly achieved the purported result.  But that doesn’t matter… It is still being taught.  The more we learn, the more we realize we can’t even begin to understand the creation of the simplest first cell.  It has been proven by scientists and statisticians, (even those that are atheists), that it simply could not have happened by accident.  Even the simplest cell is simply too complicated.  Still, that is what is taught.

·       WHAT’S TAUGHT- Hackles Embryos- Our children and even college students are shown “actual” research drawings of early embryonic development that supposedly prove the theory of evolutionary decent. The drawings are known to be frauds! 

o    FACT: It has been known for years that these drawings were, in fact, fabricated and selectively chosen to support the theory and do not represent reality.  These drawings were so compelling that based on this evidence alone, many believers became atheists.  Even though the entire research and data is known to be fraudulent, they are still taught as fact!

·      WHAT’S TAUGHT-     It has been “proven” that we came from monkeys via compelling drawings based on fossils of the evolution of man.  They have been shown to be, no more than subjective incorrect artists interpretations.

o    FACT: The Drawings that we have all seen, showing the gradual evolution of monkey to man, are nothing more than artists speculation based on the flimsiest of fossils (For example, Java man consisted of a scull cap, 3 teeth and on thigh bone).  Throughout the entire fossil record, no true intermediary species i.e. missing link has yet been found.

·     WHAT’S TAUGHT-  Archaeopteryx- is an exceptional “proof” of Darwinism.  It is now know to be false, but still taught as such.

o    FACT:  It has been shown and is almost universally agreed that this “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds is a product of wishful thinking, and is not an intermediary missing link, just an interesting animal.  Similar to the fact that no one believes that the duck billed platypus is a transitional stage of anything. However, this is still taught as proof of evolution.

·     WHAT’S TAUGHT-    We are taught that the fossil record supports Darwin’s theory of evolution. The record is FATALLY incomplete! 

o    FACT: The more complete the fossil record becomes, the less and less it supports the theory of evolution.  In actuality, the fossil record does not remotely show the predicted gradual intermediary forms that step by step should lead to modern forms.  In fact, as the Cambrian explosion has shown, the more we find, the more it appears that most life forms came about rapidly with no intermediary forms.  Simply put, if looked at objectively, it much more clearly supports creation than evolution.  This is a fact, but not one that is taught.  The facts and obvious implications of the Cambrian explosion are never fully taught anywhere within our school system..

·      WHAT’S TAUGHT-    The accidental development of life is a predictable certainty.  Absolutely, false! 

o    FACT: The formation of the first living cell by random chance has been shown to be a statistical impossibility.  Even the most ardent atheistic biologist agrees on this point.  Furthermore, the universe was unmistakably created for life.  Everything from the infinitesimal strong and weak forces of the atom to the gargantuan forces of gravity were finely tuned for life.  If these natural forces were even slightly greater or weaker, no life of any sort could possibly have existed.  It is so finely tuned on so many levels that the chance of it being mere random chance is impossible.  This statement is not in dispute by anyone.  The only question is how and why it could have happened.   This was the genesis of the “multi-verse” theory i.e. if there are an infinity number of universes, one had to be like ours.  We just happened to be the lotto winner!  However, there is ZERO actual evidence of other universes, let alone an infinite number of them.  To me, this seems just another theory propounded to take the possibility of God out of the equation.  A simple question… if, as it appears, there really are not an infinite number of universes…  Was this impossibly perfect crafting of every aspect of the entire universe really just a random, lucky for us, accident?  Or is there a purpose for the universe and for us?

·      WHAT’S TAUGHT-    Some actually assert that Christ never existed.  This is an absurd statement.

o    FACT: Christ lived; there is an incontrovertible historical record of his life and death.  There are more, independent of the Bible, mentions and descriptions of Jesus than of Caesar!  Multiple mentions of Christ and the Christians, by multiple ancient historians.  No serious scholar believes he didn’t exist.  However, this absurd claim gets a lot of “air play”.  This is but another absurd theory propounded to take the possibility of God out of the equation.  One can rationally argue against the deity of Christ (I think they’d be wrong, but not necessarily irrational), but to argue that he didn’t exist speaks either to irrationality or dishonesty.

·     WHAT’S TAUGHT-     Some assert that even if Christ did exist and was crucified, he either did not die, or was stolen from his burial place in order to perpetuate the “legend” of his divinity.  Logically this is not a supportable position.

o    FACT: Christ was crucified and objective evidence suggests he was resurrected.  The actions of the apostles, at first denying even knowing him, then believing with such certainty that they were willing to pay with their own lives, in order to spread His word.  This indicates nothing else.  Would they have knowingly died for a lie?  Furthermore…

o    In fact, (as detailed later), Some of the most brilliant minds of our time, thoroughly examined the evidence with the intent to “disprove” the resurrection and destroy Christianity once and for all.  The result?  After examining all the available evidence the came up with the opposite conclusions and became Christians.  As a direct result of their objective analysis of facts discovered in their attempt to disprove Christ’s divinity, the result was that they gave their life to Christ.

·   WHAT’S TAUGHT-       Many claim that the Bible and it’s history is mostly an interesting story of religious legend.  Not a supportable position.

o    FACT: I personally don’t know that I subscribe to bible infallibility, but I do know that 100’s of years and generations before the birth of Christ, his life, his death, his betrayal and resurrection were foretold in various portions of the bible. Also, the more archaeologists compare the bible to actual historical finds, the more the bible holds up as accurate.

Within the many articles that we will be presenting, we will explore, in detail, all of the above and more.  see more  God the evidence

Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Please let us know and why.  see more  God the evidence
Although it may appear otherwise, this is not as much about converting as understanding.
Why do we believe what we believe? .

3 responses to “Facts” that destroyed faith… What if those “FACTS” are Wrong?

  1. Is this a big conspiracy? You mean to say that all of the teachers are purposefully teaching lies? Does that really make sense?

    • The fact is that there are few purposeful lies. But the teachers are teaching what they were taught. Facts as they knew them before the newest biological and archeological discoveries were made.

      • Or the teachers are teaching what they are told to teach. In our area we have teachers that believe in creation that are teaching evolution because that is what they are told to teach, not because it’s what they believe. They value their jobs more than their beliefs.

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